Rahm Emanuel to Sean Hannity: “Shut the F*ck Up, You Lost”

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

One thing that Sean Hannity does well is whine, whine, whine.  He has tried as hard as he can to stop the country from moving forward, putting rhetoric on national television that some think would be a better fit for a klan rally.

According to the Daily Currant, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared on Fox News to talk to Hannity about the election results, and the fact that President Obama is now set to be in the White House for another four years.

As expected, Hannity didn’t have anything good to say about President Obama, and spent his time engaged in nothing more than helpless moaning about the nation’s state of affairs.

“Is Barack Obama going to move to the center? Or is he going to continue his radical Socialist policies that are destroying America?” Hannity asked.  “Is he going to start paying attention to ordinary Americans? Or his he going to continue his goverment of, by, and for the welfare queens?  Is he going to ask the keep apologizing to our enemies? Or is he going to show some backbone and invade somebody? Is he ever going to release his real birth certificate? Or is he gonna contiuing lying to the American people about his Kenyan heritage?”

After being unable to take anymore of Hannity’s own welfare queen complaining, Emanuel fired back at the host in rare form:

“Sean…sean…,” Emanuel interrupted, “Sean…sean…sean…sean…sean… … shut the fuck up. You Lost. Get over it and move on. Barack Obama is president for the next four years,” he said.  “No amount of childish whining will change that fact. Why don’t you start working on improving yourself as a person, rather than finding fault in others.”

Rahm wasn’t done.  He continued into a monologue for the ages that defines Sean Hannity in such a way that he may not be able to sleep at night.

“At the moment you’re a terrible, cynical human being who gets rich off of other people’s ignorance. Your entire existence is defined by intellectual stupor and purposelessness. There’s not a single cell of your body that has any redeeming value whatsoever – not even the intestinal cells which host your parasites.  I feel deeply sorry for your children and your children’s children, who will have to bear the stain of their relationship to you for their entire lives.  I am a dumber, coarser, less centered individual for even haven spoken to you, and I promise I will never repeat that mistake again.”

Emanuel, after unleashing the kind of firestorm that might make him into a political legend, quietly put his mic on the table and walked off the set.

After being sent the link about Emanuel finally speaking the truth about Sean Hannity, I responded, “Good for Rahm.”  Even after finding out that the article was purely satirical, and that the conversation never happened, I still said, “Good for the person pretending to be Rahm.  I would only  replace the words ‘shut the f-up’ with ‘f-you and the hooded white horse you rode in on.'”

The reality is that someone needs to start speaking the truth about Fox News, for we must grow out of the mindset which leads us to believe that any pack of bigots with access to a media megaphone has a right to have their opinions respected.  In fact, part of me believes that Fox News should be considered treasonous for its efforts to rip the nation at the seams in order to make a profit.

There’s almost nothing productive about speaking to Fox News analysts or feeding into the mindset that has continued to poison America.  They are like the WWE of journalism, believing that a few million dollars and a large audience can fool others into believing that you have real journalistic integrity.  Nearly every branded clown on the network, from Geraldo “Trayvon died for wearing a hoodie” Rivera to Juan “The Happy Negro” Williams has built a career on a foundation of lies, manipulation and blatant bigotry.

The words from this fictional conversation remind me of why I went from appearing on Fox every other day back in 2007 (before I truly understood what they are trying to do), to turning down every appearance request they’ve made for the last five years.  The network has served as a platform of ideological terrorists and those who are determined to destroy the country we love.  Any individual interacting with Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or others in the Fox News “Axis of Ignorance” walks away feeling as disgusted as a nun who slept with her neighbor for a pound of butter.

Fox News is probably the most unAmerican news network in the history of the United States. It is a reminder of just how much work we must do to make our nation into what we want and need it to be.   Hannity’s prominence and high salary are visible manifestations of the racism and ignorance that lies in the hearts of millions of Americans.  We can track our nation’s progress toward racial healing by the ratings of this horrible network.  We will know that America is a better country when Fox News ceases to exist.

While I wish Rahm had really said the things mentioned in the Daily Currant, we know that mayors can’t say what’s on their minds.  But I happen to be a free black man who says what he wants, so I’ll say these things for him.  There is almost nothing productive or redeeming about the existence of Fox News, and anyone who disagrees with me is delusional.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance Professor at Syracuse University and author of the book, “Black American Money.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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  1. evelyn echols-barksdale

    i wish emanuel was the mayor of phila. this clown we have is mike nutter. he claims to be a democrat, but acts like a republican. he only cares about the rich.

  2. evelyn echols-barksdale

    i wish emanuel was the mayor of phila. this clown we have is mike nutter. he claims to be a democrat, but acts like a republican. he only cares about the rich.

