Violent Hate Crimes Force Black Police Officer and His Family to Leave Upscale California Community

A black police officer and his family were finally forced to move from their Orange County community due to hate crimes committed by residents  in the community.

Since the family moved into the upscale California community, rocks  had been thrown at their windows, tires slashed, and racial slurs had been hurled at them. The breaking point came recently, according to the Los Angeles Times:

The last straw for the African American police officer living in an upscale Orange County community was the acid pellets someone shot into his garage in October, the corrosive capsules damaging his car.

It had been an ugly, racially tinged pattern since the Inglewood police officer, his wife — a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy — and their two children had moved into the Yorba Linda neighborhood in 2011.

Finally, the family decided to relocate to Corona, California.

The family’s experience has led the  Orange County Human Relations Commission to hold listening sessions during which it will interview other African-Americans in the county to gauge their experiences.

“It just illustrates that even amid our really wonderful community, life is different for some people,” said Rusty Kennedy, the executive director of the commission.

 But how wonderful can a community that condones race hatred really be?
“As much as some are tired of hearing about discrimination and bigotry and would like to declare this a post-racial society, our commission find that the facts don’t support that conclusion,” wrote Carol Turpen, the chair of the commission.

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    chickens coming home to roost…

    fuk him and anyone who loves him.

  2. Leslie Paul Mealy

    In 2012 my brother Joseph and his family and 20 years employment in that community taught me that the devil does indeed live there. First we must remember that this area is in the south so far south if you went any futher you would be in Mexico. Next we must understand that it is an area were white supremacy and racism operate out in the open in overt and covert terms. All should read a good book that explains how racism and white supremacy operate in all levels of human activity called the Isis Papers by Francis Cress Welsing

  3. Time after time I’m called a racist because I acknowledge white racism!


  5. What we want to be is not what is. Racism is a part of the American tapestry and it endures despite all the kind words and good deeds we like to applaud. Reality is one thing; perception and hope is another.

    • We cannot keep pretending it don't exist or hiding our heads in the sand; if we cannot resolve our problem here how can we keep proclaiming to be the land of freedom while supposedly doing nation building?

    • We need to shine a searchlight on racism and evil. America has a long way to go in both respects.

  6. Why didn't his police brothers help him?

  7. …some things never change…business as usual…

  8. Post racial Obama is a joke, if anything the level of hatred towards blacks is even more pronounced. Just goes to show, no matter how much education or money, you have you are still a nigger in there eyes. Racism, as American as apple pie.

  9. It is sad whether it happens in California, Maine, Texas, Alabama, or any of the other 46 states. Racism hurts all of us. We are a rainbow, people. We need to remember that. That is what has made us strong and great and interesting. Remember, there is no mention of race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, etc written on the Statue of Liberty. The Harbor Chick is there for us all.

  10. Crackers will be crackers! When will negroids learn that these demons hate us with a passion?

    These demons don’t give a da*mn where you live, what your job status is, or how much money you have, they still HATE us!!!

    These were officers, who should have used their authority. They had a right to protect their property, but they were scared to used their weapons to blow those racist s.o.b.’s away!!!

    I would’ve stayed and shot the shyt out of them racist bas*turds!!!

  11. I don’t get it, Ain’t there some kind of faternal brotherhood or some stuff like that?.. Don’t they hit the streets and round up suspiciously looking characters? “stop & frisk”.. Atleast surveillance video!. It just doesn’t’ sound like much of a fight here..

  12. I take my hat off to the officer for not hunting the bastard down and giving him a lesson in life.

  13. explain to me how someone's race matters again?

  14. All-white communities get all type of “free” stuff from manufacturers for promotional purposes. Once a neighborhood is identified as integrated these “benefits” stop coming. I once moved into an all-white neighborhood and this same thing happened to me.

    • Ronald Dietrich

      I have lived in an all white community and I never saw any type of “Free Stuff” from manufacturers for promotional purposes… just sayin…

