PETA Compares Turkeys to Black People

Leave it to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to say things that are outrageous and offensive, all because they seem to care about animals more than people.   The group that once ran a “Holocaust on your plate” campaign to get you to stop eating animals, has consistently compared animals to black people.

In their latest odd venture, the group has reached out to President Obama, telling him to stop pardoning turkeys and instead treat them the same as black people, gays and other underserved groups.

“You understand so well that African-Americans, women, and members of the LGBT community have been poorly served throughout history, and now I am asking you to consider other living beings who are ridiculed, belittled, and treated as if their sentience, feelings, and very natures count for nothing,” said PETA President, Ingrid Newkirk.

Newkirk says that turkeys are victims of discrimination and should be given equal protection under the law.

“They are not guilty of anything other than being born into a world of prejudice,” said Newkirk.


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  2. African-American woman here. My belief? We must end “species-ism” on this Earth, which is the belief that one group, species, etc has the right to dominate, oppress, or enslave any other group of living beings to serve their own selfish agendas.

    God exists equally in ALL living things, and the rights of ALL living things on this Earth must be considered EQUALLY. This thought/concept/belief is WAY ahead of most people’s time, but as human hearts open (and they will, as Christ returns in us all), eventually we’ll have an expanded capacity to have empathy for the suffering of ALL living things, and not just our own race, group, country, species, etc. In the meantime, consider that turkeys and other birds are conscious beings who feel fear, pain, grief and everything else we feel. Just because YOU don’t feel it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

  3. peta can say what they want but when black people accept themselves as being equal to animals and homosexuality you need to do some soul searching.

    • No people can't say what they want with out Repercussions….It's just some folks like you don't have the manhood to stand up and fight back for anything in life but the white Jesus Christ?????

  4. They are one of the weirdest organizations even created.

  5. I am so tired of random organizations and people comparing the craziest, most insignificant crap to the struggles of our ancestors! So animals and our ancestors are one in the same according to this Ingrid person. How dare this broad! She needs to have several seats with that crap! The disrespect just never seems to end.

  6. Most of the people in PETA are Animals…

  7. Will continue to eat (Turkduchen), turkey, duck, and chicken.! Not everyone can sustain without protein from animal or fowl PETA.

  8. They consistently have PR problems, which ultimately hurts animals. Offending people will not encourage an abandonment of cruelty.

  9. So PETA feels that Turkeys are comparable to people. They have fully embraced the ridiculous.

    • PETA is ridiculous sometimes with their tactics, it takes away from the "good" that they call themselves doing.

    • Exactly Tiffani…they have enough examples of inhumane happenings with animals being slaughtered and other health issues they could bring to the table but instead they use these campaigns that come like a joke for shock value…..they rather be offensively controversial than make legit claims/comparisons.

    • Apart from the ridiculousness of the statement, animals have no rights at all in this world and human beings pretty much do whatever they want, to -and- with them. Has nothing to do with the original meaning of the so called 'food chain' anymore. Animals are basically screwed and used as a means to please human beings in whatever shape or form we see fit. Now that's what's really ridiculous to me. So I rather have a PETA saying crazy things once in a while, than no PETA at all…

    • This is a little extreme if you ask me.

  10. Your PETA headline is misleading. I joined PETA about 20 years ago..and have given up meat..and am much happier for it!

    Nearly all animals killed for food in the U.S. are chickens and turkeys—more than nine billion each year. They’re shackled upside down, paralyzed by electrified water and dragged over mechanical throat-cutting blades … all while conscious. Millions of birds each year miss the blades and drown in tanks of scalding water.

    This occurs because the U.S. Department of Agriculture exempts birds from its enforcement of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, which requires that farm animals be insensible to pain before they’re shackled and killed. The HSUS is working with retailers to help move companies that slaughter birds toward a less cruel system.

    An Inhumane End

    The electrical stunning system, globally used to kill chickens, is increasingly coming under scrutiny as research suggests that it can be both inhumane and ineffective.

  11. PEOPLE this Pale-face Inhuman inbreed Reptilian demon have no love for the human race beware of this demon…No matter what they say they don't like you.

