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College Athletes Unpaid, but 42 Coaches Now Earn Over $2 Million Per Year: Racism?

by JR, Your Black World

This is really starting to boggle my mind. The NCAA comes up with a bunch of reasons as to why they cannot pay their athletes, but seems to always find money for its coaches. Now new media deals are making it possible to pay coaches more, ultimately for selling their unpaid athletes’ talents out to the media. The data shows that there is a high demand for football, which explains why top football coaches deserve to get paid more. But it seems like the money is falling into the wrong hands entirely. What about the athletes who literally pour out their blood, sweat and tears on the field? What about the universities or the community or anyone other than the coaches?

USA Today gathered some data that shows the salaries of Division I football coaches. According to the information gathered, 42 coaches make at least two million dollars a year and 13 coaches receive a base salary of 3 million dollars. Head coaches Mack Brown from Texas and Nick Seban from Alabama make well over 5 million dollars in their base salaries. Athletics departments have been giving out media rights and bringing in more money for their departments and their football programs. The Pac-12 conference is able to pay coaches more because of a 250 million dollar deal that they made with ESPN and Fox.

The Southeastern Conference’s (SEC) median base salary for football coaches is 2.54 million dollars. Other conferences like the Pac-12, Big Ten and Big 12 also pay their coaches over 2 million dollars on average. So why can’t student athletes be paid? Minimum wage or a yearly stipend is surely possible when your coaches are making on average 2 million dollars a year.

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