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Residents Told to Call Leasing Office If Black Teenagers Are On Property

Rock Springs Apartment in Southwest Houston is under fire after an employee allegedly posted a memo in the complexs laundry facility asking residents to contact the leasing office if African American teenagers are seen on the property


Employees at Rock Springs apartment complex in Southwest Houston, Texas, have some explaining to do. A resident snapped a photo of a memo that was allegedly drafted by an employee of the apartment complex, encouraging residents to call the leasing office if African American teens were spotted on the property.

As expected, community leaders in the city are furious. The memo reads: “We ask you to please contact the office immediately every time you see teenagers or adolescents of African-American race or any other suspicious people in the property.” An employee of the apartment complex claims she was unaware of the memo, posted inside the property’s laundry facility, and stated the obvious: “someone must have put it there.”

K.K. Singh, identified as the property manager for the complex, issued a statement via email saying: “We are always careful what kind of notices we put out. Our notices are always dated and signed. You should be assured that this notice was never posted by our office. It appears someone has successfully fabricated it and been able to attract the attention of the media and take away their precious time from other momentous issues.”

It appears the complex is struggling to build a good reputation, as it has a 0% recommendation on, where former residents complained of bad management and safety concerns.

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