Rep. James Clyburn: Republicans Are Using Racial ‘Code Words’ to Attack Susan Rice

Congressman James Clyburn defended U.N. ambassador Susan Rice on CNN’s Starting Point today, fending off criticism from Republicans that she was part of a Benghazi cover-up and is unfit to serve as Secretary of State.

Soledad O’Brien made it a point to ask Clyburn what he thought about the tone of the GOP attacks on Rice, and Clyburn said the attacks had a racial overtone.

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Clyburn if he was upset at the CIA for leaving Rice “out on a limb” by removing any reference to al Qaeda from her remarks, to which Clyburn responded that Rice didn’t have any choice but to read the talking points she was given.

When O’Brien pressed Clyburn on why he was so bothered by the G.O.P. attacks on Rice, Clyburn referenced a letter signed by 97 GOP congressmen, which maligned not only Rice’s statement on Benghazi, but her intellect as well:

These are code words. We heard them during the campaign. During this recent campaign, we heard Senator Sununu calling our president ‘lazy,’ ‘incompetent,’ these kinds of terms that those of us… we’ve been hearing these little words and phrases all of our lives, and we get insulted by them.”

Clyburn said Republicans are within their rights to question the administration’s decision regarding Benghazi, but they have no reason to question Rice’s qualifications.

It is remarkable that the same party which supported Sarah Palin as McCain’s vice presidential nominee are maligning Susan Rice, a former Rhodes Scholar and Stanford University graduate.

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  1. Where’s Condi Rice hiding? It was OK to have a crazed John Bolton represent us (actually he was a recess appointment) but god forbid a Black woman should get in. Maybe Obama should give them a taste of their own medicine and recess appoint her and then force a confirmation vote later on, one that would serve to embarrass the racist GOP.

  2. this point racists have nothing to lose so they are going for broke..they see a takeover happening..

  3. Everyone that has listened to McCain before and after the election is aware that he’s a sore loser. We are also aware that he is trying to keep a sister from getting this position. I pray that if Obama already considered her for the positon that he select her.

    With all the talk of the Republican saying they need to change, it’s very obvious that they won’t. I pray our black leader come together and start standing up more for those who are being demonized and oppressed simply because of their race.

  4. I believe Rep. Clyburn said it best. This is a group of people who supported the selection of SARAH PALIN as veep candidate. SARAH PALIN? And you all are going to attack someone on the basis of INTELLECT? C'mon, that's a MIGHTY STRETCH for even the most biggoted of biggots! Better get your houses in order fellas and come up with something FAR MORE PLAUSIBLE than smear tactics and hate mongering. It didn't work during the presidential campaign (NEWS FLASH: YOU GUYS LOST!), and it's not going to work here either. Why? Because you guys ARE FULL OF HATE! AND CONTAINED WITHIN HATE AND EVIL ARE THE SEEDS OF ITS OWN DESTRUCTION!

  5. James Clyburn himself is a racist.

  6. Ok President Obama you won a second term and no longer have to bow down to these old angry-racist white men anymore. Time to show some backbone by standing up for this sister and make her the next Secretary of State. No excuses..the sister meets all the requisites for the position and has a stellar background that debunks the lies being told by McCain and his racist posse.