Stingy? President Obama’s Only Pardon This Year Went to a Turkey

With the mass incarceration of blacks, many serving harsh sentences, and a some even wrongfully convicted, one might think that President Obama would be dolling out pardons to make up for discrimination in the justice system. He’s not.

To the dismay of vegans and vegetarians everywhere, President Obama continued the tradition of pardoning one lucky turkey, but Obama didn’t offer any other pardons, making him stingier with pardons than any other president in modern American history.

President Obama has refused to use his power to pardon, which reverses an existing conviction, all this year.

Law professor Mark Olson says President Obama’s aversion to pardons is shameful:

The founding fathers did not intend for the pardon power to fall into such disuse. … Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist 74, argued that “the criminal code of every country partakes so much of necessary severity, that without an easy access to exceptions in favor of unfortunate guilt, justice would wear a countenance too sanguinary and cruel.”

Our federal system of criminal law has, of late, been “too sanguinary and cruel.” For example, thousands of federal prisoners still languish under long sentences doled out under the now-amended 100-to-1 ratio between powder and crack cocaine that was built into the federal statutes and sentencing guidelines. …

One would think that the first black president would be well aware of these sentencing discrepancies, and work to undo unfair sentences, but so far, this hasn’t been the case.

Hopefully, President Obama will view his trouncing of Mitt Romney as a mandate and begin to issue pardons in the way they were intended by the Founding Fathers. He still has time to do the right thing.



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  1. so you black folks are denying that there is not striking disparity in this…there is no racism in the penal system..and that brothers are not disproportionately arrested more than anyone else…they are the only men comitting crime in Amerikkka? Wow..

  2. There is serious discrepancies in the federal sentencing guidelines that undeniably cause harsher punishment for black defendants. Hell yes I expect this WH and DOJ to remedy this evil. Hell yes this president ought to commission a study/investigation into wrongful excessive imprisonments and do something about them in a meaningful way! Why not? If not him, who? If not now, when?

  3. Murderers, drug dealers and child abusers, etc, should never be pardoned. If anything, they should be executed….!!!!

  4. I think Obama is afraid to attack any issues concerning Blacks. I pray he does something on the race issue before his term is ended. Pardons are needed in some cases. Changes are needed to improve the unequality of Blacks here in America. If anyone doesn't see this then they have been sucessfully brainwashed n fooled by Whites. It's ironic how we say we can't sit around and expect whites to do things for us.We need to do for ourselves. Then when we get the chance to do so we are concerned about being classed as a radical, a racist. The time is now for Obama to make changes. We may not get another chance for decades. When Obama, when?

  5. He need to Free our Political Prisoners if He Don’t then you know it was another trick from White America on some Dumb Negroes Again! Free Mumia & all the other Brothers who fell under COINTELPRO an FBI intelligence program Aimed at Black America ,Red America Communist Party USA & anybody else trying to Break Free from White America’s Exploitation of the Dark Nation! Racism to you BlackAnglos lmao some of us are still Mentally Dead or Sleep & the Whiteman keeps Ruling you because of it!

  6. @debra daniels thank you for addressing that clueless meekins I couldn't have said it better myself peace sis

  7. I don't understand why people refer to the President as the black people's president, like black people are the only ones he should help. He has enough to deal with Congress trying to hold him back from all the good he could be doing for this country. So he has enough on his plate to deal with. As a race we help voted him in, so now we need to support him in all that he has to do.

  8. Other Like-minded and awake African Americans regarding your comments. In fact, there is much like this going on in addition to overall long term unemployment and negative economic status of African Americans, which is much worse than what is being reported by white-owned mainstream media organizations and African Americans with and without higher education are deliberately not being hired for available jobs having nothing to do with their skills or education, are deliberately being discriminated against by the vast majority of America’s employers who are white, and white employers nationwide are overwhelmingly first hiring other whites and non-African American native minorities (Latinos, Asians, etc…). The employment, business development, and economic and social conditions in America for African Americans, for blacks in the Carribean and Africa, and for poor people worldwide are going to get far, far worse than most can even begin to imagine and all are sitting ducks.

