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President Obama Reaches Out to Civil Rights Leaders, Excludes Rev. Jesse Jackson

President Obama met with Civil Rights activists across the nation to discuss the fiscal cliff, but didn't invite Rev. Jesse Jackson in on the conversation.


As President Obama seeks to tackle the fiscal cliff that is approaching the United States, he and Vice President Joe Biden sought advice from prominent leaders in the African American community and civic organizations for insight on how to avoid the catastrophe.

Among the people the President and Vice President invited to meet were: Rev. Al Sharpton (National Action Network),  Ben Jealous (NAACP), Marc Morial (National Urban League), Rev. Jim Wallis (Sojourners),  Aaron Smith (Young Invincibles), Sister Simone Campbell (NETWORK), Chad Griffin (Human Rights Campaign), Peter Berns (The Arc), Wade Henderson (Leadership Conference on Civil Rights), Deepa Iyer (National Council of Asian Pacific Americans), Janet Murguia (National Council of La Raza), Barry Rand (AARP), and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner (

Campbell, Henderson, Iyer, Jealous, Morial, Murguia, Rand, Sharpton, Smith, and Wallis all have already met with President Obama and Vice President Biden. Although he is a prominent Civil Rights leader in the African American community, Rev. Jesse Jackson was not invited to the meeting. Rev. Jesse Jackson was recently arrested for protesting a factory in Free Port, Illinois, for sending their jobs to China — leaving 100’s of people without employment. Would he have not been a good resource to consult with on how to avoid the fiscal cliff?

Why do you believe Rev. Jesse Jackson wasn’t invited to meet with the President and Vice President to discuss the fiscal cliff?


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