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New Documentary Asks Whether O.J. Simpson’s Wife Was Murdered by a Serial Killer

O.J. Simpson has always maintained that he did not murder his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, and he was acquitted of the crime. However, in the years since the crime, public opinion has waned, with most people believing that O.J. committed the murders.

But a new ID documentary feature sheds light on a serial killer named Glen Rogers and his relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson. Through interviews with police, family, and prosecutors, the documentary highlights new information on Rogers’ murders.

The New York Post reports:

When Rogers phoned his family in 1994, according to the film, he actually said he was working and partying with her and that she was rich, and that he was “going to take her down.”

A few years after the murders, when Rogers was already on death row for other murders, he admitted to a criminal profiler that he’d killed Simpson and Goldman.

Receipts show that Rogers was working in the area where Nicole Brown Simpson lived during the time of the murder. Rogers also knew the sequence of the killings, information which was not initially released by the police.

Why didn’t OJ bring this up in court? Well, the documentary suggests that OJ knew Rogers as well, and had paid him to break into his Nicole Brown Simpson’s house to steal a $20,000 pair of earrings she had bought without OJ’s permission.

Rogers claims OJ also told to kill “the b*tch” if necessary.

So in that sense, the documentary maintains that OJ did it, even though he didn’t kill Nicole Brown Simpson with his own hands.

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