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Katt Williams’ Profanity Laced on Stage Meltdown Has Fans Asking… Is He On Crack?

Katt Williams finds trouble everywhere he goes lately, and if trouble always finds you, then maybe it’s you. So maybe Katt Williams is the trouble, or at the very least, the one with the drug problem.

Williams interrupted his recent Oakland comedy show, and began ranting, to the dismay of his fans. Williams stepped off stage and confronted a fan who was heckling him, and eventually had to be led off stage by Suge Knight, former head of Death Row Records.

Rapper Too Short then explained what happened, saying Williams was on drugs and ‘sky high’:

On the real though that’s my n*gga Katt he’s a personal friend of mine,” Too Short told the audience. “My n*gga is on something, he’s extra loaded. He got too high in Oakland. You ain’t gotta forgive my n*gga, but you do gotta understand. Y’all just as much to blame as he is. That n*gga is sky high. We can’t cover it up…  my n*gga loaded. Talk sh*t about it. Go to Twitter, but we still got love for Katt Williams.”

Your Black World reported last week that Katt Williams had been arrested for hitting someone in the head with a bottle while at a night club in Oakland. And prior to that, Williams landed himself in hot water for allegedly punching a female assistant and pulling a gun in a crowd of people.

You can watch the full Katt Williams meltdown HERE. 

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