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Caught: Sandy Looter Who Allegedly Smashed in Door With Ax, Drank Family’s Scotch, Ate Cookies

In many areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, there still isn’t any power, forcing homeowners to fend for themselves. There are no streetlights, and looters are turning many areas into an anarchic free for all. The situation has gotten so bad in many cities that NYPD is using helicopters to search for looters.

This is the situation in Garden City, New York, where one woman was forced to board up her door after a looter chopped it down with an ax.

One resident, Marie Gillespie, told local CBS 2′s Dick Brennan that a man, “smashed in the door in the back. He used an ax.”

Police have arrested 46-year-old Artie Jackson and charged him with home invasion.

But Jackson not only broke down the door of the home, he also terrorized the family.

CBS New York reports:

Police said he terrorized a family by firing shots and then locking them in the basement.

Police said Jackson also broke in on a homeowner in Hempstead and fired a shot and in another case, broke into a woman’s house in Garden City and assaulted her.

Police believe Jackson is connected to other crimes in the area. Victims describe Jackson as being very comfortable in their homes.

“He just enjoyed being here, chewing on a cigar. He left the cigar, so there’s your DNA right there,” another home invasion victim said.

“He ate cookies. He drank scotch,” said Gillespie.

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