President Obama Reaches Out to Civil Rights Leaders, Excludes Rev. Jesse Jackson

President Obama met with Civil Rights activists across the nation to discuss the fiscal cliff, but didn't invite Rev. Jesse Jackson in on the conversation.

As President Obama seeks to tackle the fiscal cliff that is approaching the United States, he and Vice President Joe Biden sought advice from prominent leaders in the African American community and civic organizations for insight on how to avoid the catastrophe.

Among the people the President and Vice President invited to meet were: Rev. Al Sharpton (National Action Network),  Ben Jealous (NAACP), Marc Morial (National Urban League), Rev. Jim Wallis (Sojourners),  Aaron Smith (Young Invincibles), Sister Simone Campbell (NETWORK), Chad Griffin (Human Rights Campaign), Peter Berns (The Arc), Wade Henderson (Leadership Conference on Civil Rights), Deepa Iyer (National Council of Asian Pacific Americans), Janet Murguia (National Council of La Raza), Barry Rand (AARP), and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner (

Campbell, Henderson, Iyer, Jealous, Morial, Murguia, Rand, Sharpton, Smith, and Wallis all have already met with President Obama and Vice President Biden. Although he is a prominent Civil Rights leader in the African American community, Rev. Jesse Jackson was not invited to the meeting. Rev. Jesse Jackson was recently arrested for protesting a factory in Free Port, Illinois, for sending their jobs to China — leaving 100’s of people without employment. Would he have not been a good resource to consult with on how to avoid the fiscal cliff?

Why do you believe Rev. Jesse Jackson wasn’t invited to meet with the President and Vice President to discuss the fiscal cliff?


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  1. Because Obama gives money to companies to move to China. Jessie went against his administration.

  2. I don't blame President O I wouldn't give him the time of day. Let Jesse go work with Tavis & Cornel riding their provery bus!

  3. Jesse is about Jesse, self serving & self promoting always has been. Years gone by Nixon when was asked about Jesse running for president he made it very clear what he thought of him.

  4. Jackson properly would have come off like an angry black man in a open forum! Less private meeting would be best lol

  5. Jesse Jackson has his own agenda,and President Obama has his and that probably does not include one who spread poison under his breast on a hot microphone, hot meaning on and waiting for a fool to say something about his disdain the invite for Jesse,no need for Thor crabs in the barrel mess. Take heed,TAVIS,CORNEL,DR!WATKINS AND HIS SIDE KICK YVETTE…..peace

  6. Thanks Oliver for the insight. I will try to pick up a copy.

  7. like it or not this president is never going to do anything for legal people except those who look like the other man who lost as far as the black commuity is concerned we might as well forget about doing anything about the fake drug wars, high unemployment, mass incarceratio police brutality and murders of countlss black men. Obama has turned this country over to the foreigeners and they are deciding the fate of this country. Black people should stop being silly and call this spade a spade he has done nothing for this community the entire summer just say the last couple of years in Chicago Black kids have been murdering and getting murdered in record numbers and have you heard a word from President O Hell no when the shooting took place in the white community he flew to the hospital etc just look when he have children in his midst he only have a bunch of non black kids that he pays attention to he is sickening this guy is not exactly worthy of the loyalty blacks have showered him with.

  8. President Obama never misses an opportunity to pack his meetings where he discusses what to do for the american people with foreigners. I have no respect for a president who never sees thhe problems of the black community Al sharpton is just window dressing does not speak for the black community Tavis/Cornell west got this President pegged just right he is never going to b the president for all Aamericans he has never been and will never be he is a president for illegal aliens and foriegners like it or not he needs to be held accountable. If blacks hadn't gone to the polls and supported him 93% Mitt Romneey would be our president so take than and stop being silly every time a black person calls this two faced president out for his two faced policies and exclusion of black folks.

  9. I commend the President for reaching out. I hope he keeps it up and includes others from the academia and professional associations.

  10. I would be surprised if anything comes out this meeting. Just a meeting/photo opt. No one can now say that the president did not meet with “Black Leadership”.

  11. I never. Trusted this fucker watch him very close I think the government got to. Him he never had a real job so he would do anything for the devil believe that

  12. The Preseident did it because white advisers told him not to meet with him. This has been the most controlled President since Bush. I thought things would be different since re-election, but sadly I have been proven wrong. If you don’t believe what I am saying, then ask yourself why has the Pesident been silent about the violence in his home city for the past two years even as litle girls are gunned down while selling lemonade?

  13. President Obama need to meet with the Honorble Louis Farrkhan this brillant man can be very helpful to him in many ways for one let look at the educational system in the united states with the help of the nation of islam our children will be some of the smatest people in the world grade age children of the Nation of Islam surpass the ninth grade level of people in the united states children will learn truth children in the Nation of Islam are smarter than both children in china and japan all teacher’s here need to be reeducated because what they teach is old and rusty President will be doing a great service to the people here to allow the Nation of Islam to teach our children the right way to higher education.