    Equally important is the fact of all white America’s highly useful black pawns including 1/2 white Barack Obama, 1/2 white Benjamin Jealous, high white-blooded Marc Morial, 1/2 white young turk master politician Newark, NJ Mayor wannabe Govenor Cory Booker, the 1/2 white Lt. Govenor of MD, the former 1/2 white D.C. Mayor Fenty thank-God-blacks-got-rid-of-him-but-way-too-late, and also other 1/2 white/black and non-biracial black politicians in America nor the Congressional Black Caucus. Ditto for the so-called “Black Elite” who are overwhelmingly willing henchmen and henchwomen of America’s white power structure all seeking to maintain their access to money and positions of authority awarded them for doing the bidding of white supremacy against the Black Race en mass in America, Carribean, and Africa. Far too many are cloaked in black and brown skin providing them automatic access, infiltration, and voices of white-led deception, condemnation, destruction, and nothing else into black communities, black agenda grass roots advocacy organizations, and churches nationwide.

    None of them are going to do anything at all tangible to stop or reverse the fast upcoming onslaught of deliberately escalated out of business, upper-income, middle-income and working-class employment into huge new black poverty populations joining pre-existing black poverty in America rife with anger that will become deep depression, despair, fury, poor health, sickness, riots, and ultimately blood in the streets, death, and mass incarcerations. All is underway and on the way by deliberate design. The America government and big corporations have for a while been quitely and rapidly building more prisons in great anticipation of them being filled with hordes of angry and riotous new and pre-existing long term unemployed, revolutionary, radical and poor people. The USA is quitely readying long ago previously closed military bases and other locations.

    Why will black politicians and black “elite” nationwide not do anything? Because they are also brainwashed and really have no real power and can’t and, if they actually seriously tried to do something substantially positive and longstanding to rapidly help reverse and stop black economic decline, they and members of their families will be investigated, hounded, scandalized, bounced, acquired fortunes taken, unemployed, blacklisted, bombed, and nullified in every which way either banged six-feet into the ground or also fast into the upcoming deliberate sunami of escalated new and massively increased black poverty.

    So, black politicians perform just enough believable lip service and window-dressing to appear as though they are working hard, can, and will achieve valuable tangible, if not priority results, for the people. Black politicians are not in charge and the black elite don’t even try to be charge because all know they are not, those who are in charge know it, and the only ones who do not realize it are way too many millions of black people in America, Carribean, and Africa. Black people en mass really have no real idea of who is really running America and the world, what is really going on, where those people are, what they are doing and what is going to happen, how and when. Black people have no clue of what the long game plan really is nor understand that black politicians and rich black elite are going along to get along hoping to be allowed to do what little they can and that they and their families will be spared.

    Who runs the world and controls world commerce, affairs, and the leaders of all world nations? Principally supernatural powers of evil together with the human Bilderberg Group, The Vatican, U.S. Council of Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission followed by back-up from their boys/girls of USDOJ CIA/FBI, USDoD, NATO, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, largest American and international corporations worldwide, and the richest people in the world.

    The vast majority of black people in America and Africa are not paying any attention to the strategic tactics completely detrimental to their prosperity and basic survival long underway and much that is quite visible right in front of them. There are two places in America of several in America and Europe that black people who can should visit and see to achieve if not full quick understanding of the long game plan in a nutshell certainly way more than a mere inkling of what it really is all about.

    The plan for both continued and escalated elimination and subjugation of black people in America, Carribean, and Africa is now and always has been multi-faceted, deep, and widescale. Unfortunately, black people in America, Carribean, and Africa are easily oppressed because they believe whatever the overwhelmingly white-controlled USA government, politicians, education system, judicial system, banks, media organizations, television programs, movies, music, and advertisement industries want them to believe.

    Take a quick trip to visit, see, and thoroughly read “The Georgia Guidestones” in Elberton, Georgia. Next, go and visit the Denver Airport and spend time thoroughly viewing the massive wall art murals throughout and also see the symbols on the marble floors. Then, research and fully read about The Committee of 300, High Knights and Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion. Also, understand that HIV/AIDs was in fact deliberately created by white American and European scientists and deliberately introduced by them into Africa and America specifically to genocidedly wipe out and reduce the Black Race population (Read Dr. Francis Cress Welsing’ book, The Isis Papers).

