The Truth About Elmo Accuser Exposed


Elmo accuser and aspiring model, Sheldon Stephens past has come to the surface. The 24 year old from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has a heavy criminal past that is sure to haunt him wherever he goes. Sheldon has had run in after run in with the law, dating back to 2009. The list includes reckless driving, writing bad checks, and robbery. But the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Sheldon’s mother was charged with attempted murder for trying to stab her husband back in March.

According to TMZ, there may have been a six figure settlement on the table, to end the whole ordeal between Kevin Clash(Elmo) and Stephens and when the statement was issued about him recanting his allegation, it was issued as a favor from his former counsel, Andreozzi & Associate. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sheldon may have been in dire straights, as a result of his own legal issues as well as his mom’s.

The entire incident has definitely brought his face to the forefront, but maybe not how he may have intended or preferred. Sheldon seems like a troubled kid, with a very troubled past that has led to some not so rational decisions. This story seems to be unfolding before our very eyes. Who really knows what has transpired between Clash and Stephens, behind closed doors. But stay tuned. Something tells me there will be alot more twist and turns to this story.


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  1. The guy recanted the recant because there was more money to be had in my opinion. The first one says they met on a gay talk line…uh does anyone think that he should not have been on a gay talk line? Who then groomed whom? I think that if he was on that type of venue then he knew exactly what was up. Now I believe they both only see dollar signs. What a waste.

  2. Christine Marie Webster

    He looks gay! They both do smh take the money and run dummy gawd!!!

  3. Super Handsome??? well to each his own.Looks Bizaar to me. Attention Whore

  4. He’s gayer-than-gay lookin’…and still fighting a fellow gay person? Guess money remains “thicker” than anything on god’s green earth huh? Yuck!

  5. The very said thing is this young man is troubled and sad, he had someone that may have cared for him and he decided instead of love, honesty and respect he saw $$$$$$$… Go Away Little man before Big Bird kicks you a@@.

  6. Is he a bi racial child? Did his Daddy press charges. against his white momma? How many more of these “troubled” bi racial kids are we going to hear about?

  7. 'Stay tuned…' This is someone's life but we should stay stuned as though we don't have our own to live or these people are here for our entertainment. Disgusting.

  8. I can already see where this story is goin

  9. Who cares, bottom feeders. Harvey still making money off of others problems. Harvey, Maurey and Springer. Whew

  10. the guy is super handsome, I hope his life takes a turn for the better.