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Rapper Nas Ordered To Pay Up, Earnings Garnished by IRS

Fame comes with a price and Nas is in that line of celebrities who are finding out the hard way. The IRS will always get what you owe them. The State of Georgia has just got the go ahead to garnish $1,000,000 of the rapper’s earnings. This is all in order to satisfy a tax debt of $1,083,435. It is reported that Nas owes for four years’ worth of taxes (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010).

The Georgia Department of Revenue has gotten an order that will force the promo company, Live Nation, to garnish Nas’s wages until he completely satisfies the debt. Nas is currently touring with Lauryn Hill. An ironic pairing of the two, as Ms. Hill is also in trouble with the IRS.

Nas’s reps are saying that the matter has been settled but GDR reps are saying that Nas still owes. Nas is in a long line of African American celebrities that can’t seem to hold the finances together. Just recently, Gary Dourdan , Swizz Beatz, and Toni Braxton have experienced financial woes. It could be worse. At least Nas has a chance to pay his taxes back instead of being threatened with jail time. GDR is banking on Nas, literally.

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