Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Won’t Resign Until He Gets Disability

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is reportedly willing to resign if he gets approved for disability, according to Fox 32 Chicago. 

Rep. Jackson, who serves Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District, has been absent from Congress since mid-June, and is reportedly being investigated for misuse of campaign funds.

Sources tell Fox 32 that Jackson will resign if he gets disability when he resigns:

Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his tenth term but last month, sources say, he applied for a disability package–what could be his only income if he resigns. It is expected to take a couple of weeks for Congress to approve or deny the request.

If this is true, the people of Chicago may be livid at Jackson for not resigning before last Tuesday’s election,  when Jackson could’ve easily resigned and paved the way for an open election.

Jackson has spent the majority of his time away on medical leave, seeking treatment for bipolar disorder. In the run-up to the election, Jackson didn’t campaign for his seat, only sending a robo-call to constituents, thanking them for their patience.

Sources also told Fox News that Jackson’s  Washington D.C. home is not part of the investigation. It is his Chicago home which is at issue:

Sources say Jackson allegedly spent $20,000 to renovate and buy furniture for the family’s home in Chicago, not their 5-bedroom Victorian home in Washington D.C.

The basement in the Chicago home has five televisions and a number of printers and copying machines, sources say.

Jackson’s wife is also being investigated since she was a consultant to the campaign.

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  1. Disability money NO! NOT qualified! NO appeals!

  2. Now wait just one damn minute! We CAN'T do this! If we allow full disability for being completely bat sh*t crazy…that would mean that EVERY Dummycrat in the nation would be eligible! (The French did get one thing right; Guillotines for the powerful and corrupt!)

  3. if he is getting disability, they can't take it for the payback of money he stoled. Like OJ in jail and his football pension to pay his wifes family.

  4. Wow – what amazing arrogance to demand disability payments as a pay-off to resign after stealing money from his campaign. This is exactly why many people hesitate to support political campaigns, because the candidate appears to live like a king on the money they raise, and you don't have a clue what they spent the money on. Why isn't he being arrested, tried and imprisoned? Democrats seem to have a lot in common – live on other people's money, act as if evil is ok and even good, lie through their teeth about everything. Chicago – get an exorcism! You must be possessed to have so many great politicians coming from your city.

  5. So lame, what an asshole, it sets those of us with BP back. I have a damn job

    • Exactly! Had a friend who had it and if he took his medication he was fine, didn't play third base as well…but his wife liked him a whole lot better. As did his employer. So Jr. sounds like he is bs'ing to get sympathy.

  6. Patricia Gillespie McAllister

    Can Jesse Jackson, Jr., still collect disability when he is in prison? They have doctors in prison, therefore, he will not need disability in prison. Jesse Jackson, Jr., should have thought about disability when he was stealing his campaign finances. When did criminals start "demanding" benefits after they commit a crime? What nerve.

  7. This man problems began because of GREED and CORRUPTION…

    Now, he wants to be gauranteed an income because he does not has any skills except for the lying and ass kissing that his father taught him…

    He is the one who tried to buy Obama’s senate seat for $500,000.00 and got caught…he is the one who turned states evidence against the former governnor to keep from being prosecuted by the Federal government…

    And now, he wants disability….sounds like something straight-out-of-compton (the hood)…

    There is nothing wrong with this man, and like so many fools, he is trying to get disability because he killed his own career…

    He is the senator now, but the problem is that he has no clout with the other senator’s or house members, and he difnitely does not have any clout with any of the many big businesses as these whites done labeled him a SNITCH…

    Ha, Ha…welcome to the big leagues jr…

    Now you know how your father survived, he and monica sucked bill together, except he swallowed and she did not…

    Act like a WHITE man (the typical white male perverted catholic) and get treated like him…

    This shows that the man nevered cared about the people of Chicago…

    All about self and greed…

  8. THE GOD THEY SERVE sorry for the type error!

  9. Yeah people in the political arena knows all the ins and outs and play the game well UNTil THEY GET CAUGHT! No one has respect for these leaders of today. None of them care about thier people. Its all about the greed game. Do these people really know the Gos they say serve is WATCHING THEM just like the majority of us everday living trying to survive individuals? Do they really think they are exempted?

  10. People act as if because someone has a famous family name and is a professional that they don't have to worry about the things that others have to consider, like disability insurance to cover medical costs. I would not have voted for someone running for office in absentia. That is the voters' in Chicago's fault. They should be mad at themselves. Having said that, no one who is not close to this man and his family really knows why he was on leave, or whether or not he has an illness. Also, his trial has not happened yet, so who is to say if he is guilty as Wilbert suggests.

  11. Hate to be cynical, but I posted on several blogs months ago, that he must be facing serious legal problems. I said at the time, I think it is all a ploy

    • Was thinking the exact same thing when he all the sudden disappeared. He was still under investigation for possibly trying to buy Obams's Senate seat from Blagojevich. And we are both probably correct, because most people with bi-polar don't need to disappear and they don't need to go to the Mayo Clinic and they don't need to collect disability. He's as full of beans as his father when he tries to make everything about racism.