Robert De Niro Checks Jay-Z For Failing To Keep a Promise

Robert De NIro squabbles with Jay-Z for not returning his phone calls at a party

If you were born before the 90’s, you’ve probably heard the phrase “My word is my bond.” The phrase is one that challenges people to follow through with their promises. Unfortunately, the phrase has lost its relevance in a society of “yes men” who would rather make meaningless promises than to make valid promises.

Apparently Jay-Z has become one of the many people who makes meaningless commitments and dodges the people he made those commitments to until they forget about it. Unfortunately for him, Robert De Niro doesn’t take too well to meaningless promises and doesn’t forget about them.

This week Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 38th birthday party with A-listers Robert De Niro, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Swizz Beatz, Chris Rock, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Connelly, Russell Simmons, and many others. De Niro nearly ruined the party when he approached Jay-Z in a rage to check him for failing to record a song for the Tribeca Film Festival and for failing to return his phone calls. He said although he considers Jay-Z to be “the man” it was “just rude” of him to not follow through with his promise.

Despite Beyonce’s swift glide towards the men to diffuse the tension, it was obvious that De Niro was not letting it go. In an attempt to calm the crowd, DiCaprio took to the mic and cried in the tones of an angelic child: “I don’t like it when Mommy and Daddy fight!” Everyone hugged and the party kept going.

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  1. Wat D. Dash got to say?

  2. I'm getting weary of this opinionated day & age… Everybody on this mfer done told a lie or canceled a promise, some to a child, & got something to say… Stfu & worry about your own life

  3. Jay-Z rectify this wrong quick Son. Just because you’ve been busy with The POTUS does not make it right to disrespect your neighbors… Bobby DeNiro is a legend too!!!

  4. Right on Roberto DeNero. You were always my favorite man — stop playing with boys!!

  5. De Niro went Goodfellas on JayZ….That was an AHA moment for Jay-Z….

  6. Word is bond!! Even in 2012! Im understanding Robert DeNiro!

  7. If Jay Z didn’t have as much money as he does he would still just be Shawn Corey Carter the drug dealer. I hate what these people do and have done to our Community. This just shows that money can buy almost anything even a reputable reputation for these type individuals. Robert De Niro is expecting a former drug dealer to be honorable and a man of his word which is asking a bit much. Carter’s reputation was brought,manufactured, and sold to the public it is not Spirtually within. Perhaps De Niro errored in beliving that Shawn Corey Carter the former drug dealer had changed but he should not be surprised because neither he nor his wife (Beyonce) makes nearly as much charitable contributions as they should.

  8. For the record,anyone who reads the Bible, born before after the 90’s, know the term A Man’s Word is His Bond!”

  9. Why is this blog reporting on something that could only be a recount of an event, as if they have the whole or the real story? I see no evidence that due diligence was done to corroborate the account as good journalists once did. I understand that blogs operate under a lower standard, but really? Each time a story is told we have pretty strong evidence that it generally moves further and further from the truth. I have heard this story multiple times now and each time I’ve heard it there has been a different twist. I don’t really know JayZ and am not particularly a fan, however, the writer does not know what the nature of the relationship between him and DeNiro is, why he did not return the man’s calls, or anything really. For example, the man may have said something to offend Jay and he decided to create distance, or if he was working consistently and had not had time to return calls yet. Did Jay get the messages? What period of time did this take place? Did the man call six times in one day or one week? We really don’t know. In a previous account it was Jay who went over to DeNiro to say, “Hello” and this is when DeNiro went off. If true, he was obviously not trying to avoid DeNiro. It is crazy that people are commenting on a rumor as if it is truth and making judgements about the man’s character and motivations. Many assume that DeNiro was right and appear to use this incident to grind some stones because they don’t like Jay Z, when again they don’t really know anything. The fact that people are connecting Obama to the incident is even more insane. Does anyone have any thoughts on the looming budget show down that is on the horizon? I thought so…

  10. Why are people acting like it’s the white man who is right when listening to THIRD HAND GOSSIP???
    none of you know the ins and outs of this business. It very rare that you go thru the actor/singer themselves. There are paid people who handle this stuff.
    How do you know Jay even SIGNED to do this?? You DON’T KNOW. You’re just more than HAPPY to sell out your own for effing GOSSIP. SMDH @ how fast people want to assimilate.

  11. Boys are not use to dealing with "Men"….When you're a man of your word sometimes you expect that of everyone. But I'm glad Robet checked his ass. I check'em where ever and when ever I encounter them.

    • Rhett I am in agreement but not total. I would have taken him aside and let him know we needed to talk later. I would never go into some else's house or party to argue with some one else. Respect all around

  12. Here we go….more sour grapes…..

  13. His name is Robert De Niro not Robert De Nero.

  14. Maybe this explains his presidential support of Obama. Breaking commitments is a common thread. Perhaps, if we had some Robert De Niro in us, politicians just might take the black community serious beyond election season.

  15. Mr. De Niro was right for taking Jay-Z to task. If you are going to skimp on a promise and not return phone calls, don't let it be with an A-list celebrity such as Robert De Niro. He's just as important as Jay-Z thinks he is.