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Rihanna Bares Her Bottom On GQ Cover

Rihanna posted a photo of her hot GQ cover on Twitter. The photo showed the pop star with no pants on for her s*xy December issue cover shot.

One only has to go into the magazine to find more photos of the star who also has shots where she is topless rather than bottomless. While some might scoff at the photos of Rihanna being half naked, they are not too much of a stretch for the 23 year old singer who seems to enjoy having a bit of a “bad girl” image.

Writer, Jay Bulger, who wrote the story for GQ Magazine went clubbing with the Bajan singer and described what happened at the club:

“Chris Brown brashly stands on top of his bench in the neighboring booth. He and Rihanna start tossing flirtatious glances like kids passing notes in middle-school math class. The smirks and the playfulness continue until they’re dancing with each other from afar. Then, out of mock frustration, Brown climbs over the top of the booth. A mischievous tingle of controversy vibrates through the club.

There, in the middle of all the craziness: Rihanna stares straight at me and passes me a spliff. She turns her green-hazel Bambi gaze back to Brown and begins to sway those famous hips from side to side. It’s 2 a.m. She looks like she’s just getting started.”

While both Rihanna and Chris Brown have denied that they have become romantically involved, again, it has not stopped the media speculation. It looks like GQ is no exception.

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