Murder Suspect Pours Water on His Lawyer’s Head in Court

Jerome Power is on trial for murder, and will probably get some prison time.  His time is likely going to be compounded for recent antics in court, where he decided to take the law into his own hands by pouring water on his lawyer’s head.  The Cedar Rapids, Iowa resident is on trial for killing his 68-year old neighbor.   Feeling that his attorney screwed him over, Powers responded with outrage.

“It should have been a mistrial,” Power said to his attorney, Steve Addington. “You sold me out!”

Power is being charged with first-degree murder, after being accused of strangling his neighbor, 68-year old Dori Bevins.  Police reportedly found Powers hiding in the house when they arrived on the scene.   This made him a lead suspect in the crime.

Power’s attorney is attempting to argue that there is no DNA evidence linking his client to the murder and that he would not have a motive to try and rob a woman who had no money.   In addition to the water pouring incident, Power also held up a sign stating that someone else killed his neighbor, not him.

Things aren’t looking good for this guy.



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  1. If I was being framed for a murder I didn't do I would be acting the fuck up too!

    I'm not trying to get life for something I didn't do and I don't think anyone wants to…

  2. I believe he probably tried to rob the victim and did not intend to kill, but this is what happens when you try to commit a crime. Things can and always do go array.

  3. Forget all of that he is innocent crap. He compromise all of that when he went to hide in his neighbor house and this despicable antic he did. What was his dumb ass doing anyway in the victim house? Housekeeping!!!!

  4. Right! …for an “innocent” person, he’s certainly hostile! And why was he on the crime scene? Ignoramuses will burglarize any easy place for anything they can find. Now he’s got another charge. Wonder how “bad” he’ll be in the big house!

  5. Oh goodness, I shouldn’t be laughing at this story. However, I can’t blame Power if he didn’t commit the crime. I can’t even imagine the frustration some defendents feel while on trial for their lives and the lawyer fails to do their damn job.