  12. this jsut furthers PROVES what certain people of a certain HUE complexion THINK of others of a different hue complexion as animals not human not even american. These are the same people who set arounf their dinner table and discuss such idealogy PASSED on to their children and the racist cycle onto the next generation, and these children grow up into adults with careers and this is what you have.. director of PETA who equates african americans as animals.

    Amazing!..not surprized at all, We african americans have always KNOWN what white people REALLY think of african americans.. even if they have the ONE negro friend who plays the role..I’m that one negro friend – so you can’t be racist. REALLY? Think again negro- u R being USED by racist white people to justify they aren’t racist when really they ar having you as the ONLY negro friend.

  13. I for one am tired of others comparing their plights to those of black people who have had a four plus century holocaust, which continues TO THIS DAY! Especially gays and lesbians and animal rights activists. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  14. Does any one remember when “gays” in the seventies started their movement in Cali and made the mistake of inviting Richard Pryor to their rally? and what he said to them,and I quote, WHERE WERE YOU FAGGOTS WHEN WATTS WAS BURNING DOWN-end quote.

    Let’s cut to the chase, Now that white homosexuals have gotten positions of influence and power, we blacks have make the mistake of equaling skin color and social history with a sex act.It’s highly reasonable that those same “white homosexuals” did not hesitate to refer to you as nigger in public,private or anywhere else when it was socially acceptabe in white society. So now they want to be equated with you as for as rights or concern and believe me that’s as for as it’s going to go. White homosexuals have always made more money gotten onto positions of influence before and over black people, period.So people let’s not get overly sentimental and emotional, let’s come to the TRUTH of the moment.

  15. F*** Peta. Just another "organisation" run by stupid pretentious white people.

  16. PETA compared animals to gays (who are both black and white), to women (who are both black and white), and to black people. Your headline is racially inflammatory, dishonest, and a distortion of PETA’s statement. PETA’s position is not that dissimilar from certain religious traditions such as Budhism. Talking about turkeys and Black people, as you do, is just cheap sensationalism.

  17. PETA is this some kind of joke i can't believe this -hit! People have the power of reason! Animal instinctual. Animals are pets, food, tool put here for our use by the creator. If its anything other than that the picture is definitely distorted!!!!!

  18. PLease roast that wench! What an ignorant statment. PETA is a joke! I have no idea why people even support those losers.

  19. i have always thought that white people are a little off and now i know for sure many of them are mentally deranged especially those who look upon animals as equal to humans.

    • No, they are NOT deranged. They are people who understand that ALL living beings — not just human beings — have rights that should be considered. It’s willful ignorance not to understand the analogy that PETA is making. Human beings constantly want to pick and choose whose suffering and pain matters; who should have rights and who shouldn’t. A time has to come when the suffering of ALL living things on this Earth is considered by EVERY human heart. Period. We’ll never get anywhere on this planet if we don’t.

      You can’t slaughter millions of birds without understanding that the suffering of any conscious being (with the breath of God within it) has repercussions somewhere within the fabric of life. ALL is ONE, and animals are included in that oneness. You can try to cut them off if you want to, and pretend that the suffering that they endure has no consequence, but it’s not truth: every action has an energetic consequence, and the suffering we inflict on them DOES reverberate back on us. It’s divine LAW. You can try to remain ignorant of divine law if you want to, but when you eat the flesh of something that suffers the way these birds suffer before they come to our tables, that suffering becomes a part of YOU, your body, and YOUR consciousness. And when disease shows up in YOU because of what you put in your own body/temple (the torture of another living being), don’t go asking for sympathy and wondering why.

      • Lynn –
        For someone who is claiming to know “divine law”, it is quite interesting that you don’t realize that even in the book, it was Divine law that Man was given dominion over all the Earth and thus the animals that came with it. This leads one to summarize that the goals of PETA would be against divine law and therefore ungodly in their pursuits.
        I would continue this argument, but it’s utterly ridiculous. If you don’t want to eat meat then do so, but don’t make others think that it’s a sin to do so when in fact it is not.

  20. I always supported PETA but I am going hog wild overboard and will no longer spread the word and share their message with friends and family.In fact I intend to share this article with as many as possible! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  21. I'm all for PETA but this is overkill.. We are much higher on the food chain my goodness they need to chill & this has left a bad taste in my mouth about them.

  22. Ridiculous