  14. Republicans in congress and other quarters have said bad things about him too but that hasn’t stopped him from reaching out to them and REPEATEDLY going back.

  15. I wouldn't want to talk with someone that wanted to cut off my body parts!

  16. I am shocked he invited Al Sharpton. As far as I am concerned Sharpton does not have any relevance.

  17. Jean Paul Fils-Aime

    Black Caucus Foundation

  18. I don't know why he wasnt invited but regardless Rev Jackson was carrying the banner when Obama wasnt even heard of. we cant talk abut respect and examples for our children and then do this sought of thing. for those who said remember when Rev Jackson made those comments and sauggestively alluded to that as the reason, ask yourself how many disrespectfull things did the republicans and other white people do and say and yet he still reaches out to them? don't know what happen but if it was intentional then the president show be called out on this!

  19. yeah right..if someone want to cut your balls off..the hell with the bridge you’re talking

  20. Jesse Jackson——is the one that taught Obama.

    When Obama lost his election in Chicago to Bobby Rush, Obama went to Rev Jesse Jackson for help and Jesse Jackson took Obama under his wings. He saw that Obama needed to work on his speaking style. So for 2 years straight Rev Jackson had Obama to come over to the Rainbow Push headquarters and speak every week, and that helped Obama with his speaking style. Never forget the bridge that helped brought you across.

  21. Come on Boyce're really don't give a dang about Rev. Jackson not being invited to the's really about you. Because if the President had invited you to the meeting you wouldn't say a dang thing about Rev. Jackson or even your sidekick West. Please stop the charade and give it a will never get invited to the white house..I wouldn't be surprised if President Obama don't even know the Boyce..

  22. Jesse Jackson is yesterday's news and he need to pull aside and park. President Obama owes him NOTHING!

  23. It is almost impossible to please everyone, all the time and Pres. Obama knows this. He is trying to find folks who will work with him. Some folks only want to be in “charge” of the discussion and it seems Rev. Jackson is one of them. I am glad the President is “leading” this discussion and asking other to join him. Everyone who happens to be A/A won’t be involved.

  24. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott

    Why not Minister Farrakan? The work that the NOI has done in the community with Black men is to be complimented. Why is it that he is allowing others to dictate who participates in solving the problems in the Black community? I want to be on the Obama bandwagon, but with him saying Israel has a right to protect themselves when they are practicing Aparthied, omitting Minister Farrakan from this meeting, his selection of the World Bank President, his lying about NATO going into Libya for humanitarian reasons when he knew it was a regime change, and lastly the use of Drones killing innocent people, I cannot be on this mans bandwagon. What good is it to have a person of color in the white house when he doesn't even attempt to right some of the wrongs of the past?

    • I am sorry that you feel any county does not have a right to defend themselves. Do you have a right to defend your family? Yes! So tell me why Israel does not have that same right? Please. Min. Farrakan represents what? If Obama is going to invite Farrakan, then he should also invite the KKK and the Black Panthers. Let's get real. And do you have evidence that Obama is following someone else's list of invitees? Do you? NO. When you are running the show, then and only then will you know who is following what. Your assumptions surely doesn't make you right.

    • First of all, It's obvious that you don't have any knowledge of the Israeli and Palestinian situation (nor any knowledge of
      African American History). Israel in its present form is a contended state because of the Zionist who settled there post WWII. The only problem was, the Palestinians were already there. So as an African American women you are in support of imperialism and conquest of people's land. If apartheid was still in existence in S. Africa, and Obama said the Boars (White S. Africans) have a right to defend themselves against the aggression of the original S. Africans you would be OK with this statement solely based on the rational that it came from president Obama. The Kool-aid must be mighty tasty. And furthermore, any one with a basic understanding of African American History would never compare the KKK to the Black Panthers or the NOI. The white supremacist talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck ignore America's history and make the same comparison that you are making. One group the KKK wants to preserve a white supremacist social economic system that oppresses blacks, and the other groups are the resistance to the aforementioned system. There is zero parity between the 2 groups, and it is sad that an African American women wouldn't know this. Black people need to be more astute in there political leanings. This low brow commentary is akin to the crap asserted by the Tea Party.

    • Thank you for saving me a lot of time, Eric. Lol

  25. Forget Jesse the man who helped murder Martin Luther King and primary race baiter.Remember Obama is from Chicago so he has a idea how Jesse is.Plus Rahm is the mayor there

    • @ Oliver those of us from and in Chicago know how both are.

