Beyonce Gets Involved In De Niro and Jay-Z Feud

Jay-Z and Robert De Niro got into a very intense debate at a New York restaurant on Saturday. Jay, Beyonce, and De Niro were all at The Darby restaurant for Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday celebration, when Jay-Z decided to approach De Niro’s table to say hello. De Niro did not seem to be having a very good day.

A New York Post source says, “Bob wasn’t in any mood to make polite conversation, he told Jay that if somebody calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are, that is just rude.” Jay-Z laughed it off, but De Niro did not find it funny at all.

Their heated debate was all over a song that Jay-Z allegedly said he would record for De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival. Jay-Z never followed through, leaving De Niro upset and seeing Jay-Z as “disrespectful”. The argument got so intense that Beyonce had to step in, to calm the waters, to no avail.


Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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  13. Why would Deniro even talk to a POS like that? Cmon Bobby you’re way above that.

  14. Home training is needed Jay-Z.

  15. Jay-Z is nothing but a street thug who used drug money to get is start in the music industry!! Then you have ignorant black people who support this jail bird! Then blacks wonder why people don’t want us in their neighborhoods!! Blacks need to stop supporting thugs just because they have money!!

  16. First of all WHO the hell would call anyone six times? Something would be obviously wrong with the caller! Can t believe everything you read!

  17. You can buy pretty much any thing. But you can not buy CLASS!!!!!

  18. Nick Nextphaze Plenty

    Jay Z apparently lacks class. Class, along with common courtesy. Then again I suppose that ones personal values can be compromised when one has wealth. This is where the real challenge the fake, I feel you Deniro. I wish I could have heard him snap out on Jay Z. lol.

    • Charlita Payton-Sledge

      I like Deniro, but I love JayZ. I hardly doubt it was a 'snap'. Rejection is hard and it seems Deniro EGO isn't use to it, which cause his temper to flair. Too bad JayZ didn't walk away, because then was not the time nor place. I'm sure he had good reason 4 not returning the call, had he not would – would he had extended the olive branch by going over to speak in the first place.

    • Nick Nextphaze Plenty

      There is still some question to him just being a stand up guy. A man that stands firmly can reject another mans plans and requests with respect. If I don't want to do it, I will let you know that. No reason to avoid a call, and six times? He knew he had been blowing him off, that's why he spoke. Just be be anal, I'm surprised Deniro even acknowledged his presence.

  19. Wasn’t as ignorant and rude as the video of him (Jay-Z), mugging a little African girl who only tried to snap his picture. He’s got a built-in botched-personality disorder. He don’t respsct Bey either…so wth did she think she could quell?

  20. Jay z is low class, so is his wife. Two people with money and no class. Reading the comments defending this rapper makes on wonder Howe people have no common sense on etiquette. Screen legend Deniro had every right to check lame z in the manner her did because he was irritated with the failed promises by lame z. He’s not above criticism for his bad negative because he has money.

    And Mike Weston, I agree with you about the pregnancy. Something in that milk ain’t clean.

  21. DeNiro went Goodfellas on Jay-Z. The only time you don’t return a phone call after being called several times shows you don’t like the individual calling you!!!

  22. DeNiro went Goodfellas on Jay-Z. The only time you don’t return a phone call after being called several times shows you don’t like the individual calling you!!!

  23. When you do bad things you get bad results and that's what happening with Jay Z, Beyonce just still want to serve that devil.

    • Devil- The father of most men, the enemy of few
      Devil- The force driving men who harm children, governments who corrupt nations, and minds that think they need no one
      Devil- A serious coward who pretends to be what he is not, so that by any means necessary he can convince you he does exist but is not who God says he is, or that he does not exist and men who believe in him r crazy, while simultaneously influencing all of your decisions and thoughts.
      Devil- The spirit at work in different forms ALL around you everyday all day.
      Devil- The being that hates himself, his minions and servants, the being that has never had any ability to do anything but hate.
      Devil- Gods wisdom, that is not to say the devil is wise, but that the secret things belong to God. God is wise in ALL of His creating and nothing exist outside of God creating it.

  24. Love Jay Z and Beyonce, but respect is due to your elders. I have a problem when I call someone about business and they don't even return the calls. Later when you find them, they try to play it off as if you are the one with the problem. Happened to me just this week where this guy would have benefited from a $250,000.00 deal. Money is not everything, but I fault you Hova, so just make amends by doing the right thing….

  25. J and B both should go back to school, get their diplomas so they can properly raise their purchased child. As for the spat, your word used to be "BOND"….But what do you expect from someone who lies about the real origin of his most recent child….

  26. Jacquie Mylove-holman

    Respect your elders JayZ

  27. Fuck DeNiro and Fuck Decaprio

  28. The story was greatly exxagerated as a joke! They didnot have a beef in no way, shape, form or fashion. Do your research people!

    • Ok mr. Gill since you know what's up please elaborate on your comment brother

    • The story was media fodder. They had a discussion and all but none of what this article stated happened in that manner. This article was copied from another source that exageratted a supposed beef. It was written as a "what if it went down like this article" Unfortunately this is not a site for positive news articles or truth in media gathering. This site is one step away from mediatakeout and bossip combined! It has fallen way off but hey they have to eat to I guess.

    • Was you there? How do you know what happened? Maybe you should take your own advice sense you are getting your info from the internet as well!

  29. Yup, Jay Z wasn't under any obligations, but 6 calls ignored from a film legend is just bad business! C'mon son… #elderrespect