    Also, understand that rich white American government and private sector leaders together with those in European countries and their huge corporations are again carving up and re-colonizing Africa following covert daily wiping out of millions of African people via HIV/AIDs coupled with U.S./NATO/Europe led deliberate destruction and destabilization of the African Union (uniting of all African state countries) movement by the leaders of 54 African countries to create a united Africa via U.S./NATO/Europe paid instigation of false civil uprising in and bombing of oil rich Libya specifically to take out and murder Qadaffi who strongly fully supported, participated in, and financially supported the African Union, and via paid instigation of tribal civil war genocide in Rawada and Sudan, paid economic and civil destabilization, paid subversions, and false civil uprisings in Somolia, Congo, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and so on, paid support and installations of certain politicians by USA and Europe as leaders of key African countries and certainly not for the benefit of the people of those countries, and following USA/NATO/Europe direct military terrorism of Libya to send message to and destabilize the African Union movement the installation of AFRICOM (U.S. and European military bases) and American/European big corporations’ land/mineral takeovers again in Africa.

    The same is going on in Black America in numerous ways ranging from via white America’s daily delivery of white supremacy subliminal and overt psychological warfare indoctrination of white domination and superiority beginning with public school education of black children daily taught about white American and European history of leaders, conquorers, european domination of black people as slaves and up from slavery to white America’s financial and political control of the public school education system regarding curriculums, what subjects / levels of courses taught, and education materials available, control of available employment and hiring, control of military and genocidal science chemical, viral, and bacterial biological warfare programs, control of judicial system, law enforcement, banks, media organizations, entertainment industry, advertising, food/health/medicine industries, control of illegal drugs and alcohol, and control of the prison industrial complex in tight partnership Europe/Vatican/Bilderberg Group.

    Black children, youth, and teenagers have since black people were first brought to America and following the Civil Rights Movement historically been taught in school all about the evolution and exploits of white America and Europe and nothing at all about Africa regarding any truth or thorough knowledge as if the huge continent of Africa and her accurate ancient history to which European knowledge and development across the board is directly tied is historically irrevelant and does not exist just as her black people have not massively contributed to the great knowledge and wealth of European, American, and world civilization. Lack of true and thorough historical knowledge of self and deliberate cover up and deceit about such of tremendous great importance is truly where the real problems of black children, adults, families, and lack of black unification really begins and from which all other negative, destructive psychological emotions, behaviors, actions flow. How can any black person on earth believe this is good or healthy for black children or the Black Race? It absolutely is not and is also long term psychologically damaging and by deliberate design.

    Any race of people not knowing their own true history or roots is a race of people easily indoctrinated, deceived, confused, self-hating, infiltrated, divided, diluted, forever largely overwhelmed, overtaken, and suspended in an idle twilight zone of ignorance to be easily daily conquored and destroyed en mass. As for what Black American and Black Africa ought to do, but far too many millions likely will not to save and reverse en mass troubles and decline of every kind is to first return to and rapidly learn and live the Word of Almighty God in obedience and in daily pray to Him asking for His mercy, guidance, and protection. Second, to rapidly unite together in active moral, spiritual, social and economic solidarity to actively plan survival and prosperity by any means necessary and acceptable to Almighty God. And third, to rapidly spread as much important knowledge and survival guidance and help if possible to as many other black people in America, Carribean, and in Africa as humanly possible. That’s it. Other than this, black people need to and should also know as well that the only unbought, unbent, strongest, unafraid, and worthy spiritual and moral leader of black people in America always speaking truth to change that more black people listen to and overwhelmingly support en mass is Minister Louis Farrakhan.



