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Chad Johnson’s Baby Mama Wants Him Locked Up Until He Pays Child Support

Once you have a baby with a woman, you certainly have to take care of that baby and if at any time you fail to do so, the possibility of jail time comes into the mix.

One of Chad Johnson’s baby mamas, Andrea Pearson, claims that the unemployed NFL player is a non-child-support-paying loser who needs to spend some time in jail until he makes good on the money he owes her for child support.

Pearson and Johnson had a son together back in 2010 and Pearson claims that Johnson has fallen behind with his child support payments. According to TMZ, she filed legal documents in a Miami court because he owes her $5,250 since October 15th. Pearson also claims that Johnson has been late with his payments in prior months. She claims that because Johnson has not paid his child support, she is left with no money to care for their child. She has asked the court to force her baby daddy to pay and wants him put in jail until he decides to pay.

According to TMZ, sources close to Johnson claim that he has always taken good care of his baby and even bought Pearson a home in which she could live with his baby.

A judge has not yet ruled in the case.

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