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Toddler Beaten to Death by a 9-Year Old

Tragedy has struck in St. Louis, where a baby has been beaten to death by a nine-year old boy.  The baby was just 14-months and police are trying to understand what happened.  Until the investigation is concluded, the 9-year old has been taken into custody by child protective services.

Associate Judge Walter Brandon is charging the boy as a juvenile in the beating death of the infant.   The boy’s defense attorney, Bill Walker, says that the child’s mother and grandmother died.  Additionally, the boy has no relatives to lean on, since every person of significance in his life has been charged with child endangerment.

The adults have been charged for leaving the 9-year old in the company of three other children, with all of the kids being unsupervised.  This is the environment that led to the baby being killed.   The boy is undergoing psychiatric evaluation, and the primary issue for the judge is his age.

Make sure you protect your children, especially if they are with baby sitters.  At Your Black World, we regularly write about situations where children are beaten, molested or have other things happen right under their parents’ noses.  Be thoughtful about good parenting.

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