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Turncoat Artur Davis Urges GOP to Ignore Blacks, Reach Out to Hispanics and Blue Collar Whites

The GOP apparently wasn’t aware it had a problem with black and Latino voters until Mitt Romney was trounced by President Obama in last Tuesday’s election. Now, every GOP pundit and consultant is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, in search of a strategy to lure more black and brown voters.

Among those giving advice is Artur Davis, a former Democratic Congressman who switched to become a Republican after his abysmal run for Alabama governor.

Davis is encouraging the GOP to look for votes in the Hispanic and white blue collar community. He doesn’t see much hope for the GOP in the African American community.

“To me, the Republican pathway is with white blue-collar voters and with Hispanics. I think there is substantial room to grow the Republican Hispanic vote and the Republican white blue-collar vote. I do not see significant room in the next election cycle or two or three for Republicans to grow the African-American vote,” said Davis.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Davis was honest about the problems the GOP faces with minority voters.

“There’s a big branding problem. One of the things that unified the Democratic base was the perception that Republicans are an insular party of older white men. I think the party has clearly got to deal with that perception,” Davis said. “I think the party has to deal with the perception that it’s insular, that it is trying to reconstitute a past that is not going to be rebuilt.”


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