  15. Take Yonkers and New Rochelle in New York. Those two towns were predominately white and over time, more blacks and Hispanics moved in, and now those communities look different. Very different. So in all honesty, I cannot blame white people at times. I really can't. Until we take our own communities seriously, then we cannot expect white people or any other group for that matter to do the same. We have all these millionaire athletes, rappers, entertainers and actors. Why don't they put some of their money together and create more community centers and educational development centers, wellness centers, for our kids and community, instead of buying non-sense and stop having all these children out-of-wedlock and paying child support to their "baby mommas" That money could be better invested elsewhere, like oh I don't know, improving black communities. Many of these celebrities have a "me and mine" mentality once they become rich and famous and have a "I got mine so I'm good, I can't and won't help you get yours" which is sad because other communities don't do that… other communities share the belief "when one prospers, we all prosper" and they make sure to keep the money circulating within the community. Why do you think Jewish people are so wealthy? Because they help their own first and foremost before anybody else… they look out for one another, they save face and don't put their business out on YouTube…many other groups are like this too, except for black people. Black peeople overwhelmingly put up videos on Youtube about how much they hate eachother, black men bashing black women, black women bashing black men, it's so stupid. Other communities probably can't stand eachother too at times, but they dare not put out on public display, they save face and make sure to keep building the community. In our community, people get jealous of another's success and instead of learning from them, they want to hate on them, or kill them. If they can become successful so can you… it's all in the mind. Whether you think you can do something or not, you're right… Our communitie glorifies the ghetto mentality, rappers, ghetto talk and ghetto behavior instead of.
    education, achievement, speaking properly, and etc.

    • Better yet, why don't black communities pool their resources with these black millionaires to enrich themselves. Otherwise, it like throwing money to the wind, for black millionaires, when you have black communities sitting on their butt, waiting for another welfare system to come and bail them out. The black community must make the first move, starting with black churches that have the most mass influence to organize black people.

    • why dont you and people like you,lets try a million that feel
      like you and the church you go to.just up open your mouth
      in the right places sister and maybe things can change in your communities.

    • You are so on point bringing it out how other communities support one another even though this is not necessarily true as a blanketed truth. Some of those Jews, and other Europeans are just as niggardly in their attitudes towards each other and others. Nonetheless your point says volumes in showing examples for our people to follow. And it's much better to follow the good than the bad.

      Some of our people would rather follow the worst example because they have been sold the mindset of the "dog eat dog" philosophy which is diabolical within itself. We are in a most degenerate state as a community which is so sad when we consider how our predecessors fought , shed blood, and even gave their lives for us through the civil rights, black power, and Nation of Islam era.

      As the great educator and philosopher, Booker T. Washington once said, we have to learn how to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps as a people. Dignity doesn't seem to interest most of our people. We should all be tired by now of the usage of the word, niggah. It carries with it an immensly degrading psychology that keeps our community in the dark ages.

      Racist events such as the one being discussed here should be telling us that it's time for us to wake up as a people. We are living in a more advanced age than that of our forefathers, and there have been many changes that have come about that can benefit our communities if we would only take advantage of them.

      Though racism is dead, we are still living in it's residue. As long as there is ignorance in the world, racism is there to raise it's ugly head. We can't fight racism with racism, but we can change that ugliness that troubles us within ourselves. We as a people have been demoted into the lowest of the low in our morals, and our moral values. Until we raise the bar on our deplorable behaviors, we will never gain the level of respect from other communities of the world that we truly deserve…something to think about!!!

    • Wow…although you make good points…there is no reason why anyone of any color should be forced to move out of a neighborhood…nor should any person have to endure such circumstances because of the color of their skin…some people are educated and some are not…but to put all people in one group and say they all behave the same is very ignorant…There are people of all ethnicity's that fall into the category of ignorant and what you described is just that, a lack of education.

    • It is a tough stance. I too have witnessed white neighborhoods turn and the economics of blacks does not sustain the neighborhood to keep the manicured lawns, affordable housekeepers because Bey needs a place to live after getting out of prison and then his friends come, prop cars up in drive way with oil stains or park on the grass/lawn when there is a drive way or won't or can't maintain the upkeep of the external dwelling and will NOT cut the grass. Not everyone, but I have seen it and the lack of economics have 10 people living large in a four family home. Sad on many levels. I remember this debate when I was in college. I recall a relative moving in with an uncle from a trailer to the big home and that relative had no clue about lawn care, loud music. One night set off firecrackers on the 4th, but no clue about getting the remants up, just left them in the street. Now white folks will keep the outside nice but the insides will be nasty as hell for some. But this is no reason to run them out, give a chance first. This is pathetic. It is only getting worse. I am trying to love all, Lord knows I am trying but many white people are wicked and many black people are just angry thus making them/us mean.

  16. My heart goes out to this family. If racists would do those things to black homeowners who are law enforcement officers, they would do it to anyone. In retrospect, I have always been leary of living in all-white neighborhoods due to the occurrence of hate crimes.

  17. Take Yonkers and New Rochelle in New York. Those two towns were predominately white and over time, more blacks and Hispanics moved in, and now those communities look different. Very different. So in all honesty, I cannot blame white people at times. I really can't. Until we take our own communities seriously, then we cannot expect white people or any other group for that matter to do the same. We have all these millionaire athletes, rappers, entertainers and actors. Why don't they put some of their money together and create more community centers and educational development centers, wellness centers, for our kids and community, instead of buying non-sense and paying child support to their out-of-wedlock children and "baby mommas."