  9. Pass the cranberry sauce.

  10. Well it looks like the haters are out in full force again ragging on the President. He is just over fighting and winning the election of his lifetime against all odds including the most money ever spent by the corporate elite of America against a sitting President. The Republicans still fighting against him as if they won. He has two wars on this plate, the fiscal cliff, the JOBS bill, just back from his overseas trip promoting exports to Burma to help the unemployed back home, helped stopped the war between Israel and the Palestinians, being accused of being lax in stopping terrorist from killing his friend the ambassador and what does the haters want him to do next…”pardon alleged prisoners”.

    Give me a break!

  11. Well it looks like the haters are out there again ragging on the President.

    He just finished the Presidential race which by the way the Republicans are still crying about it…two wars

  12. U folks can all be Al Sharptons if you want to, but I am going to praise the president when I feel he should be praised; I’m going to defend the president when I feel he should be defended; but unlike like Al Sharpton, I am going to call him out when he should be called out. Sharpton said in the beginning that he would do this but it’s funny that he, and a lot of you, have not found anything for which to criticize the president. No, he is not the President for just black people….but sometimes it seems that he is the president for everyone except black people! I personally do not need any help from him, but I think that it is disingenuous to say that he is not responsible to help black people, especially when he seems to address the issues of every other minority group…… except black people. Overall, the president is doing a fine job, but you folks have to stop getting upset when anyone, including other black people, call him out! Blacks are worse off in every negative category than at anytime over the past 30 years! It is NOT the President’s fault but he could surely address it and show some concern for it. Perhaps it is his white side that does not care about that….

  13. Nedrea SweetPea Scott

    I am so sick of people attacking this man because he is a Black President. I am also so super sick of people assuming he is the President of only one culture of people. I am as well so sick of STUPID articles such as this that are one sided and narrow minded.






  15. The other presidents pardon people on their way out. Give him a chance to do his job then do some pardoning while he is on his way out the door (wink, wink).

  16. I voted for Pres. Obama twice, but there is something going on here that’s just not right. Yes there are a lot of black people who call the president out; some of it is jealousy, some of it is the entitlement complex, some of it is anger, but believe it or not, some of it it is legitimate! You guys should stop excusing everything the President does! Just as you guys all to say, the President should not be held to a higher standard than previous white presidents, he’s also should not be held to a lesser standard. No pardons? This is standard procedure for ALL presidents and governors during their terms, and at the end of every term, and then again at the end of their second terms if they get one. He should not only be pardoning blacks, but not violent offenders of all races! There is a special office in the Justice Department which over sees this and makes recommendations to the president. This list is of nonviolent, non repeat offenders who have received excessively harsh sentences at the state and federal level for relatively minor crimes. Pres. Obama received this list also. But, as with everything else, he seems to be indifferent to the sufferings of the poor, unfortunate, and disenfranchised. Meanwhile, he and the first lady keep going on talk shows and hanging out with Jay Z and Beyonce. I am glad that he won reelection and I hope that his second term is better than his first time when it comes to being more in touch with poor and black people. Then again, he already received almost 100 percent of our vote as he knew he would; why should he give a damn about us. But, now that should matter right? We have a black president and that’s all that counts :-)

  17. That turkey hasn’t committed a crime, and therefore does not deserve to be on someone’s table; however, these CLOWNS who are burglarizing our homes, terrorizing our neighborhoods/schools, creating havoc on our buses/els, killing our youth because they are wearing the wrong clothing(or visiting in another neighborhood), I wouldn’ suggest pardoning any of them. The same would be true for those Bank Presidents who have bilked their shareholders, and bank customers, I wouldn’t pardon any of them either. Give each of them an opportunity to re-evaluate their reasons for existence; and, sorry to say, the only time persons begin this exercise is when they are confined.

  18. Is the Turkey guilty of shooting, murder, rape, robbery, or anything like that? I would join the President and take a chance on the darn Turkey…. Y'all better wake up!

    • http://www.thehiddenevil dot com/
      Google: Project Monarch, The Phoenix Program
      Google: Targeted Individuals Program
      Google: MKULTRA
      Google: Mind Control Programs
      Google: Directed Energy Weapons and the tell me the reason why all their asses are locked up. Yes, many are full blown criminals. Also many are subjects targeted for experimentation in non-consent human experimentation programs – Wake- Up
      Those that have imprisoned wrongly should receive a pardon. Those that have not, should stay there.