    • I am not from Chicago, please explain because I would like to know.

    • Learned from one of my mentors the late great Steve Cokely

    • Dawn N. McKenzie Jesse has and always will be agent pretended to be a revolutionary i.e. he basically set Jeff Fort up during the height of the Blackstone Rangers aka BPSN/El-Rukns,..better yet get the book SHAKEDOWN:Exposing the real Jesse Jackson .It'll be too much for me to write

  26. Maybe because of the comment Rev. Jackson made during the 2008 election about castrating Obama.

  27. Maybe its because Jesse said on an open mic that he wanted to cut the President's balls off? Did Jesse's mamma name him Rev. Doesn't that suppose to mean something? Maybe if he did not insist on being called Rev., his moral failings would have no bearings on his political opinions. President Obama is and Jesse are both from Chicago.

    Maybe the President has no respect for a Reverend, who while counselling Bill Clinton on the Monica Lewinsky situation he was having an affair that resulted in a child out of wedlock. This great example may have influenced Jr. to be an unfaithful husband, and unscrupulous politician. Jesse Jr. is the worst kind of Chicago politician, he got caught and is going to jail. That is the last association the President needs right now. Jesse Sr. needs to get a job because Reverend, he's not.

  28. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott

  29. Jessie may be over informed? Or is he no longer looked at as a valid leader ?

  30. So,…is their some validity to what west/smiliey was saying? I mean..they all are cut from the same civil rights cloth. My question is…is this just about this NEW crisis….or about let them know how hard its going to hurt….im JUST asking questions…

  31. Let's rewind this tape. Do we remember the comment Jesse Jackson made about President Obama when he thought the microphone was off? Nice words for a Reverend, isn't it? There is a possibility that President Obama would perfer to have a one on one meeting with Jackson but, since you all have made such a big deal about him not being invited to this meeting, well now, it may or may not happen. I respect Jesse Jackson I just don't agree with everything that comes out of his mouth. There is a reason for everything and some of those reasons, we (the public) don't need or should know. We spectulate entirely too much, as you can see.

    • Not much of a Jesse fan, but for argument sake, President Obama has met with people that have said just as much or worse that Jesse. Hell he seems to be bending over backwards to work with some of these same backstabbers.

    • We all know that it is a give and take. Our president is doing the best he can, under the circumstances and yet, there are those who (mainly the Blacks and poor ass Whites) are constantly whining and complaining. Isn't it enough that he has had to deal with more crap than any president , due to the fact that he is Black? ( It's obvious that his White side doesn't count)? This isn't Narnia and he doesn't have a magic wand, things are not going to be Okey Dokey overnight and yes, there are people who would rather not be in the same room with him (and a lot of them are Black and Republicans or Black Republicans) but, in order to accomplish what's best for the people; his only alternative is to deal with these people and on that note, don't ever put President Obama down because of some crap like this. You're either are going to be behind him 100% or not at all.

    • Ok miss Olivia, last time I checked we live in America where anybody can criticize whoever they want when they want. Whether you agree with them or not they have a right to say whatever. I don't remember any other President in my brief history on this planet that tried so hard to appease. Especially not those who have publicly declared war on this Presidents administration. Now with that being said I'm going to use my right as an American to voice my opinion. I think OUR President is too soft. I don't expoect you to agree with that statement and personaly I don't care whether you do or not. Where do you or anybody else get off telling someobdy they can't put our PResident, a President or any elected official down? I bet you are one of those people that attend chuirch religiously and love your Pastors dirty draws no matter how bad he pimps you, the community and the reset of the congregations. LAdy you better get a hobby and don't let it be me. I can say what I want about who I want when I want. # freaking followers

    • excuse the typos. Because thats probably all she would have to come back on

    • Keith Harris So Keith it seems to me the same thing you say we all have a right to do, is the same exact thing you attack Olivia for and you take it even further by launching a personal attack. To me; It's all just sickening.

    • What did I say that was personal. Whats sickening is this idol worship for men who have been labeled leaders by a media machine that has people almost afraid to think for themselves. I live in Chicago and have been involved in the community and political arena since the late Mayor Harold Washington. I have been behind many closed doors and seen/heard many shady things from those that most black folks worship. When someone comes with a little truth about one of these so-called leaders that are castigated and labeled. # think for yourself

    • You spoke my sentiments. I get so tired of black folks bashing President O.

  32. Okay. Now that this has happened, let us see what comes next. Don't get excited about the meeting because we don't know if what was discussed is useful to us or not. And if it was beneficial will it actually be put into play. I'm a little pleased by the motion, but awaiting the results.

  33. I noticed that as the group left the White House, Al Sharpton broke into a run to get to the microphone first. That man nerver met a camera he didn't like! Neither has Jesse!