  3. Liberal uneducated foul mouthed fools. You didn’t even read the whole story. Most if you can’t read anyway.

  4. “walks away feeling as disgusted as a nun who slept with her neighbor for a pound of butter”
    NICE!!! CLASS ACT!!!

    Dr.B…Seems reasonable to assume that someone with a PhD could come up with a better metaphor than that… Pretty ignorant & offensive no matter what your politics…

  5. I only watch fox for october baseball, sunday football, or cartoons on sundays!

  6. The Daily Currant is a SATIRE. They state that in their self-description. This interview DID NOT OCCUR. Its FICTIONAL. Best to remove it from your site for credibility purposes.

  7. Immanuel is right about Sean Hannity. I have no words to express how much I hate Hannity. He is the most racist, sexist person in the world. I don’t know why FoxNews keeps him there. And I don’t know why GOP women put up with him. Hannity talked down on Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman and Candy Rice. Of course FoxNews hires losers – except Bill. One year ago I wrote to ask Sean and others at FoxNews anchors: What do you tell your children and wives as your job – to lie and attack President Obama policies? Now FoxNews has lost I don’t listen to them anymore. Why should I! I am satisfied with my life now – President Obama was re-elected. I remember to have heard Hannity, Rove, Morris, Malkin, Ingraham, Coulter and Rush say they would commit suicide if President Obama was re-elected. On November 6 at 11 pm I waited for those morons to commit suicide. They didn’t. In fact I had I advised them to take aspirin every day for they would have heart attack if they didn’t commit suicide as promised us. I agree with Immanuel. I feel sorry for their children and wives or boyfriend to know their fathers and friends were liars and racists.

  8. Mr.Mayor why not work on chi town instead of worrying about someone with an agenda?

  9. I know he didn’t really say it, but I can’t help but feel that he would have said it. I’m sure he thinks it! Somebody needs to let these racist bastards have it!

  10. Sandra Pete Hawkins

    I wish basketball wives, and fox news could leave the air together!

  11. These responses prove that people do NOT read anymore.

  12. I wish that exchange had taken place. Sean Hannity is a whiney ass.

  13. Tons of love & respect for Mr. Rahm for speaking THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH agaisnt that KKK/Nazi crap known as Fox News which are run by a buch of cottage cheese pricks especially fools like Sean Hannity who had his dumb ass burned on his own hot seat. He along with Fox News members will burn in hell indeed. I remember KRS-1 appeared on his show and Hannity was a rude racist bitch towards KRS-1. See when Rahm said all of those things about Sean Hannity and Fox News Hannity did not want to hear the truth. Because they know people like Hannity and the rest of them KKK news are the brainwashing type to make us black people look guilty. Thank you Rahm. Someone had to let Sean Hannity feel our wrath and I bet Hannity feels like a dumb SLAP-F'N-NUT right about now!

  14. FIX News (as Keith Olbermann used to say), errr FOX News is in no way a News Channel. They are a bigoted Gossip Channel. The only time I have watched is when President Obama agreed to appear, and theybtreated him with so much disrespect they disgust me, and yet they treated GW Bush like he pissed Ginger Ale.

  15. Sounds like Dr Boyce is trying to distance his typical writings from those of Dr. Cornell Jerk and Tired Smiley.

  16. Ann Gardner-Jackson

    Sean H. is a misinformed idiot who has a limited viewpoint of realistic concerns amongst African American therefore I refuse to watch his show and subject myself to his racist rants.

  17. Dr. Watkins: I could not agree more with your assessment of FoxNews and the fear and hatred they spew each day and then have the gall to pass it off as "Fair and Balanced". Nothing is fair or balanced there. My only difference of opinion with yours is that they have the same rights as you and I to say whater the hell they want to say. Fortunately, FoxNews has a relatively small viewership. Also, fortunately, they will be their own undoing. "Justice is slow, but it is sure".

  18. Very disturbing appearing on fox every other day BEFORE you knew what they were trying to do… However, I will give credit where credit is due. Excellent commentary.

  19. .tt..The way I understand this article it is not true,it didn’t happen,every since the election that has been on my mind,wondering what was the look on Sean’s face and when I saw this,I’m like YES!!!!!!! I guess this is exactly how rumors get started.It’s so sad it didn’t happen!!!!!

  20. I agree with Rahm Emanuel to Sean Hannity. I had told them to take Aspirin for their hearts before November 6. It was a mandate against GOP and racists. They should have been accepting veracity of all polls except Rasmussens’ which were a fraud. They were lying to the public. FoxNews anchors will lose their jobs. The following are particularly on panic and really mentally hurt: Hannity, Crowley, Ann Coulter, Varney, Karl Rove, Dick Morris; Rush, Bill O’rielly, Ingraham, Charles Krauthammer, Malkin, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Herman Cain; the two lawyers on the Factor show and the BlackSphere guy. Now it’s time to bring the Nation together with President Obama as leader.