  18. This is EXACTLY why black people need to get it together and invest in their own neighborhoods, stop running to white neighborhoods to live b/c most of the time they don't want you there anyay. Do you know why they hate when we move into their neighborhoods? Because unfortunately, we're still seen as "property depreciators" When a black family moves into a predominately white neighborhood especially an upscale neighborhood there's an old saying "well there's goes the neighborhood." They fear more black people will move in and end up destroying the neighborhood and white people will move out. I hate to say it but you cannot blame them for thinking that way, look at every major city where there's a black and Hispanic population and you'll mostly see crappy neighborhoods, drugs and crime. I've only seen a handful of black communities match the niceness of many white neighborhoods. Take Harlem for example, it looked like crap for YEARS (and still does to a certain extent), until white people started moving in, buying and fixing up buildings, opening franchises, now its starting to look better. It's new day and age for black people, we need to get it together and build up our communities, open more black-owned businesses and support them and invest in our neighborhoods, clean up our streets, create more community centers to keep kids off the streets and challenge their creativity and the list goes on. We can do it, we've done it before and can do it again. Some communities are slowly turning around but it's not enough.

    • Sad but true, I've practiced real estate and homes are lower in value when certain ethnic groups move in. This makes many white familys move, in order to protect their investment from loss. Upscale areas where blacks are doctors, lawyers,any prominent high paying fields, are less of a threat for financial loss to whites so they don't move, but other factors such as racism are still there. To some whites there is no difference between an educated black and an uneducated one, you are still black. But it also must be said, there are poor white neighborhoods with meth heads and other drug users, that pull their own areas down by themselves, white familys moving away refer to them as "white trash" neighborhoods.

    • There are several blacks that are wealthy that do not
      reflect the racially charged statement you just madeTthere
      are blacks that live in the best of neighborhoods without any
      problems.i think it got a lot to do with who you are.
      remember a lot of people do not like police.

    • You feed into the lie that White folks are better than blacks. You miss the message which is these ignorant whites were destroying this families property. Doesn't that bring down the value of the neighborhood? The whites that settled in Orange County are Okies from Oklahoma, who benefited from Government handouts. Think about that before you say that hard working blacks tear down their neighborhoods. He should have called in the Feds if the local police did not assist him. White folks live in Trailers, are drug addicts, and ne'er do wells, just like any other group. In fact they do it in larger numbers than the rest of us. They are serial killers, child rapists, spree killers, and mass murderers. When you buy a property you should be able to live there in peace no matter where it is. I am amazed at how many of us worship white folks like they are Gods it is pitiful.

    • Much of it is related to lack of education and economics or the hating relatives who feel like you are rich as well as he wicked white people who hate our black behinds. @Anita, the Feds would not have done a darn thing, the Feds are part of the hate equation.

  19. Maybe it wasn't because his family is black. Maybe it's because they're cops?

  20. My heart goes out the officer and his family! No one should be subjected to that type of behavior. But on the other hand I would stood on my doorstep with my 12 gauge Mossberg pump!

  21. If a police officer and his wife (a county deputy) and their family are not safe, what does that say for a family without police authority?

    • This is where he went total wrong he should have sat outside all night and shot the racist bastards. Maybe he don't know why he carry a gun, this is so sad for him to run like a scary……. this is what they want blacks to do damn.

    • Marlon, this is what you get when you think the white mans water is colder and also you continue to drink the integration water. they dont now nor have they ever ( with few exception ) ever wanted to deal with us on a human level. him having a job as a cop didnt matter to them until they need to call him, but they probably wouldnt give him that call anyway.

  22. They have Black neighborhoods too. Time to relocate.

  23. They do have Black upscale neighborhoods too. C'mon, stay with your own.

  24. Niggas need to start fucking them racist bastards up.They know dam well they wont go to inglewood, watts, compton.Anywere there is a bunch of niggas they ain't going to go to a neighborhood full of niggas starting shit.Because they know they wouldn't make it in.

    • Ni**a You Bet'a Say It!!!

    • i don't think rich white people are fighting to live ghetto areas full of crime.

    • listen to this donky! naa white people aint going no where a "bunch of niggas" at, they dont need to! ya'll are killing and harrassing eachother already! ya'll do the work for them, whats the point? these white folks did what they set out to do and chased the "niggas" out of town.

    • Bullies only mess with cowards. And our history has shown that we are a race full of gotdamn cowards! You know why the don't mess with dem Arabs? (even after they were cutting their heads off on utube) cuz they know dem Arabs be bout that Pyro shit Ya heard. We coward ass black folks only pointing guns at our own kind.

  25. America 2012, I don't know what these people were expecting.

  26. everyone must to their own eventually.