    • Warren Johnson, I agree; also Dawn I agree as well, those who are innocent should recieve pardon.

  19. Kill that white turkey and eat it!!!

  20. JamesWorldwide GreatHabu Britton

    You know what? I am sick and tired of hearing black folk talking about so many black folk being locked up. Really? Seriously? And for those who are advocates for the severly disenfranchised blacks locked up ever really sat down for 10 seconds and realize that there really is a reason why they asses are locked up? You break the law, you go to jail, simple as that. Had you not put yourself in that situation then you would not be in the situation. Its just that simple, Secondly, President Barack Obama is not the President of Black America, He is the President of the United States of America. Idiots like Cornel West and Tavis Smily need to find a rock to crawl back under and stop bumpin their gums. For those who have been falsely accused, then the system needs to be investigated thuroughly, But that goes for every person that is in prison. My advise, pull your pants up, get a job, stop shootin up the neighborhoods, act like you got some dayuuum sense and be productive person in your communities. That's how you keep your asses out of jail. The President has enough white folk talking crap about him, he don't need no other races, especially his own race talking about stupid worthless facts like why did he pardon a turkey instead of some criminals, That makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

  21. And to Byron's post below, Gov Haley Barbour from MS pardoned 100 inmates including about 40 blacks before he is set to leave office and helped them find work in the process! Haley Barbour! And he got some heat from the Attn General for MS but he didn't give a darn. He did the right thing! That's all we ask! Some leniency for these outrageous non-violent sentences that keep costing all of more than it should to enrich the Prison-Industrial complex. We lock up more in the world than almost all of the developed countries in the world combined! Do your research and get back at me.

    • @Ray Metcalfe stop being an IDIOT!! Obama did his job pardon a turkey, every president do the same thing every Thank-s-Giving. damn!!

    • So Ray would you have a problem is the Government purchased a house next to you to house these pardoned criminals

    • Nedrea SweetPea Scott

      You know he would. He come back and his house is broken into, or his sister mugged outside his door and his niece gets raped, then we will see how many more criminals he wants pardoned….he is an idiot

  22. Why would a pardon be administered to one who sells crack cocaine rather than powder? This is an example of extreme fairness. Most crack dealers get out to sell more crack. Until there are jobs created that a pardon from prison can counteract, what need would a pardon be? Three strikes then life is administered to those who come out of prison and then return. If we could only have some form of constructive living for criminals who were sentenced unfairly, this would detour them from continuously committing crimes. It makes no since pardon and have nothing but the same reality of the past waiting for them. GOD BLESS…

    • http://www.thehiddenevil dot com/
      Google: Project Monarch, The Phoenix Program
      Google: Targeted Individuals Program
      Google: MKULTRA
      Google: Mind Control Programs
      Google: Directed Energy Weapons and the tell me the reason why all their asses are locked up. Yes, many are full blown criminals. Also many are subjects targeted for experimentation in non-consent human experimentation programs – Wake- Up
      Those that have imprisoned wrongly should receive a pardon. Those that have not, should stay there.

    • There is no doubt that many are imprisoned wrongfully but the example used was those arrested for crack vs powdered cocaine. GOD BLESS…

  23. It shame me to even have this article on my page. I'm deleting it.

  24. Obama is not the man either side assumes he is, and he allows his name and person to be used just as Mandela did for the Anglo-elite, “white” South Africans!

    People have no idea what kind of country this really is! Who is really in charge, what agendas they focus on, and how it’s actually manipulated and pillaged!
    We are left to mutter over some of the most mundane nonsense ever! while those who truly hold power over “our country” and many other nations, control the many various so-called “leaders”, and feed us nothing more than enough propaganda, garbage, and lies, and withheld information to keep us all fumbling obliviously, partially satisfied, ignorant, and literally retarded! It is to do either that, or literally enslave and/or murder a large majority of the population!