  21. HANNITY IS HALARIOUS… best COMIC ON (fudged Fixed news) AKA fox news!!! We as OBAMA supporters should be laughing ALL THE WAY "back" 2 THE WHITe HOuSe !!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  22. Yep I remember reading this about a week ago in The Daily Currant… an English language online SATIRICAL newspaper. Too funny!

  23. God Bless Rahm! For saying what millions of us think about those " Mildewed Motherf@#$%&s" at Fox News! I am so sick and tired of all that damn whining and crying about President Obama! Hell! l If the sun didn't shine they would look to blame the President! Obama won by what is called " Back by popular demand"! The Republican Right Wingers and their theories about how they lost. It is simple…" Too Many Damn Democrats"! I was born a Dem, going to die one too!

  24. Some more make-believe garbage from the YBW website. Yawn.

  25. Every black person in America should boycott from watching Fox News!

  26. You mean to tell me Fox News is a supposed legitimate news channel. And here’s me thinking it was a 7 x 24 comedy show….

  27. Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox news is simple trash and they are liars and propagandists who feel secure with their trash talk and malignment of everyone except themselves and the racist republiCON party ideologues.

  28. It would have been great it this had of really happened. Then Sean could have called Palin to come in and give her "you betcha" spin!

  29. WOW. Nothing better than watching a bunch of lib heads explode over a non-event event. No matter how bad Hannity may get…he’s never as bad as any of the pukes on MSNBC.

  30. Word up: Boyce Watkins sees nothing wrong with what he did.

  31. Well, it never happened but wish it had, Rahm does have the balls for this…LOL!

  32. The "supposed" beat-down on Hannity was on the mark! Bravo! Someone, no, everyone, needs to stand up and speak up to these ignorant, racist, bullying low-lifes who are making millions off of spreading venom, bile and outright lies! It's like Joe McCarthy Communist hearings 24/7. Smearing people through innuendos, lies, exaggerations and manipulation all for ratings and money. These are the most disgusting people on the planet and Faux News and co should be tried for treason for causing such division based on lies on our nation.

  33. I was laughing so hard my head hurt. I cannot believe that he had this many words for Sean. It appears that it was some pinned up info that he had to release.

    I love it…

  34. What’s up with this misleading headline? These guys post terribly inaccurate and misleading headlines! I click on this story because of the headlines and then
    read that it was all bullshit! Simply satire! What the fuck? I’m done with these assholes.

  35. When addressing FOX, one has to keep thee fact that the network is the personal toy of Roger Ailes, the president of FOX and former hatchet man for Dick Nixon. Roger Ailes had a hand in developing Nixon’s southern strategy which was designed to bring all of the Dixiecrats from the southern states into the Republican Party. (The Dixiecrats were the southern block of the Democrat Party, who were strong advocates of maintaining rigid segregation in the south.) So what else would you expect from a man who has devoted his entire life to using racialist attitudes and emotions as his professional tools?

  36. Is this site realy that desperate your having us discuss a FAKE ARTICLE AND EVENT THAT NEVER TOOK PLACE. Who ever wrote this post and siite administrators are pathetic. I thought this was a serious place for black folks to talk about REAL ISSUES.

  37. You guys, The Daiily Currant is a satirical website! This didn’t actually happen (unfortunately).

  38. SATIRE or not—-These words speak a undeniable truth–sean hannity-should never be worried about a so-called welfare queen——especially when he’s a big KING——-“MORE,MORE,MORE,MORE”—– JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!! PEACE!

  39. Lord people read the damn article again. I don’t care,for Boyce at all because I can’t stand divisive people, but he said THE ARTICLE IS SATIRE!!! Now if you don’t know what satire means please use the damn dictionary on your phones please. P.s. hate fox and all the bastards who report on that channel, somebody really needs to say exactly that to that Hannity pig.

  40. America

    America,the so called
    Beautiful,land of the free
    Has never Had justice for
    All that included me.

    The audacity of white
    Supremacy's false-pride
    Only fan the flames of
    The world's racial-divide.



  41. did you not read the article? This was a fake, it never happened.


  43. Sorry I missed seeing the segment. It is truly pitiful for people to watch fox so-called news and listen to hundreds of talk radio stations that whine about the country everyday. Even when they lose an election they double down on their hate speech. These folk pick on a horrible situation where four people are killed, to score political points, even after family members asked them not to turn this into a political headhunt. It pains me to see four people get killed on our own city streets every week and no politician will investigate the cause or offer solutions to correct the situation.

