Turncoat Artur Davis Urges GOP to Ignore Blacks, Reach Out to Hispanics and Blue Collar Whites

The GOP apparently wasn’t aware it had a problem with black and Latino voters until Mitt Romney was trounced by President Obama in last Tuesday’s election. Now, every GOP pundit and consultant is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, in search of a strategy to lure more black and brown voters.

Among those giving advice is Artur Davis, a former Democratic Congressman who switched to become a Republican after his abysmal run for Alabama governor.

Davis is encouraging the GOP to look for votes in the Hispanic and white blue collar community. He doesn’t see much hope for the GOP in the African American community.

“To me, the Republican pathway is with white blue-collar voters and with Hispanics. I think there is substantial room to grow the Republican Hispanic vote and the Republican white blue-collar vote. I do not see significant room in the next election cycle or two or three for Republicans to grow the African-American vote,” said Davis.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Davis was honest about the problems the GOP faces with minority voters.

“There’s a big branding problem. One of the things that unified the Democratic base was the perception that Republicans are an insular party of older white men. I think the party has clearly got to deal with that perception,” Davis said. “I think the party has to deal with the perception that it’s insular, that it is trying to reconstitute a past that is not going to be rebuilt.”


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  1. If offensive to give advise to a party that says, ignore a race if you want to win. If the party needs to change, shouldn't they try to embrace all voters no matter the race. Most of these politicians are not for real change, it's all about winning, money, and power. Artur Davis, shame on you for giving advise to ignore a certain race, even though; they were doing it anyway.

  2. I came here looking for runaway slaves, reading the comments, none here.

  3. This is a very insulting statement to Hispanic people. These republicans are cut out of the same cloth. They think everybody is stupid with the exception of them. He can factually make this statement about blue collared white folks to a point. But where are the facts to back this up with Hispanics? Hell, in the last election, the Cuban vote went to Obama. This is the first time since the Bay of Pigs that a democrat ever got the best of the Cuban vote.

  4. You ever just want to whip somebody's ass? Read this article.

  5. What an uncle tom this dude is……You think he would STFU for a bit and consider inclusiveness of every group. But nooooooooo, this dude wants a race war….The Blacks vs The Hispanic……way to go a$$hole…

  6. Arthur Davis, Stacey Dash and LL Cool J and others have been drinking from the same misguidd poisonous cup as the GoP. There is a contagion within these people and they are in need of serious help but there is no hope for Ms DasH.

    • I don’t think this has nothing to do with the GOP. I think this is a character flaw in these people you mentioned. It is something wrong with them. The GOP is a way to vent it.

  7. Just Hispanics? What about Latinos which incluede Mexicans, Latin Americans and South Americans? What about Natives? And I hate to inform this jerk that Blacks should not be overlooked. But by Republicans? Screw Arthur Davis.

  8. Voters Black, Latino or White select parties and candidates that align with their values, political and social needs and interests and what they believe suits their families, themselves and the country best. It is quite clear for the past 28 of 40 years the GOP has very specific interests they advocate for – Corporate & banking interests without protections for the average person, tax breaks for the extreme wealthy and corporations, policies that have extreme/exhorbitant profits for the few at the expense and exploitation of the rest, removal of safety nets for the weak & sick and attachement to extremist social and religious ideoloogue groups. This was their recipe for failure and unless they change it will continue to be. Have we forgotten that an overwhelming amount of Blacks were Republicans at one time – it was because at that time their interests were being served. During the 1940s and afterwards as the GOP began to lose sight of the interests of Blacks increasingly became Democratic voters. Also note that same states who were overwhelming Democratic at one time now are Republican – post civil rights.

  9. Artur Davis will have as much shelf life as Cain. Next…

  10. C Alexander Forrest

    This man is a HYPOCRITE. I wonder how long will his welcome last with people who see him as being a part of the problem. What a sellout IDIOT!

    • I wonder if he was conscious of the tone of his statement. I want to think that he did not want to say that in a derogatory way as it sounds… In essence, it makes sense for the republicans not to target the blacks, since in reality, blacks are no fools and can sense genuineness as opposed to a facade, depicted by the republicans… that the Hispanics are a little more malleable and will be more easily convinced with what they have to offer… Otherwise, this man is DUNG!!!… Back people are not stupid,, that's for sure. It takes more than the trivial to convince us otherwise of what we are used to… The word "Ignore" was a derogatory choice… putting his own down to these republicans… dumb or desperate for some attention…

    • Look at this a*****hole

    • A**hole

    • C Alexander Forrest

      I am sure that Artur Davis does not have a place under the tent that does not exist today. This is the kind of people who sell out their own for political expediency and acceptance from those who will not accept him under normal circumstances. Tragic.

  11. Hey Artur Davis, when you say the GOP should ignore Blacks, did you include yourself in the group of blacks that should be ignored by the racist GOP? SMH

    • C Alexander Forrest

      Great question. I wonder how long will his welcome last. The man is a sellout!!!

    • It never applies to a house niggah, they always get a pass, because they help keep the our race from reall progress. Boss are we sick? I wish the spirit of Harriet Tubman would rise up in every black woman and man, and deal w/ these house niggahs and their boss. The racist whites and the house niggahs are both a big problem to the advancement of our people.

  12. “There’s a big branding problem. One of the things that unified the Democratic base was the perception that Republicans are an insular party of older white men”.

    This is not a problem this actual fact, until the Republicans can get the plantation politicians out of their party and embrace change than they will always loose out in the long run and the way I see it the Republicans we will never trust you and Hispanic will and some of them do realize that Republicans do not have their best interest in mind. So if anybody thinks this was a racist base election wait until the 1st Hispanic or female run for office.

  13. L OriAnn GutiérrezCarbajal

    This is what I do not get.. As a Latina I keep track well before any election of what is going on.. So people like the above can keep saying their nonsense but come election year (how ever many years it is) I remember it all! Romney said "If I was a latino I would have the vote"…uh no! YOU would not have my vote just because you were brown like me! The person who gets my vote is the one that has the same ideals and values and myself and will make the future better for my children! The GOP thinks if they simple embrace (with a knife behind their backs) the Latino community we will forget everything they have said and done..I THINK NOT!


    • Exactly, to say that Blacks only voted for President Obama because he is mixed race, but perceived as Black by them, is highly insulting. Why would I vote for someone, Black or white, he continually denigrates my existence as an over 40, Black, disabled female veteran? I listen to, read up on and generally pay attention to what is going on in the country. If a politician is elected to office as a republican or democrat and immediately changes affiliation, the position should be declared vacant and a special election should occur. You were selected because you portrayed yourself as a Democrat, then you get elected and discover you are more closely attuned to Republicans? Artur Davis needs to sit down.

  14. The fact that they have do many racists running around talking about "seceeding" and revolting on the president does not help… Black people have a lot of common sense, and have been cleansed via fire and have learned a healthy distrust as well as how to spot and point out bullshit. David on the others hand had forgotten how to apply this trade and historically crafted gift of his forefathers.

    • Well said Mr. Atkins. If you forget the struggles of your parents you are doomed to repeat those same struggles. Always step forward, not backward.

    • Excellent way to re-energize an adage that has become passe. In hopes for black people to forget about the impact of our ancestor's enslavement, which are still affecting a majority today, "if you don't remember your past" is often ridiculed as need to Reverse wrongs. Yet who can find fault with the idea of remembering the struggles of your "parents"? Well done yaddie! Or at least embracer of the "yaad" flag. lol