Chad Johnson’s Baby Mama Wants Him Locked Up Until He Pays Child Support

Once you have a baby with a woman, you certainly have to take care of that baby and if at any time you fail to do so, the possibility of jail time comes into the mix.

One of Chad Johnson’s baby mamas, Andrea Pearson, claims that the unemployed NFL player is a non-child-support-paying loser who needs to spend some time in jail until he makes good on the money he owes her for child support.

Pearson and Johnson had a son together back in 2010 and Pearson claims that Johnson has fallen behind with his child support payments. According to TMZ, she filed legal documents in a Miami court because he owes her $5,250 since October 15th. Pearson also claims that Johnson has been late with his payments in prior months. She claims that because Johnson has not paid his child support, she is left with no money to care for their child. She has asked the court to force her baby daddy to pay and wants him put in jail until he decides to pay.

According to TMZ, sources close to Johnson claim that he has always taken good care of his baby and even bought Pearson a home in which she could live with his baby.

A judge has not yet ruled in the case.

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  1. Women like this have no shame. DO NOT LIVE OFF A MAN! Respect yourself! First she should not have had the baby without being married to him (no investment in the adult relationship) and because they were not married when this happened, she should have assumed she would be doing this alone. That means get the hell out there and handle your business. But, one thing is bad is if he is in arrears, he should make that right. But without having to go to jail.

    • I never did understand this law- how are they supposed to work to earn money to pay the child support if they are in jail?

    • Assume NOTHING except that you could be left to fend for yourself if you are unmarried. So working under that assumption, you have to get on your grind! MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE.


  3. She just wants some money. The article says that he do for his son regardless of him paying her money.. If he is taking care of his son what's the big deal..

    • These ladies today complain to dame much but quick to take out child support hell let the man have his child and you visite tbe child and dont worry about the support then you have nothing to complain about.

  4. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing…lock both their azzes up if neither one of them are paying and neglecting their child. Ignorant azz ni@@az make me sick!

  5. Her lazy, hoodrat, stupid ass needs to stop fully relying on him financially and get herself a job.

  6. What good is he, if he goes to jail? He will still be unable to help her. Get a job to help yourself. I believe it will be a long time before he gets a job. He has conditions that he has to overcome.

  7. I agree that both parents should contribute to support of their kids, but how does a parent pay back child support if (s)he is locked up in jail? You can’t really look for a job in jail, and once you have that mark on your record, employers are even less reluctant to hire you. IJS.

  8. I know females with 2 and 3 kids with no support that are making it so I don't feel sorry for this woman.

  9. Lessly Renna Turner

    Sounds like she thinks child support is her paycheck! Get a job and contribute to your child's welfare.

    • Correct!!!! A real woman would not run behind her childs father for money she would take care of her business regardless. If the dad wants to be the in his childs life she wont have a problem with it and if he doesnt she wont have a problem with it. This lady is garbage why isnt she asking him to spend more time with his child instead asking for money???

    • Thank you…a real woman. Clearly she's angry too, wanting him thrown in jail. Then he definitely can't pay child support, duh!

    • Don Jed Peters I agree she should be contributing but you can not feed a child TIME, nor can you cloth the child with TIME. There needs to be a balance, children need TIME and financial support. This person's primary reason for sleeping with CHAD was probably money. She is garbage but father's SHOULD willingly pay child support if they are away from the home. If they refuse, something should be done, I don't know if I necessarily agree with prison. Even if he is unable to pay the full amount, pay something.

    • AMEN MS Turner. If she had a job they loss of child support wouldnt hurt so bad but she's just being like dam near all these baby moma's now days and just live off child suppport and government assistance. Plus if he's just 2 months behind he is paying he got cut by the dolphins in August that means he paid august and even september while dealing with his martial situation, This story actually makes him look like a better guy.

  10. It wasn't mentioned in the article, but if he is indeed the child's father he should pay child support. As far as the mother is concerned, eventhough she is the custodial parent, she should work and provide for her child as well – other mothers do.

    • Damn skippy, BOTH parents should have to pay child support if you ask me. Designate what she needs to live on and put the rest of the money in a trust fund. I know too many women that take their child support payments and get their hair and nails done with it all the time.

    • Misusing child support money is just plain wrong. As a matter of fact, some child support payments are way too high, and you cannot see how all of that money is spent on the child.

  11. I hope that this man pays his child support if this is true. I hope the mother also works and that the home is in a Trust for the child.