Scraggly Mitt Romney Spotted at Gas Station

Mitt Romney was spotted in La Jolla California pumping gas at a gas station

A scraggly Mitt Romney was spotted post-election pumping gas in La Jolla, CA. It appears that being “shellshocked,” as his aides described him on the night he lost the Presidential Election, has a long-term affect on a person. The usually polished millionaire was photographed and interrogated at a local gas station by and Twitter users.

The photos of Romney are currently trending on, and was reportedly snapped by user “mkb95,” who described his interaction with the twice-defeated Presidential candidate. He wrote: “Mitt Romney at my local gas station.. he looks tired and washed up. I talked to him for a good three minutes while he was filling his tank. I guess he’s moving to on of his houses in the town I live in, La Jolla.”

Twitter user @thegirlss spotted Romney and posted another picture of him at the gas station. It must be really tough being the defeated Presidential Candidate.

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  1. I'm just thankful that I don't have to hear him called President Romney for 4 years.

  2. I bet he would pass any manner of drug screens that none his detractors below could. He needs to follow 0bama's lead and do 60 rounds of golf to relax and unwind so the country's problems don't bother him as much.

  3. Wow…if he can be that shaken by defeat what kind of President would he have made.


  5. Why dont you guys and gals leave him alone. He lost let him be. We may say we choose the lesser of two evil, well the proof will come soon enough.
    I voted for Obama, in spite of his stinking foreign policies. Let see 2014 if the boys come home, if they don then we should consider impeachment.I am sure Sen. McCain, and Lindsey Graham, would jump at the opportunity.By the way when are those two going to come out?.

  6. It only goes to show how whites are surprised and deeply impacted by despising they are not "the chosen" over non-whites. This state may be also because he now has to deal with his insiders trading investigation ábout to blow up. Go get him FEC.

  7. …i don't feel sorry for him…he tried to lie his way into the white house…ho would have been worse than bush…

  8. I almost feel sorry for him…almost…