Vice Lords Gang Member Guns Down 72 Year Old With AK-47

Sheaurice Major, 42, and Dontaye D. Singletary, 20

Police in Portage, IN say 72 -year-old Carl Griffith Sr. was going outside to get his mail at 8:30 PM when he was gunned down in his front yard.

His adult son, who ran outside after hearing shots from what he believed to be an AK-47,  found his father in the front yard with multiple gunshot wounds.

Neighbors who were interviewed reported seeing a suspicious car parked in the quiet neighborhood for about two hours prior to the shooting.

Police say they have picked up suspects, Sheaurice Major, 42, and Dontaye D. Singletary, 20, and both face murder and solicitation of murder charges.

The police have not commented on the motive, but Major and the victim were connected through a towing company.

The Post Tribune reports:

Griffith worked at Affordable Towing of Gary, which Major co-owns with her estranged husband Ronnie Major. Ronnie Major served 10 months in prison before being released to Lake County Community Corrections in February..

Also, the victim reported a suspicious incident earlier this month which links Singletary to the crime:

 Earlier on Nov. 1, Griffith reported to Gary Police that he and another driver were shot at in the Glen Park neighborhood when they were called by a woman to pick up a Lexus. Police discovered that Singletary told the woman to call Affordable Towing about towing a Lexus on Kentucky Street.

The woman who called the tow company on behalf of Singletary identified him as a member of the Vice Lords gang.

The police also used cell phone towers to determine that Singletary made cell phone calls in the area near the time of the murder.

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