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How Communication Can Make or Break You In Business

Communication is key in all relationships, especially in work relationships. Karen Friedman, a former TV news reporter, recently published a book titled Shut Up And Say Something : Business Communication Strategies to Overcome Challenges And Influence Listeners. In her book, Friedman offers tips to more successful communication that will benefit you in the workplace. Friedman worked as a TV reporter for 37 years and started up her own communication coaching firm in Philadelphia 17 years ago.

Being direct is the most important part of being a good communicator. Getting right to the point and being concise will help you communicate more effectively. In her experiences Friedman noticed that people often speak too vaguely in the office and she encourages everyone to speak more clearly. She suggests that everyone use the newscaster formula of starting with who and then getting to what, where, when and why.

Friedman noticed how managers are often just as bad as employees. Some managers will ask a subordinate to complete a task without any further details. By laying out what the assignment is and when they want it done by the employer eliminates the risk of any confusion.

Friedman says that people do not need to tell someone the full story when relaying information. Highlighting the single most important detail instead of telling someone a long-winded story is better communication. Also, the way you hold yourself when you’re having a conversation is important. If you’re slouchy, not making eye contact or seem antsy then your behavior is going to distract the person that you’re talking to. Present yourself well, speak directly and be open to other’s opinions and you will become a more successful communicator at work.

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