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Radio Host Suspended for Calling Obama a “Pimp-Walking Prez”

A radio show host is out of a job for the time being for making remarks about the president that many consider to be racist.   Jackson, Tennessee radio show host Bill Way not only referred to President Obama as a “Pimp walking prez,” but also referred to his wife as “Cheetah’s daughter.”  Here are the comments that took him off the air:

“A short message to Obama voters. To vote for him with a 9.2 unemployment rate, a sh**load of Benghazi lies, $16,000,000,000 in debt and an israeli war, … a pimp walking prez married to cheetahs daughter…expect what you will most certainly get. bye bye medicare. hello homeless.. I love America except for the idiots,”

Of course the NAACP immediately condemned the remarks, and further action was also taken.

“Recent remarks from well-known local radio talk show host Bill Way on his personal Facebook page says more about who we are from his derogatory statements concerning the president of the United States and the first lady,” said Harrell Carter, president of the Jackson-Madison County of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

 “Mr. Way does have the freedom of speech, of which people of color — all colors — have given their lives to defend. We feel sorry about his anger and frustration but we cannot condone those statements.”
Way made the remarks on the social media platform that has gotten a lot of people fired, Facebook.  He probably wishes he’d done what every other racist does, and made his statements in the privacy of his own home.   But now he may find that being irresponsible with his media voice might cause him to lose that voice completely.
“You’re feeding a stereotype of a southern bigot,” resident Tim McDonald told Jackson’s WMC-TV.
Way, who claims to be a Christian, apologized for his remarks on the air.  But his station, 101.5 FM, cut him off before the show was even over.
“We certainly don’t condone the comments from Bill and appreciate his public apology,” said station manager Larry Wood. “We’re discussing his comments and apology. Considering the gravity of the situation, for now, by mutual agreement, Bill is taking a few days off.”

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