New Documentary Asks Whether O.J. Simpson’s Wife Was Murdered by a Serial Killer

O.J. Simpson has always maintained that he did not murder his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, and he was acquitted of the crime. However, in the years since the crime, public opinion has waned, with most people believing that O.J. committed the murders.

But a new ID documentary feature sheds light on a serial killer named Glen Rogers and his relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson. Through interviews with police, family, and prosecutors, the documentary highlights new information on Rogers’ murders.

The New York Post reports:

When Rogers phoned his family in 1994, according to the film, he actually said he was working and partying with her and that she was rich, and that he was “going to take her down.”

A few years after the murders, when Rogers was already on death row for other murders, he admitted to a criminal profiler that he’d killed Simpson and Goldman.

Receipts show that Rogers was working in the area where Nicole Brown Simpson lived during the time of the murder. Rogers also knew the sequence of the killings, information which was not initially released by the police.

Why didn’t OJ bring this up in court? Well, the documentary suggests that OJ knew Rogers as well, and had paid him to break into his Nicole Brown Simpson’s house to steal a $20,000 pair of earrings she had bought without OJ’s permission.

Rogers claims OJ also told to kill “the b*tch” if necessary.

So in that sense, the documentary maintains that OJ did it, even though he didn’t kill Nicole Brown Simpson with his own hands.

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  1. No unbiased person who really listened to the evidence that was presented at OJ's trial, or is aware of the testimony of Dr. Henry Lee, or other witnesses that were intimidated into not testifying could rationaly believe OJ was guilty. Witnesses who saw and heard people on the scene that night at the approximate time of the murders were intimidated into not testifying. When the police placed OJ's kids, Justin & Sydney into a patrol car and justin woke up asking his sister where mommy was, her response was largely overlooked. She said the last thing she heard before falling asleep was mommy arguing with her best friend. She certainly knew her father's voice, so it wasn't him. Nicole's best friend was fellow druggie Faye Resnick who was so vocal in blaming OJ. She was known to have been in trouble for owing some drug dealers who were believed to be Columbians. The Columbians way of dealing with deadbeats like Resnick was known as the Columbian necktie, where they slit the victimes throat and pull their tongue through it to send a message. The viciousness of the stabbings where both Ron & Nicole were nearly beheaded is very much like the Columbian's modis operandi.

  2. O.J. didn’t kill nobody. He was on a plane to Chicago when the Brown’s (her parents) called Nicole after driving home from Mezzaluna restaurant. She was still alive. Johnny Cochran tried to get the phone records but Lou Brown, Nicole’s dad, would’nt consent to release them. Cochran reluctantly agreed to suppress the records with the prosecution and still was able to win the case. You can read all about it in the book “Double Crossed For Blood”, by Henry S.Johnson, M.D. Johnson was able to get the autopsy report and concluded that Nicole was killed by a left-handed person who was behind her and cut her throat from right to left nearly decapitating her. O.J. isn’t left-handed. Get the book, it’s pretty compelling.

  3. Still guilty.

  4. OJ really wasn’t an African American until these killings. He was colorless; like Tiger. White folks loved him and he had no use for Black people. He only became black when then murders happened and Tiger only became black when he began going out on his wife.

  5. White folks are gonna milk this cow until there is no more money in it. So many things have happened in the World since then-Next.

  6. O.J. his son, public opinion is only concerned with O.J. doing time for killing his wife. They don’t like the aspect of interracial marriage and a rich famous ex-football player, getting away with murder and somebody has to pay for it.

  7. I have always believed O.J. did it because of his over the top obsession with her. He felt no one had the righ to envade his terrietory. I labeled that the OJ syndrome. That cut on his hand said quit a bit. When a person is stabbed that many times, they bleed profusely. That blood thickens and any object such as a knife will become extremely slippery. Thus the slipperyness of the knife caused that cut on his hand, not the breaking of a glass. I believe OJ didn't go there to kill, but to mutilate her face so in his eyes, no one would want her except him. But when he saw Goldman coming out of her home, his extreme jealosy took over and he lost it. He stabbed Nicole first and then chased Goldman down and killed him. He then returned to Nicole and finished her off. Serial killers have a habit of saying they killed someone who don't really fit their profile, especially high profile cases. Lucas confessed to the killings of many females throughout the U.S. But when he was pinned down to particulars of a case, he couldn't come up with the right answer. OJ is going to confess one day. He almost did it earlier. His ego won't allow him to be quiet forever.

    • You belive OJ killed Nicole, because you're obsessed! OJ didn't and did not need to have an obsession with Nicole. For what? The thrill he had for her had long gone dude! Get a grip! Sounds like you're the one with the obsession. The were and still are "words on the street" that point to a different direction. People who think and analyze know the real deal about that situation.

  8. His son committed the murders. Period.

    • I agree I just finished reading William C. Dears book O.J. "O.J. Didnt Do it And I Can Prove It". Interesting research within the book, there was a lawyer back in the 90's who alwasy theorized it was Jason.