Donald Trump’s Kids Tell Him to Stop Attacking President Obama

If you’re a businessman, you’re not going to make very much money by being politically divisive.  That’s why so many business people give money to both political parties, to hedge their bets no matter who’s in office.

Donald Trump has been one of the most high profile Obama bashers in America.  It has been costly for business:  A lot of people refuse to stay in Trump hotels, and some even boycotted Macy’s to get them to drop Trump’s line of ties.  Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, the little offspring of “The Donald” decided to do an intervention with their father to get him to cool it on the Obama attacks.

“The three of them met and went to see their dad in his Fifth Ave. office. They showed a lot of respect, but told him he’s worked too long and too hard to build up the reputation he has. They understand completely he’s always been outspoken and that he likes attention, but this is too much,” a source told the New York Daily News.

Of course Trump’s people are saying that no such meeting ever took place.  But we don’t believe that one bit.

Trump has been big on pushing the president to release his birth certificate, since he is convinced that Obama has no right to occupy the White House.   Trump also went public stating that he has dirt on the president and ended up  releasing a media dud.

The “kids said they know it’s not helping,” the source said. “They told him you can’t throw this all away on this nonsense.”

Donald:  Take your kids advice and leave it alone.  Get over it, you lost.

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  1. You can’t teach an old “JACKASS” a new trick….!

    He loves to make himself look like a poster child for ignorance and stupidity… I have never watched his show.

    I can’t bear to look at his corroded face on the telly.

  2. I'm glad the kids put a stop to the maddness.

  3. No black person is finished with Trump until you stop making him mo money. Find out what businesses he has his hand in. Most people no matter how rich they are can not stand it when people you hit them in the pocket. And you are the most spending people on the planet. YOU SEE YOU DO HAVE POWER

  4. how many times have you heard “some of my besy friends are black” just don’t bring them home. Trump will hire blacks because you are mo money (but please come in the back door)

  5. I am done with anything “Trump”.
    Finished forever. I will never visit. stay or buy anything related to the “hair”.

  6. Very good advice, but never known the Donald to ever really admit he was wrong….

  7. GW
    I am with you all the way. And when I was reading tis article, I was thinking the same about his grown sons and daughters. They are just worried about their cash coq, not the respect level of the President. And I read the Republican blogs daily. Specifically that retchid Glen beck site called The Blaze. Nothng will ever convince me that the GOP is not Blatantly racist and the only reason we are still in a slow recovery, is because of those racist people in the Republican Party, who did everything in their power to make the president look unfit. And I am so glad that most of America saw right through it.

  8. donald chump can't seem to remove that piece of carpet off his head and get a real hair transplant, but he question's the president's birth certificate, get real, he's nothing but a hater n at least his kids can see the harm it will cause to their inherities if he keeps this up it will surely dwendel down from future boycotts, down shop at macy's either since they don't what so sever thir ties with him!

  9. Once an A**hole always an A**Hole He will not take anyone’s advice

  10. Trump the wimp…….Grow up punk ass…..Even your own blood is indifferent to you…

  11. Yeah, his kids are one day expecting to recieve an inheritance. God forbid if they were left nothing – of course they going to try to calm him down.They all probably hatin the Prez…but to protect thier future they will do what they got to do to get thier dad to shut up! I will never go into his casinos ever again when I go to Atlantic City.

  12. If were as ugly a Donald Trump I would shut up an be nice to compensate

  13. After bein' sentenced to
    The 30-second sound-bite
    Wrong cannot stand for
    What we know is right.


  14. Money talks and BS walks. He needs to turn his negativity into a positive and let the victims of Sandy stay in Trump Towers for free!! I wonder how many of his hotels in Atlantic were damaged?? He’d better not ask FEMA for a darn thing.

  15. Trump is a racist and I will never buy any merchandise that says Trump, either his daughter or x wives he is such a cheating pig and he has no morals.

  16. Trump I lost all respect for you when you went on your rant about our president you took this to far you need to apologize to president obama. when someone say something about you you call the press. president obama said nothing about all the racist things said about him.

  17. The only reason his kids went to him was not
    because they like the President any more than him
    but for business purposes. In my opinion the
    republican party is a white supremacist party with
    a few black faces for denial purposes. Every thing
    about this man says (let’s put them in their place)
    He will never respect the President because he
    can’t stand a black man having more power than him.
    Again those of you that are waiting for the
    Republicans to invite you into their tent
    (who in the heck in their right mind would go)keep
    watching their blogs you will get the message.

  18. My issue with his kids is this and I do like them, because I think their mother is an awesome woman. Where were they for the past 18 months when their father consistently made an ass of himself. To me they are only now speaking to him because their BOTTOM LINE is being affected, because I will NOT buy nor support anything TRUMP, NOTHING! Trump hate, vitriol and RACISM was unwarranted towards the President and he will pay a price for his poor judgement and decision because for me and mine it will be NOTHING TRUMP & MACY's better get it together.

  19. He's a spoiled sucka!

  20. At least someone in the family has some sense.

  21. get over it already it's over he is your president again Rump!

