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Violent Hate Crimes Force Black Police Officer and His Family to Leave Upscale California Community

A black police officer and his family were finally forced to move from their Orange County community due to hate crimes committed by residents  in the community.

Since the family moved into the upscale California community, rocks  had been thrown at their windows, tires slashed, and racial slurs had been hurled at them. The breaking point came recently, according to the Los Angeles Times:

The last straw for the African American police officer living in an upscale Orange County community was the acid pellets someone shot into his garage in October, the corrosive capsules damaging his car.

It had been an ugly, racially tinged pattern since the Inglewood police officer, his wife — a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy — and their two children had moved into the Yorba Linda neighborhood in 2011.

Finally, the family decided to relocate to Corona, California.

The family’s experience has led the  Orange County Human Relations Commission to hold listening sessions during which it will interview other African-Americans in the county to gauge their experiences.

“It just illustrates that even amid our really wonderful community, life is different for some people,” said Rusty Kennedy, the executive director of the commission.

 But how wonderful can a community that condones race hatred really be?
“As much as some are tired of hearing about discrimination and bigotry and would like to declare this a post-racial society, our commission find that the facts don’t support that conclusion,” wrote Carol Turpen, the chair of the commission.
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