Rapper MC Hammer Wows The AMA Crowd With Surprise Appearance


Rapper, MC Hammer surprised everyone at the 2012 American Music Awards last night, when he joined “Gangnam Style” artist, PSY, on stage for the finale of the show. The entire crowd was on it’s feet ,to watch Hammer and PSY fuse “Gangnam Style” and “ 2 Legit 2 Quit” together. The response was immediate, when Will.i.am introduced PSY.

Armed with his crew PSY, the Korean singer, burned up the stage with his high energy performance. But no one had expected Hammer to make an appearance. It is rather fitting PSY would pay homage in such a way, to the man that created and no doubt influenced his style.

Both stars were draped in their “Hammer pants” and brought back memories of the 90s, when Hammer was a mainstream rap sensation.  In past years, the performances for the AMA’s has been lackluster, to say the least, but this year may have been, one of the most exciting shows yet. Other performances, included Pink, who gave us dance, music, and theatre all in one, the high energy of Swizz Beats with Chris Brown and Ludacris, and Stevie Wonder who paid tribute to the late Dick Clark. By the time the Hammer and PSY performance was over, the crowd was still full of energy. As credits rolled, it looked like the audience had just finished the workout of the century. Hammer was, no doubt, the highlight of the evening. Could we see a comeback in his future?

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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  1. soooo was that a backhanded compliment to d…k clark?

  2. Arreba Alicia Stafford

    The three performances mentioned in this article were really good; however, the rest of the artists relied on material that was really redundant sounding [in my opinion]. It seems as if musicians are relying heavily on a house/tech sounding type of sound…making all the music sound alike in the process. I want to hear more variety from our artist…I am serious…