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Eazy E Documentary Has Official Release, Features Jerry Heller and MC Ren

By: Victor “Doc V” Trammell

A documentary film called Ruthless Memories, which chronicles the life of late rap mogul Eazy E has an official release date. Ruthless Propoganda (a branch of Eazy E’s Ruthless Records)  is the production company that made the film. New interviews with Eazy’s fellow N.W.A. bandmante MC Ren and Jerry Heller (former business partner) will be contained in the documentary.

There will also be interviews with former Ruthless Records artists, such as B.G. Knocc Out. Knocc Out appeared on one of Eazy E’s last hit songs “Real Compton City G’s.” Sergio Hernandez (the director of the film) announced to that the project will be released on December 21st.


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