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Wendy Williams Talks Whitney Houston and Addiction


Talk show gossip Queen, Wendy Williams, opens up to In Touch Weekly about her addiction, set-backs, and success. In an exclusive interview Wendy talks about overcoming a drug addiction that lasted 10 years and how love contributed to saving her life. “I wish I hadn’t put my life in jeopardy, but I have no regrets because it’s made me who I am today, and I’m proud of me.”

The “friend in my head” talk show host, says her DJing career was really a huge party. “I was a functioning addict. I’d work from 3 in the afternoon until 7 at night, get off and party until 7 in the morning — then sleep until 2, go to the radio station and do it all over again,” “People around me knew, but nobody ever said anything to me. Nobody had the guts, which is shocking to me.”, says Wendy

Wendy has said that if she did not get herself clean, she could have ended up like the late Whitney Houston. “That could have been me if I hadn’t sobered up,” Williams said. “Whitney and I are [about] the same age, we both come from New Jersey and from parents who love us; we both struggled to have a child. We never met, but we have an incredible amount in common. I thought at some point we would meet in a room and just hug. But we lost her.”

If you remember, Wendy came to tears and had a hard time getting through her “Hot Topics” segment on her talk show. The death of Whitney and addiction brought back the memories of her own struggle. Wendy says all of that changed when she met and married, the love of her life, Kevin Hunter. It seems that Wendy’s past has made her stronger. She credits her failures to her success.

“Every time I walk through the double doors of my studio, I feel like I won,” she says. “Even if it’s all over tomorrow, I won.”

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