  22. Donald Tramp,is as much a racist as any of the other TEApublican that openly spewed racist remarks during the efforts to stir racial divide,in the USA. That did not completely work,this BS about his kids holding a intervention only tells me he is to much of a tramp to come out and ask America to forgive his trashy comments towards the President,which is a slap in the face of all decent AMERICANS. The kids have nothing to do with this racist man,he has vented his disrespect for the office,because with all his so called fortune he will never sit that high in AMERICA. The president took an opportunity to rebut and did it with such class this piece of a man showed with all his cash was willing to put on a symbolic HOOD to get even. President worked him over with such class. The kids are trying to protect the inheritance,that's smart,However I think those of us who are offended by this racist need to not set foot anywhere near MACYs…until they stop doing business with anything that he can profit from…peace

  23. Donald Chump, I mean Trump is, has, and always will be a I rich, short sighted, bigoted jerk. He has always had these tendencies, and President Obama has made him take it too another level. Funny how he and others of his elk where absolutely silent while George W. Bshe and Dick Chaney got us into the mess President Obama inherited. President Obama raised the Debt Ceiling "one" time during his first term, yet George W. raised the Debt Ceiling SEVEN TIMES, during his eight years in Office., which averages to almost once every year.

    • No question. They know what it is, we all know. Sick'a playing games and playing that politically correct b.s. If a brotha get in office, its a problem. He an try to fix any and every problem known to the U.S. (Pres. Obama) but because of the color of his skin, they will alway give him a hard time and make it hard to make any kind of change, because they're that racist! If a brotha thinks up a good idea, they shoot it down, if a white man thinks it up, its Golden. That' how its always been played. And if we think of the change, or the idea before they do, they steal it, remix it, and steal and silence our credit. History proves that again and again and again. Nothing's changed in that respect. Let's call it what it is, and stop being "nice" and politically correct. The biggots hate us, and they make it very hard to see "good" white folks that want to help everybody that wants help including minority groups besides African Americans, Latino's, Mexican's, etc. Its divide and conquer in their minds. And we all know it!! Oh yeah, Justice for Trayvon!!!

  24. Black people must focus on black people and stop looking at what white people do. You can't change people. Racist people will be racist for life… Focus on more important things like your child education, economic independance, etc, to improve the life of your people and yours. Then you'll be able to break a lot of chain (mentally and physically).

  25. It's sad when children has to basically ask their parents to "Stop acting childess!"

  26. Just let you folks know the pale-face demon will never change..Mad because a Black man is his Master in Commander…

  27. Agree ..Trump listen to your kids!!

  28. I kept thinking that his kids have to be embarrassed by their father who continues to act like a racist idiot.

  29. Good advice. At least his children seem to have more sense and business sense than him. However I feel their intervention has come too late. I will never step foot in a Trump property, buy any of his merchandise, watch his shows or see or support any liberal or black entertainer that showcases at his casinos. I've found his offensive comments, disrespectful and egotistical behavior unforgivable.

    • I feel the same way Sandra. To think I enjoyed watching at least two of his reality shows. Refuse to watch anything that has his name tied to it now!

    • I feel the same way Sandra. To think I enjoyed watching at least two of his reality shows. Refuse to watch anything that has his name tied to it now!

    • Ditto Helen!

    • Sandra Rodriguez you are soooooo right. I have never been a fan of Donald Chump, er, I mean Trump. But after all he has done since President Obama's inaugural term, to present, I sure as hell will never step foot in any business he is assocaited with……..EVER. It is too late.

    • "associated", pardon the error.

    • I have been posting on fb and other pages such as this that we (African Americans) not pay for disrespect. We have already been taught by Rosa Parks and others what to do about people like Trump. If Trump would disrespect the President just think what he says about those of us that aren't worth millions of dollars or don't have jobs in high places. Remember this means Macy's too.
      Hit him where it hurts and make him have to file bankruptcy again.

    • Ditto! We Sandra's agree 100% LOL!

  30. Michelle Magyar-Vaheed

    He actually thinks just because he likes a few black people he considers himself not a racist. I think people today are getting confused with the definition of racism & need a lesson on it like Trump.

  31. Michelle Magyar-Vaheed

    First Off, Trump is just showing how racist he is by his little comments. Even the stupid on air plea to release his records & he will donate 5 million to a charity. What charity does he mention first? Inner city kids! Not cancer or aids research, feeding the homeless, etc etc…Helping Inner city kids.



    • Cozie, you could be right, because I was saying he comes off as senile, maybe he is just turning into a nutcase!

  34. Let's hope that a conversation really did take place and hopefully he will embrace the WISE advice they gave him…on ANOTHER NOTE: Somebody please ALERT their hair stylists that he and his sons need a new "do"! Donald should lose the color, go with his natural coloring and a cut that's short and sophisticated…the sons need a look that's shorter and "funky-er"…outdated hairstyles and cuts are always bad…I'm just saying, they're too prominent to be so behind the times! Guys, get to a stylist who really knows their stuff, FAST! Not that I care in a really big way, but I'm glad I got off my mind…that's my unsolicited observation and fashion history kicking in…LOL!

  35. He's a control freak like most "moguls'. He will stop said madness when he is good and ready. Hopefully his empire will be in sufficient shambles by that time. lol

  36. "Th Don" may have his lawyers Redrawing the 'will' as we speak! LOL