Scrappy Left Broke,Dissed By Promoter


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Lil Scrappy was set to perform at Club Vizion in Louisville, KY, on Sunday, but ended up with no money ,no hotel room, and in an encounter with police. All of this after the promoter, at Vizion, had no money to pay the rapper. Since the promoter could not pay him, Scrappy refused to perform.

In an effort to salvage the relationship, the promoter asked Scrappy to do a meet and great, with waiting fans, for a small fee. Scrappy agreed. But, when the night was finished, Scrappy attempted to check into his hotel room, only to find out that the room had been cancelled.  Cops were called to the seen to remove the rapper. Scrappy claims that he left the hotel on his own free will. Scrappy has vowed to never work with the promoter again.

Scrappy is the protege of Atlanta based rapper, Lil Jon.  He built a strong following back, in 2003  with his hit song “Head Bussa” which was used as the theme song for the Atlanta Braves. Scrappy is currently engaged to reality star, Erica from “ Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”.


Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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  1. Maaaaaaaaan FUCK scrappy lmao.

  2. It's not meet and great, it's meet and greet. Cops were not called to the seen, they were called to the scene. Please Miss 'Accomplished Actress & Singer Out of New York', have someone else do the editing for you before you post.

  3. have your money and hotel up front.

  4. Artists, you always get a 50% deposit and make sure your room is paid for in advance and not a simple hold. If the hotel is in your name and paid for then it cannot be cancelled by someone else. Stay on top of it. Have your agent or road manager handle it if you are too lazy and dumb. This really shows how ignorant the artist really is after all of these years. It is sad but that is how it is.

  5. time to get , new agent, bookkeeper lawyer.

  6. My son Young Chu was with him. Another mark against the KY.