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Tyra Banks Stops By Wendy WilliamsTo Dish On Top Model and Alleged Beau,Rob Evans

Tyra Banks paid Wendy Williams a visit this morning on her show, to dish about America’s Next Top Model’s season finale. Now of course you know the gossip queen was not going to stop there. Wendy managed to get Tyra to also spill the goods on her alleged beau, Rob Evans. It has been said that the two have been dating for several months now.

Rob Evans is a male model and co-judge for ANTM. Tyra made sure she took the opportunity to clear the air about the actual status of their relationship. “I am his boss, but not in the bedroom,” says Banks. She said that the relationship was more like a sister/brother bond.

Tyra says that the media outlets twisted the nature of their relationship all around . “I took Rob out to dinner when we first started working on Top Model,” and that’s when all the rumors started. “They [tabloids] don’t say that my best friend with red hair was at the table with us,” says Banks. Other plans in the works for Tyra include, a series called Five Heads based on her youth that she is co-producing with ABC.  The season finale of ATNM airs tonight on the CW.

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