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Allen West Recruited by Georgia Republicans to Switch States, Run For Congress… Again

Some losers from Tuesday’s election just won’t go away. Among them is Rep. Allen West, who, after he was defeated in his distract, demanded a recount. And now that that’s over, it seems that West is being coyly recruited by Georgia Republicans to change states so that he can make a run for Congress from the peach state.

“I would be glad to have him come back to Georgia and at some point run here,” Georgia GOP Chair Sue Everhart told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I would certainly try to help him because he has done his job. The way he ran his race didn’t in any way interfere with the job he did. He ran as a Republican, a conservative Republican.”

Everhart went on to say that West is “one of the finest congressmen this country’s ever had.”

No one knows what Everhart is smoking, but West lost because he was more of a trinket than a serious lawmaker. West was the biggest race baiter on the Hill, calling himself the Harriet Tubman of today, here to rescue black liberals from the Democratic plantation, and accusing President Obama of racism for including a tax on tanning facilities in the Affordable Care Act. West wasn’t a serious lawmaker, and his district learned that the hard way. If Georgia wants him, I’m sure Florida will be happy to let them have him.

West lost his Florida race to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy in last Tuesday’s election.

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