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Katt Williams Arrested in Oakland For Hitting Someone Over the Head With a Bottle

Comedian Katt Williams is allegedly in trouble with the cops… again. At this rate, it’s getting hard to keep count of Williams’ arrests for all sorts of random criminal acts.

Sources tell gossip blog TMZ that Williams hit someone over the head with a bottle at a club in Oakland last night, and was subsequently arrested by police.

Williams was arrested at his hotel after the incident, which reportedly occurred at Kimball’s Carnival in East Oakland around 3 AM.

This is not the first time Katt Williams has found himself in trouble with the law. On Monday, Your Black World reported that Katt Williams was being sued for choking a woman:

The latest allegation against Katt is a $5 million dollar lawsuit that has been filed against him for allegedly punching his female assistant.

Melissa Ishage claims that her injuries are permanent and no laughing matter.  The woman filed her claim in LA County Superior Court in Los Angeles, and says that the incident took place on October 6.  She said that after getting into a disagreement with Katt, things went south, which is when she claims that he choked her.

Before that, Williams made the news for pulling a gun a gun:

Police reports say that a call came in from Supper Club with a complaint that there was a man waving his gun around in the club. When the police officers arrived at the scene, witnesses are said to have pointed out Williams as the person who had allegedly been brandishing a gun.

Here’s to hoping Katt Williams gets it together before he loses his money and his career. He obviously needs help. One can only hope that he gets it.


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