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50 Cent Gets Boxing License Approved, He and Floyd Mayweather Still Trading Insults

Rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather have ended their bromance on a sour note, and have taken to social media to insult one another. But there is a silver lining for 50 because Nevada has approved his boxing promotions license application his SMS Promotions venture.

Last week, 50 Cent tweeted, “I lost a good friend of mine recently. No trust, no friend- ship. Someone told me they love me unconditionally. Then unleashed conditions.”

The tweet is believed to have been directed at Mayweather, who backed out of a boxing promotions deal with 50 Cent after Mayweather left jail.

Mayweather has previously dissed 50 Cent,  posting photos of 50 holding Mayweather’s championship belt with the caption, “a male boxing groupie, hold my belts because your album sales have declined.”

With these two, you can never tell whether the vitriol is authentic or just another of 50 Cent’s staged attempts at hip-hop relevance. But if there is indeed a rift in the friendship, it should’ve been expected. Both men have huge egos, and it’s doubtful that either has the humility required to apologize and move forward with the friendship or business partnership.

Hopefully, both men enjoyed their time playing pretend. Mayweather got the opportunity to pretend to be a hip hop gangsta, and 50 Cent got to play with Mayweather’s boxing belts and pretend he was the real deal in the ring. In the end, it was make-believe, two men with money who bonded over cash and bravado.

If the bromance is indeed over, 50 Cent will be forced to take pictures by himself with stacks of cash stuffed in his athletic cap. That’s gotta hurt.  But the money 50 Cent may earn from the insider’s knowledge he got from being in Mayweather’s circle could make it all better.


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