    They make sure that religious belief is deeply embedded in our psychological makeup because they are assured that if we will believe in such nonsense we are open to believe the tons of other trash they bash our minds with, and our minds are as soft as mush. Thanks to the overwhelming fiction religious beliefs infect us with. Even those who don’t believe are still severely affected by the billions who help to promote it!

    So. Those who wield the great military and secret power over us have much less work to do in tampering with our psyche because we are preconditioned from generation to generation with ancient superstitions and ignorant traditional platitudes! This will never change, which means human starvation, pain and suffering will never end!
    With this (fantasy “God” belief) buried deeply in the minds of even some of the most intelligent men, we go about our years filled with hatred and death towards our fellow man, our fellow brothers and sisters around the world because they too, have been feeding from the largest reservoir of ‘koolaid’ mankind has ‘never’ recognized! Oblivious to the fact that the thing they believe in as proposed to be a good thing, is actually one of the worse mental defects to ever inflict the mind of mankind!

  25. The foolery of comparing Obama's pardoning of a turkey and "not black ppl" was enough to make me laugh and stop reading this mess! Whether he pardons black ppl, white people or purple doesn't matter in the least to me. An economy on the brink of a fiscal cliff, violence aboard, a still high unemployment rate and you are whining about black people not being pardoned! Give me an effn break! Will pardons resolve mass incarcerations? Will pardons help the broken criminal justice system? Smdh at this article. OH Obama you are so stingy to us po blk folk! PLEASE SPARE US!

  26. The foolery of comparing Obama's pardoning of a turkey and "not black ppl" was enough to make ne laugh and stop reading this mess! Whether he patrons black ppl, white ppl or purple doesn't matter in the least to me. A economy on the brink or a fiscal cliff, violence aboard, a still high unemployment rate and your whining about black ppl being pardoned!! Give me an effn break! Will pardons resolve mass incarcerations? Will pardons help the broken criminal justice system? Smdh at this article. OH Obama you are so stingy to us po blk folk! PLEASE SPARE US!!

  27. Reagan gave out 250 pardons, Old man Bush 130, Clinton 300 including a lady I know who is a college instructor now, Bush2 gave out 250 including my deputy mayor, who is black. Are we not suppose to expect no real change from the brotha or more of the same or not even the same as the other prezez? I makes me sick to see all this " hell with us black folks" attitude with a black prez in office. Damn, if he ain't going to be different than the white guys, then why did we vote for him? we are in big trouble after these next four years…

    • What big changes would you expect from Mr. Obama that would separate him from the other presidents? Statements such as this are the reason others think blacks have "entitlement syndrome"! Why expect the black president to start handing out pardons to black ppl, how about ALL ppl! Of course the number of blacks serving outrageous sentences is larger than other races, but this does go across the board!

    • POTUS has way too much to focus on right now, fiscal cliff we are facing is far more important than pardoning ppl. You can't compare the circumstances.

    • Tracey Kendrick Thomas ….Do your homework and read how many pardons were given by all the prezez i named and tell me if he hasn't done one, how is he using the power granted to him by the unfounding fathers to correct wrongs? Do some research first before saying folks are asking for a handout!

    • Ray Metcalfe, I have done my research and in it I found that there are many more important issues for our president to deal with! I'm sorry if there is someone you know who YOU feel is in need of a Presidential Pardon and has not received it! Instead of trying to be smart with me, take the time to carefully read my post, I said this is the reason other ppl feel blacks have "entitlement syndrome"! With all of the issues in the world, was this really the only one that got your attention???? What are unfounding fathers anyway?

    • BTW, if you do your research, pardons can be given on the lower levels, each state has a Board of Pardons and Paroles and the governor has Pardoning authority as well!

    • Maybe in 2016 his pardon number will be 600

    • Ray thank you for providing those stats, now compare that to the number of executive ordrers he has signed compared to other presidents.This actions expose the Prez for what he is.Chistine the president can pardon at any time, he had all year.

    • People please president Obama did what he suppose to do pardon a turkey. Dr.Boyce love to stir in shit because he knows he has some idiots out there.

