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South Carolina Episcopal Diocese Says No To Same-gender Unions, Leaves the National Church

South Carolina Episcopalians have put their foot down and are separating from the U.S. Episcopal Church. These conservative Christians can no longer tolerate the U.S. Episcopalian acceptance of homos*xuality, including gay clergymen and same-s*x marriage. Last month in Charleston, a vote was held at a convention on whether or not the South Carolina Diocese would remain a part of the national organization.

This is now the fifth diocese to leave the the national church. South Carolina Bishop Mark J. Lawrence is not interested in making homosexuals feel welcome in church. Lawrence wants to run a church that reflects what he believes God intended. There are some members of the congregation who did not want to leave the national organization. Steve Skardon is one of those members, and he believes that the majority of the people who agreed to separate from the national church did so in order to affirm that homosexuality is wrong.

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