Elmo Accuser: Take Back The Money….I Was Telling The Truth


The Elmo Accuser is sticking by his story and has now come out to say he was pressured to recant his allegations. Sheldon Stephens is interviewing lawyers to help him undo his settlement, that he entered into with Kevin Clash(the voice of Elmo).  The terms of the settlement stipulated that Stephens would be paid $125,000, if he said that the relationship between Clash and himself was an adult consensual relationship. Shortly after signing the documents the following statement was released.

“Stephens agrees that immediately upon execution of this Agreement, his counsel, Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., shall release the [following] statement … ‘He [Stephens] wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship.'”

According to TMZ,Stephens has recently met with lawyers in Los Angeles and told them he was pressured into recanting. He is now insisting that the relationship with Clash occurred when he was 16. Stephens is willing to forfeit the $125,000 settlement that he was offered ,in order to reestablish his name. Stephens has admitted that he was crying as he signed the statement and kept telling lawyers that he did not want to go through with it.

Clash and his attorneys have yet to comment on the current turn of events.

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  1. Has everyone forgot we are talking about a grown man having sex with young boys! 16 is not a consensual age you idiot! He needs to be locked up he’s a predator!

  2. I say leave the man alone!people are alway’s trying to ruin someone!the boy’s came out to late!sad situaton.

  3. Well Almo has a new voice now. Clash is no longer the voice, he stepped down as a result of this mess.

  4. Sounds like the 125K wasn’t enough after he thought about it—particularly after the lawyer takes his 3rd. $ 500,000 would have probably done it. I suspect that this kid spoke with another attorney who told him that he can get him more and that he was stupid for settling for so little. Forget about all the moralizing, this thing is about the money.

  5. Arreba Alicia Stafford

    By accepting the money, he has already discredited himself…regardless if he wants to give it back or not. He needs to let it go…move on and let Kevin Clash move on with his life too…

  6. This story is a mess. Why did he sign, unless he’s illiterate and does not understand?

  7. Sounds like another Eddie Long to me…a gay perv trying to use his money & influence to repair his rep, keep his position & avoid jail time. Repent & be delivered from the sin of homosexuality in
    name of Jesus!!!! Jesus loves you & died for your sins, don’t let sex keep you from heaven. Pray according to Romans 10:9 & do according to Acts 2:38, God bless

    • Ooops I forgot that Jesus and King James are Gay so let me shut my mouth and correct myself. Amen.. my badd.

  8. Looks like Kevin’s career may be coming to an end. No one to blame but himself. I have no sympathy for him.

  9. What is wrong with this boy? how can anyone believe anything coming out of his mouth? I could not be on his jury because I just could not believe anything he is saying. I pray he goes and gets some help and quit crying wolf before the wolf eats him!

  10. PB SHORT…SHUT THE F$%% up with that back woods ghetto logic you are attempting to spew on this website. The Accuser or kid does not reflect GAY MEN or GAY PEOPLE, yet his situation is an outpicturing of his own life choices and whatever dysfunctional experiences he was able to resolve thus far in his life. He is a hustler!! Hustlers are bi, straight and gay. They are also women as well as men. Anyone with any common sense and average reading comprehension can see that 1)This story has always been about money and nothing about justice nor accountablilty, The accuser fails in getting many to believe that he was sexually exploited as the accuser wants us to believe. 2)If he cried while signing that agreement then it only showed what he honored and wanted most, as well as what he felt his black mailing story was worth and that was 125k which is no money at all. Hopefully he will get some therapy with the stripper dollars he settled for through his dumb ass attorney. You dont go into the lions den with high profile individuals, especially one that respresents an iconic entertainment figure that has generated billions of dollars for seseame street and expect to just get an attorney, bark a bit to the media, and get paid– especially when you are lying or not telling the full truth. I am Glad MR CLASH gave him that $125k, had him sign that agreement and then let the kid deal with the having his picture posted nationwide so others can be put on notice for his ways. He is young and he has time to GET HIS LIFE TOGETHER by becoming a respectable and responsible man without needing to hustle wealthy individuals. I dont feel sorry for the Accuser at all.

  11. Well ladies, these are your GAY son’s…

    I mean, these are the men that you have raised to be GAY…the same one’s going around infecting women with AIDS…

    Women, these are the same men that you parade around your house knowing damn well they are GAY…

    Too often I see Black women with a stable of gay male friends…

    You know the old saying, “Mother had you, Mother loved you, and Mother fucked you”…

    This is what happens when Black folks act like the perverted white male catholic…

    You go to church with him, you believe in his religion, you suck his dick to get ahead…you share his diseases…and you fight for his cause (GAY rights)…

    But yet, these Black women and men want me to support their cause…want me to support and be aware of their disease epidemic which has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with their life choices…

    As mentioned, who cares about these two perverts…next week, we will be hearing about how they are infected with AIDS or need financial help for medical bills…

    Black people really do love the perverted white catholic…

    • I concur!
      These same women are always complaining that men are dogs and are no good. Yet they parade homo’s and defend them to no end. No alpha male is going to consider dealing with a woman that likes to hang around effiminate men at all! Funny these same women won’t have any dealings with lesbians whatsoever just as men don’t have dyke homegirls hanging around!
      That is all.

    • PB SHORT you sound just like an angry jaded black woman that cant get no man, and are therefore player hating by making homophobic remarks about black gay men. How Sadd, but posting on this website still wont make your life or anyone elses better. Lets home in your next life time you can come as a nice looking Gay black man so you can finally find you a man. LOL

    • You wrong for that PB short. Don’t you read your bible? Numbers 16:18 says “The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation.” Talk about what you know fool!

  12. This story sounds like the little boy who cried wolf. How does one expect someone to believe them when they are unbelievable? Enough is enough.

  13. Sound like the man got mental issues.. He is just a hulster that feel now he can get more money people like him needs to be put under the jail.. He nothing but a goldigger he said that he was crying when he signed the statement yea right he just trying to get more money than he got when he sign the statement by recanting his story…

  14. 1. I thought 16 was considered a consenting adult. 2. I think he believes he can get more money. 3. He's funny lookin, lol.

  15. Sheldon Stephens is a hustler and a 'kept boy'. He's been arrested for stealing $250,000 worth of money and jewelry from one ex-lover, amongst other things. Frankly, I don't care if he was 16 when he 'had a relationship' with the Elmo voice guy, judging from his naked pictures, pictures of himself kissing his own reflection in the mirror and showing off his body – I'm not sure anybody could have known his age in the first place. Pictures from his younger days he actually looks older – completely developed and well muscled, thanks to all the plastic surgery he's had (especially in his lips) he looks younger NOW.

    He's a criminal and layabout who makes his living by taking money off other people. He was 'crying' when he signed the agreement? YEAH because he didn't think it was enough money, probably. Some hardened hustler type wouldn't be crying over some ancient history about nothing. He's a parasite.