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Cop Quits After Saying He’d Volunteer to Assassinate President Obama

A Jacksonville, Florida cop is out of a job after volunteering to assassinate President Obama. 

Sam Koivisto, 57, retired earlier this month while facing an internal investigation for his comment to other officers. Koivisto told the officers that if the order came down to kill Obama, he “wouldn’t mind being that guy.”

When questioned by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office integrity unit, he said he also didn’t care if a nuclear explosion killed everyone in the Northeastern U.S because they supported Obama.

He  told investigators that he was just joking when he made his comments.

Koivisto isn’t the first law enforcement officer to threaten the Obama family. In July, a Washington D.C.  cop was taken off a motorcycle escort for White House officials after he said he’d shoot first lady Michelle Obama and “then use his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use.”

That incident apparently happened during a routine morning roll call. An officer overheard the comment and reported it to his superiors.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier  said then that,  “First and foremost, there is absolutely no place for jokes of a nature that could be perceived as threatening to the president, the first lady or anybody else.”



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