  44. We may not find the link whereas we can actually hear Mayor Rahm mentioned those words, but to read it in print is just as good. Way to go Rahm.

  45. Although this isn't true, as indicated in article, it sounds like something that should be spoken. Imagine if this would happen, I would like to have a bag of popcorn and watch.

  46. …hannity is a straight up bigot…fox news is a straight up racist agency…they refused to call barack president for a long time…i'm not mad that somebody got real with hannity…i'm not mad…

  47. This is by far the best commentary I have read on this site in a long time Dr. Watkins. And I say that in all sincerity since I do not always agree with your positions or points of view. I do however respect your professional integrity and this was the best of the best. What an outstanding description of Fox News and it's reason for being! It's laughable that anyone would suggest that it represents journalist integrity or objectivity. I have nothing else to add except — A job well done! Thanks!


  49. Y'all do know that this never really happened, as much as we all would have enjoyed seeing it. Do you actually think that FOX would really air something like this? Rahm would never be invited on Hannity's show because, this probably would literally happen and they would have to black it out. But, it would be great if someone would put Hannity's ignorant butt on blast like that.

  50. This is terrible journalism. You just wrote an how article based off a satirical article. WTF? And judging by the comment section most people didn't even catch that what this never happened. This is worst than Fox News!

  51. I wish Rahm did say that to Sean. Someone need to really tell them everything that was written there.

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  52. Fox is the real legacy of Raygun. Once the Fairness Doctrine was repealed it was inevitable that we'd wind-up here. And reinstating it would merely require a signature by Obama. I won't hold my breath.

  53. People are you reading the whole article…these responses are killing me!

    • Wait a minute,I seem to be a little confused. In one breath you said "Someone needs to start speaking the truth about fox news" In the next you say that you now turn down every invitation to appear. If interacting with bullies like Hannity, O"Rreilly makes you "walk away feeling disgusted" then I guess their agenda was achieved.

  54. This was purely a waste of my time!

  55. Boyce while I agree with you about Fox News, but when you say: In fact, part of me believes that Fox News should be considered treasonous for its efforts to rip the nation at the seams in order to make a profit.

    Aren't you being hypocritcal in your statement when you did the same in dividing the black community in your commentaries to suppress the black vote for President Obama and your bias support of West and Smiley to infuriate black people to increase traffic on your sites for profit.

    Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black….

  56. Boyce, the proves you are simply a hack looking for attention. This is a spoof. The Daily Currant is a spoof site like The Onion. One would think someone with a PhD would have enough brain power to tell the difference between reality & satire. Tell me Doc, what would be the penalty for one of your students caught plagiarizing a site that doesn't even report real facts?

    • Dr. Boyce mentioned in the article that the heated dialogue never happened as it was an imagined satirical piece. Please re-read.

    • My mistake Boyce. Perhaps you should try leading with this instead of the sensational headline and initial paragraphs that mislead folks. I've seen this posted all over for a week now & assumed you were doing the same. I see you are doing worse since you chose the sensational route. Aren't there some real issues to addressed as opposed to this make believe? How is this ANY different than what Sean Hannity would do?

    • william: when i read your two items you remunded me of romnry. each time you speak it is a differt story

  57. Way to go Rahm you said what needed to be said to that Racist idiot Bastard!!! F–K him and Fox news And McCain,and Mitt the dick who LOST!!!!

  58. Well when u think about it that network is what's truly feeding the fears of the idiots. Correction they planted the seed and now every negative thing spewed is like water causing that seed to grow. I have yet to see any of those ppl say anything positive. That network has divided an already divided contry. It has stirred up racism.

  59. ~A MUST READ….pure & simple~.

    • Excerpt….["….At the moment you’re a terrible, cynical human being who gets rich off of other people’s ignorance. Your entire existence is defined by intellectual stupor and purposelessness."]

    • And that is the shame sometimes in not pushing back on the misinformation campaigns… I applaud you Mayor Rahm on this….


  60. Good for Rahm. I tune into Fox occasionally to see how the other side is spinning things. But generally I can only take a few minutes of their trash talk and whining.

  61. J Alexander Blakeley

    You are aware that this was satire as in it never happened.

    • I think most of us of normal intelligence get it. Nevertheless, Rupert Murdoch, FOX News, Sean Hannity et al, just make one wish that such articles were real so we could share them with the world.

    • and while we are on the fox news network, let them run a story on the sore losers desire for secession. have them to either obey the laws of the land or leave it. and take sens. lindsey grahan,kelly ayotte, john Mccain. mitt romney.karl rowe donald trump and all of the sore losers with them

    • Obviously not, just like FOX & Romney, some people love to skip over the facts. Just pray for them……to leave!!! lol.

  62. FOX news is the Klan network.