Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Resignation Could Cost Taxpayers Over $5 Million

Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from Congress on November 21st, ending what had been an otherwise promising career.

CBS news previously reported that “the decision came following two weeks of mounting calls for him to come clean with voters, following revelations that former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb was involved in plea bargaining with authorities who’d been investigating Jackson’s alleged misuse of campaign funds.”

Jackson is reportedly suspected of using campaign funds for the decor of his Chicago home and to purchase jewelry.

ABC news reports that the special election to replace Jackson could cost Illinois over five million dollars:

Looking at two special House elections held in Illinois in recent years — those to replace GOP House speaker Denny Hastert and Democratic congressman Rahm Emanuel — the Illinois State Board of Elections calculated those elections cost $2,700 to $4,000 per precinct. With 590 precincts in Jackson’s 2nd Congressional District, an election would probably cost around $2,575,000, the state board told ABC News.

And since Illinois would be holding two elections, a general and a primary, then the cost would be twice that of the estimated$2, 575,000.

Jesse Jackson Jr. did not speak about his resignation, but took full responsibility for the mistakes he has made in his resignation letter to Speaker Boehner.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. told Thanksgiving guests “Today, we are going through a challenge, but we feel good about it, because the family is alive and buoyant and cooking and eating.”

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  1. @Dee

    Its always amazing that the most forgiving people of this thief lives nowhere close to Chicago and therefore, unaffected by his actions.

  2. Unfortunately we as a people don't believe that times have not changed. We need to teach the children good moral values and respect for ourselves and others.

  3. Okay Travis, what are saying? Come on, get that chip off your shoulder.

  4. He doesn't care about the people! Like his daddy, he is for Jessie! the election was 2 weeks ago, nothing has changed , he should have said he would not be running for office before then,.

  5. PO LIE TICS , it's the folk that turn goodness into poison, greed will catch up with one.

  6. He screwed up and paid the price…

  7. The dems are just as corrupt as the GOP .