    • Hey Ray you do realize he has until he is sworn in to pardon these people, you do no they usually do this before they leave office or before they are sworn in for their 2nd term right, with that being said he has almost 2 months left to do this, so with that being said why are people throwing this in the mix so early, you are accusing him of doing something that he havn't done, or that he still has time too do, next question how many criminals do he have to pardon an on what charges, should they all be black, child molesters, rapist, murderers, you know the problem Ray now whats the solution.

    • Ms. Christine Hartzog-Meekins "oblivious of what is going on in the black community" as you stated you definitely are and have clearly already long been "out", so stay out with your rediculously elitist and stupid comments right along with 1/2 white done-nothing and will-do- nothing-either-this-time-too Barack Obama. Blacks just like you, Obama, and way too many others are far more part of the big problem and no solution at all for the Black Race in America and elsewhere. Also, your employer Verizon is one of the biggest no good white bastard corporations in America helping in more ways than one to deep-six economic gains of black people having kissed the 1/2 white ass of former D.C. Mayor Fenty and done dirty work for him and Obama' USDOJ against blacks in D.C. and elsewhere in America and of whom I am quite certain you are exceedingly proud with no clue about them nor what is going on in this country, in the Carribean, and in Africa regarding deliberate economic terrorism against black people. Christine either WTFU or do African Americans a favor who well know better and STFU!

    • Nedrea SweetPea Scott

      Ray Metcalfe, black people are expecting a handout. I don't care how much research someone does, it will not negate the fact that because he is black, people are asking this man to only focus on one population of people who are too damn lazy to fix the problems that they have the power to fix on their own. You have a problem with unemployment?? Take your butt to school and get a degree and then you can apply to all of these jobs out here that require an education. Got a problem with violence in your neighborhood? What are you doing to help curb the violence??? right, NOTHING. Black people are asking for handouts and the research is not necessary.

    • Nedrea SweetPea Scott

      actually, people are asking for handouts and obviously she has done the research, its you who needs a reality check….and to the woman whos son was murdered, I feel your pain. My Cousin was gunned down after being robbed… I do think the death penalty is NOT used enough. I look at the victims of crimes, and not the suspects as well.

  28. This page is so negative that it just sickens me. If this is what black news is all about then I'm out.

    • There has been a lot if controversy around presidential pardons. I think this is a case of "damned if he does and damned if he doesn't".

    • I agree, some of the newsworthy stories printed here are racist and simple minded! There is another article on The Grio referencing PETA comparing black ppl to turkeys, seems this article is doing the same! With all of the serious issues going on in the world, pardoning black ppl is not a priority! Give the man a break, DAMN!!

    • http://www.thehiddenevil dot com/
      Google: Project Monarch, The Phoenix Program
      Google: Targeted Individuals Program
      Google: MKULTRA
      Google: Mind Control Programs
      Google: Directed Energy Weapons and the tell me the reason why all their asses are locked up. Yes, many are full blown criminals. Also many are subjects targeted for experimentation in non-consent human experimentation programs – Wake- Up
      Those that have imprisoned wrongly should receive a pardon. Those that have not, should stay there.

    • Tracey Kendrick Thomas ….I did some more research and the hell with that give the man a break shit. he wanted the job, now do the job. According to the USAToday, Franklin Roosevelt issued over 3000 pardons in 12 years of office, the most in history. In comparison to prezez that have served 8 years, the least was George Washington with 16! The most was Woodrow Wilson with 2408 in 8 years in office. The only ones to not issue one pardon were William Harrison and James Garfield,only because they both died in 6 months into their term!! And its not just about black folks, the rich and powerful get a lot of pardons. Nixon pardoned Jimmy Hoffa, Ford pardoned Nixon, Clinton pardoned Patty Hearst, Reagan pardoned George Steinbrenner for making illegal contributions to Nixon's re-election campaign. Bush 2 pardoned many people convicted of drug charges along with bootlegging!! Do your research before your make blanket statements! Empirical Data please..

    • Oh boy, no pardons and that's it, point blank. The is not on the POTUS agenda.

