Toddler Beaten to Death by a 9-Year Old

Tragedy has struck in St. Louis, where a baby has been beaten to death by a nine-year old boy.  The baby was just 14-months and police are trying to understand what happened.  Until the investigation is concluded, the 9-year old has been taken into custody by child protective services.

Associate Judge Walter Brandon is charging the boy as a juvenile in the beating death of the infant.   The boy’s defense attorney, Bill Walker, says that the child’s mother and grandmother died.  Additionally, the boy has no relatives to lean on, since every person of significance in his life has been charged with child endangerment.

The adults have been charged for leaving the 9-year old in the company of three other children, with all of the kids being unsupervised.  This is the environment that led to the baby being killed.   The boy is undergoing psychiatric evaluation, and the primary issue for the judge is his age.

Make sure you protect your children, especially if they are with baby sitters.  At Your Black World, we regularly write about situations where children are beaten, molested or have other things happen right under their parents’ noses.  Be thoughtful about good parenting.

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  1. …this is the second story of this nature in the past 2 weeks…sad…i wonder if this is related to a lack of resources…should a nine year old be caring for a 14 month old?

  2. This young man is just a baby himself. He needs guidance and lots of love. We as parents must be charged with leaving children unsupervised. States have an age limit to how. Young you can be to babysit. Now another baby is dead.

  3. Yes, this is such a very sad story. I’m reminded what Jesus said on his way to his cruxifiction, ” don’t weep for me; weep for your children”. That’s why it’s good to do what the Word of God says: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 KJV).

  4. This is just horrible I wonder wats going through the lil boys head like did he know he was killing?

  5. Quineka Westbrook-Pembrook

    There were some issues there from the jump, its sad that it had to be found out by taking a baby life.

  6. This is a very terrible tragedy of huge purportion. Where was the grown ups? They should be charged with right along with the nine year old. These so called grown ups should be charged with premeditated murder for being stupid enough to leave a nine year old with anyone younger than himself. What the hayell is going on in today's society?

  7. Sad? I feel for the 9yr old but whoever are the adults in the situation should have been acting in that boys interests long before this happened. Go on youtube and you’ll see atrocious baby sitters and their kids and what these adults allow to happen among kids. The adults are feral and they raise feral children. This ain’t a color thing (for all you racists out there). It’s trust and proximity that is the cause. We didn’t trust our kids to anyone. Never would. We raised our son right. Period.

    I hope the adults are charged with negligent homicide. I hope the kid gets help.

  8. That’s it, keep being dumb, stupid, drug infested, making babies, eating garbage, talking garbage, etc., you will find “shelter” sooner than you anticipate….straight into the private prision industry! …yup, just continue down the road to stupidity…

  9. Thank God I am not the judge. I wouldn’t know what to do or say! Tears streaming to a broken world. We have to do something. This is sooooooooooo sad! What do we do? Yes we all got to pray. But what real action, we as brothers and sisters DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? Those with compassionate hearts usually have no money to build or do nothing but pray, those whom are wealthy sit around and wonder and DO NOTHING! What is there to be done?????? JESUS COME TO RESCUE!!!

  10. This is a tragedy! both for the infant who died and the 9yr old who lost his mother and grandmother and probably doesn't know who his father is or if the father wants him. It seems he showed hate for an infant who was probably being shown lots of love and he got jealous over that cause he had none given to him. I think the boy may have wanted to get back at the infants parent who may have hurt him. there are so many things that could have caused this 9yr child to rage in such horrible anger. We do have to take and be mindful parents or don't reproduce.. but if Black don't have kids with othe black then we are headed for the world of beige<- where's the color in that!

  11. just because hes 9 years old don't mean we should feel sorry for the lil bastard hope they beat his ass every day for the rest of his life.

    • The grown ups in charge of the nine year old should murder charges for being dumb enough to leave a young child with a baby.

    • Carlos, maybe you got too many beatings and not enough examples of protective, nurturing, unconditional love during your formative years,…I don't know. Neither do I know what else would have left you so wounded and so far from what understanding what this damaged 9 year old child really needs now that he has murdered a 14 month old human being.. It is for sure that he has been beat up on more than enough. Hurt people hurt and abused people abuse other people. Stop the violence.

    • Frances Godschild DeLoach

      Nicely said, Bob…

    • makes me wonder would you feel the same way if youre 14 month old child was murder

  12. This is heartbreaking. Let us pray for all of the families who are involved in this dilemma.

  13. Arriyonã OnsumothaShyt Monroe

    Aww That's a Sad and Tragic Situation…Praying For the Whole Family..May God Be With The Family in This precious time of need..

  14. WOW !! Tragic situation !!!! Praying for the Fmly ,,,

  15. WOW !! Tragic situation !!!! Praying for the Fmly ,,,

  16. Sad is an understatement.

  17. Very Sad

  18. This is so sad. Praying for all involved.