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Basketball Wives Threatening to Walk Out on the Job

We don’t know if this is going to bring cheers or jeers, but we can tell you anyway.  The lovely ladies from the VH1 show, “Basketball Wives” are planning on jumping ship if the network doesn’t find a way to cough up more cash.  The ladies feel that they are significantly underpaid for the amount of fighting and drinking they do on the set, and are pushing for a massive pay raise from their work.

TMZ is reporting that filming has continued for the fifth season, but the women do not have their contracts locked in. Shaunie O’NealEvelyn LozadaTami Roman and Suzie Ketcham were working on renegotiating their contracts, and agreed to start working without a contract.  But since the network hasn’t started to budge, the ladies are saying that they may just hit the road in the middle of the production season.

If nothing happens,the walkout is expected to take place next week.

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