Second Elmo Accuser Comes Forward


This scandal is  not over for Kevin Clash, the former voice of Elmo. TMZ is reporting that a second accuser has come forward, with allegations. The accuser claims that he too was underage when he had an affair with Clash. The second man, Cecil Singleton,who is now in his 30s has filed a lawsuit against Clash, claiming that he met Clash on a gay phone hotline in 1993.

At the time, he was 15 years old and Clash was 32. Things have spiraled down quickly for Clash, who adamantly said that the affair with the first accuser, Sheldon Stevens, was mutual. But things did not seem to add up, when just days after that statement was made, the accuser was promptly paid off. This second accuser may have found the courage to come forward, after Stevens, took a stand and has since said that he did not lie about he  and Clash’s affair.

To make matters worse, Clash was a married man, at the time of the affair with the first accuser. We know where this is headed. Do you get the feeling the that there are more accusers out there, that have not come forward? Clash, has since resigned as the voice of Elmo, but the damage is already done. Sesame Workshop now has to find a new voice and clean up what is now a tainted image of their beloved Elmo.

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  1. Frances Godschild DeLoach

    This hasn't changed Elmo for me… I still like Elmo and the voice behind him… Not crazy about the person behind the voice and his decision to choose a same sex relationship over his opposite sex wife… But I'm still cool with Elmo… As long as Elmo isn't banging Cookie Monster or something, I'm okay with him… Kids only know what foolish parents explain in detail to them… Most of them don't connect Elmo to this mans' voice… What needs to stop is all the attention this is getting in the media…