  29. I imagine a pardon is a serious thing…what if the person is guilty and turns out to commit more horrific crimes…pardons are not to be taken lightly……maybe he believes the criminal justice system should do its job…

    • I'm sure many prisoners have been redeemed after reflecting on their actions. If you are a bible reader, you will find that some of the people that God used was ex-murders. Paul and Moses just to name two. Some of these life sentences has nothing to do murder. Some are their per the 3 strikes your out law. If someone repent and seems to have redeemed themselves, what's wrong with forgiveness.

    • Deborah Henderson Funnybone

      Linda Harris ,I do that from a biblical sense God has forgiven Murders but does that mean they should not be given a life sentence for their crime? While the 3 strikes law is a bit suspect the bigger question for me is WHY do they keep reoffending? My son was murdered by three repeat felons who decided to fire over 35 bullets trying to get 1 person. Two of them had just been released from prison ,1 for attempted murder. They were given a second and third chance an in my opinion they only perfected their craft. After two murder trials you''d think we as a family could rest and grieve NO not at all Inmates are given so many rights that 1 has become a jail house lawyer and of course found God. We have to always be on pins and needles going back to court to make sure this person REMAINS in Jail because of the Choices They Made ~People can talk about being poor but being poor has nothing to do with Murder !! I grew up in the PJs to a single mom sometime we had no food but we Always knew the difference between right and wrong. I do think that we should NEVER put a peron to death but for ppl who murder and rape ~~~I do think there are innocent people in jail and I hope a good lawyer can help them~But for attempted murder to Murder~Throw away the key~ I'am so tired of reading how African Americans should be treated differently because their hard up bringing . Thousands of us survived and Our Positive Role Models that give time and monies to Our communities. I can Never see my son again hear him laugh . our family line has been cut short because at 19 he had no chidren. I forgave not because I wanted to but because if I didnt I would have died myself. Please look at the many victims of crimes. Black on Black Crime is Insane!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deborah Henderson Funnybone

      think that sorry for typos

  30. As if he is not already being called a racist,a welfare foodstamp president now you want him to step out there and give the medias and opponents even more reason to dog him out. He had more important things to do whereby they fight him like hell in that. If he can squeeze a pardon in cool but if not just him "fighting" for the deficit and foreign policy is good enough for me!

    • Mr. Burke, Obama's foreign policy sucks and if you weren't such a cheerleader you would see that his investment in war is largely the cause of our continued deficit.. Obama is all around just a bad president.. that is not to say Romney would be better. You should, perhaps, stop viewing American politics as dualistic.

    • JamesWorldwide GreatHabu Britton

      Farao, I beg to differ, The President's foreiggn policy doest not suck and if you were not such a cheerleader for the likes of Tavis Smiley, Cornell West and the rest of the conspiracy theory misled children of the corn you would have noticed that there are many world leaders who happen to love President Obama. You would rather have the rest of the warmongering idiots like George Bush 1 and George Bush the remix. So before you start talking about foreign policy maybe you should take the dreads out your head, raise your right hand and swear to defend this county against all enemies foreign and domestic like me. Ive been around the world several times in the 24 years I have served this country. That qualifies me to speak upon foreign policy intelligently. And Mr Burke was absolutley correct in his summation. And maybe you should spend more time well spent not sounding like your an Allen West and Sperman Caine or Michael Steele and support the President who is trying to keep your parents and grand parents for living in poverty because they cant afford Medicare and Medicaid on social securitry benefits that would have disappeared had the republicans took office.

    • Thanks James i didn't want to address that shameful dread head, you see him an Cornell West have the same problem, they dont like combing their hair, again thanks James

    • @Farao Reey you didn't get off your a$$ and vote so why are whining?

    • James Nicholas–

      Pat yourself on your bony spineless black back for being a fully assimulated "Negro" highly supportive of white American and European standards of beauty for black men and women. Give me your address because I'm racing to CVS right now to get some strong lye perm, sharp razors, or some heavy grease to lay down your hair for you brother. Let me know which one you want or if you want all three.

  31. Maybe he is just oblivious of what is going on in the black community, just like I was, or doesn't want to give criminals what they want.