Gun Shop Refuses to Serve Anyone Who Supported Obama

Arizona has become ground zero for crazy, racist lunatics trying to make a point.  Even worse, many of them make their points with guns in their possession.  One story involves a gun shop owner in this fine state who refuses to sell his product to anyone who voted for President Barack Obama.   The move will probably help him to make more money, since most of the gun-totting fools in Arizona voted for Mitt Romney anyway.

The man took out an ad in the local newspaper and said that The Pinetop, the name of his gun shop, refuses to serve anyone who voted for Obama in the last election.

“If you voted for Barack Obama your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm,” the ad says.

Cope Reynolds, the crazy man who put out the ad, says that he wasn’t motivated by money.  But that’s a bunch of BS, since he probably got more customer support from a group that was likely quite Republican to begin with.  In a letter to, the gun-totting Republican explained why he made his move:

To Whom it May Concern:

I thought you all might be interested in this.

We will try to demonstrate once again that the bottom line for our business is principle, not money.

Yes, it has been damaging at times but our values are intact.

Effective immediately, if you voted for Obama, your money is no good here. You have proven beyond a doubt that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm. We have just put a sign up on the front door to save you the trouble of walking all the way in here…

I took this ad out in our local paper. It will come out in the White Mountain Independent tomorrow, 9 November


Cope Reynolds

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  1. There is a civil war coming, but not as we have ever known. This country has taught it's children to hate forever. Even to worship a false God that loves killing it's own. Many will die during this civil war and other country that hate America will come in and take over. Some white people will never forget that they were comfortable sitting on your head like a pillow. Now that they have to sit on their own ass, it hurts. They want you back. Tomorrow looks very black if the US don't start becoming one union.

  2. and people have the nerve to tell black people they are paranoid about racism, here it is in your face. so I wonder if a black or person of Latin descent walked in would he automatically assume they voted for President Obama? isn't his just another way of saying you who are of color are not welcome. next Arizona will be posting signs on the water fountains… colored, white….

  3. you know black people not scared of white people at all so they need to chill down and take it easy

  4. Racist Americans, will always be Here. They never Left.

  5. This racial divisive stuff is really getting out of hand. If this keeps up it might lead to another Civil War in America.

  6. Then go to another shop it your money he really do not know if you voted for POTUS or Mitt…

  7. Pastori,
    Thank you for saying:

    Thank God that American people of all races now love one another as One Nation under God. That is how I feel.
    But the main thing with this gun shop is that the govt is trying to take our guns. Someone tried this many yrs ago. That’s when you saw bumper stickers that said when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.
    So taking our guns didn’t start with Obama.They have been trying it for yrs. And it is one of the first things Hitler did.

  8. “Of all forms of slavery there is none that is so harmful & degrading as that form of slavery which tempts one human being to hate another by reason of his race/color.”

  9. I would say that if everyone and I mean everyone would start protesting and stop supporting these people that would send the message.

    That means, Denny’s Restaurant, PaPa John’s Pizza and anyone that supports Donald Trump and his clothing wear.

    Stop Purchasing from these people and it will send a message to them that this hatred is not tolerated.

  10. Professor Glen Browder is from State University of Alabama. After elections he is asking us one dumb question: “Is America Dying? My answer is No Sir. America is alive and still strongest militarily, economically, politically, socially and culturally. And it’s going to be that way forever. In fact once you have a professor from Alabama giving you advice you have George Wallace talking. White males in Alabama love to be called racists. But I don’t know why they love to be called so. Maybe that should remind us of Apartheid in South Africa where White males went to church to praise their gods for being racists. Both White males in South Africa and Alabama lost on November 6. President Obama was re-elected. It’s proof that American people of all races love one another as one Nation under God. Professor Browder, Sean Hannity, Dick Morris and Karl Rove should jump in the lake to wash their racism.

  11. Did you see at Mitt Romney rally a white woman wearing a T-shirt “WHITE HOUSE FOR WHITES ONLY?” And this is in 2012 year. Can you believe people at that Republican rally found nothing wrong this woman display those words! I don’t know what that woman is thinking now that President Obama has been re-elected. Thank God American people of all races now love one another as One Nation under God.

  12. Theresa Hatetobetryed Perkins

    he proly go use dem on our obama supporters smh.

  13. My question is this, How is he going to determine who voted for Obama? All minorities???? I hope everyone realizes not every minority voted for Obama. This is just plain stupid

  14. Cannot believe that I'm about to be there in a few days. Ground zero for the bullshit!

  15. Sandra Pete Hawkins

    This has gotten out of hand, these people I seriously hope, lose their buisness! Si ck bastards

  16. Was he the nut who sold weapons to the guy who shot Gabby G and others. If he wasn't he certainly has the mindset to sell to the extreme nuts.

  17. Maybe he needs to find another business. But then I wouldn't want to frequent his establishment anyway.