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Asa Lovechild:Miles Davis Honored With Official Stamp

Jazz great Miles Davis is being honored with an official stamp from the United States and French post offices. Davis’s daughter, son and nephew had this to say:  “On behalf of the Miles Davis family, we are honored that the U.S. Postal Service and La Poste are paying homage to the timeless legacy of Sir Miles Dewey Davis,”

But the honors do not stop there. There is a feature film, currently in production, about Davis’s life. The film is directed by George Tillman  Jr. and Davis’s son, Gregory Davis, is consulting on the project.

“Our intention is to make a feature film that will appeal beyond the worldwide audience of Miles Davis die-hard fans, to also include those who don’t know the first thing about the man, and introduce new ears to his music,” said producer Nick Davis Raynes. “In much the same way that Walk The Line and Ray were able to open the world’s eyes to the life stories of Johnny Cash and Ray Charles, respectively, we want to make a film that will do the same justice for Miles Davis. Miles, in his fifty-year career as a musician, transcends time, space and race.”

There is no official release date yet. Davis was known as one of the most influential and highly respected figures of music in the 20th century. He has influenced many artists in the genres of Jazz, R & B, and Hip Hop. A very  fitting way to honor one of  jazz’s elite.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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