Pastor Who Slept with Church Members, Impregnated One Makes Oprah Scream

Oprah Winfrey had her own talk show for 25 seasons and she has seen it all, but one story that will be appearing on “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” on OWN had the Queen of Talk screaming at her television screen.

Describing the show that had her creaming at her television screen, Winfrey said,

“It’s so eye-opening on so many levels.”

On the episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” that will air on Saturday night, Iyanla travels to Louisiana to help a pastor and his wife who are in crisis. The pastor’s wife is devastated because her husband has confessed to cheating on her with over 20 women during their 10 year marriage. As if that were not bad enough, some of the women that the pastor admits to sleeping with are members of their church. Unfortunately, it gets worse still; the pastor made one of his mistresses pregnant and they now have a child.

Iyanla enters the picture because the pastor’s wife wrote to her asking for her help with deciding if she should stay with her cheating husband or if she should leave him.

The story of the cheating pastor and his wife was so compelling that Oprah made a video and posted it online. Talking  about Iyanla’s ability to help people, Oprah said,

 “At the end of every show, you can see there’s a crack, an opening for healing.”

Talking about the episode in which Iyanla works with the pastor and his wife, she said,

“What Iyanla says to the pastor and his wife is worth your time to hear it and to see it. I promise you that.”

“Iyanla: Fix My Life” comes on the OWN network on Saturday nights at 10/9C.

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  1. I am a married pastor and I’ve been sleeping with a young evangelist at my church. I like being in control. ORC church

  2. I attended Village of Faith Ministries in Richmond, VA until I found out my pastor, Pastor Michael Jones impregnanted a young woman and was denying the child. He can’t lead me if he is not living right.

  3. I think the problem is people dont know Jesus and the power of the cross. Why didnt the wife seek council amd strengh from jesus himself. Jesus would have anointed her with strengh and grace to move on. This is why when I go to church I go for the fellowship not to hear the preacher. Baby christians may need more pastoral support but God can teach amd shepherd his own.

  4. A fallen Christian pastor seeing council from a non-christian…that should be interesting.

  5. I think the whole thing is sickening. I watched the program she said he was bringing some of those women home and sleeping with them in their bed. He is a hoebag flat out she should leave him alone period. As women we deserve better than that and you have to demand your respect. I wish a negro would try to play me like that. I'm with some of the other comments I would be on the next episode of snapped and he would be penis-less…..

  6. The rub is Okra and Iyanla get off on this Color Purple type of madness.Someone disrespects you like this,you pray,reach out for your family and true friends and leave this turd.No need to turn it into a circus act.If my wife was void enough of humanity to pull such a filthy thing,she has to go and I wouldn't embarrass my self by letting those two dysfunctional females exploit me.They are so intellectually dishonest.


  8. As christians we are taught forgivness, but honestly speaking how much can one be asked to keep forgiving for the same sin. Even God will eventually get tired of it. But going one step futher, after finding out he impregnated one of his mistresses, honey the question wouldn't be if I should leave him, it would be when i leave him. You could only forgive so much before we say enough is enough!!!

  9. Everyday another and his penis…smh!

  10. Miss-write of the year so far…
    "Describing the show that had her "creaming" at her television screen, Winfrey said,


  12. I hope all the women, the pastor, the pastor's wife and men who have had sex with whom the pastor engaged in sex with get tested for the HIV virus….if not they they're all doing themselves a grave disservice.

  13. I am a Christian, but what is there to fix after 20 women?

  14. Charles A Everhart Sr.

    Oprah, this may be news to you and others, but this same scenario played out in a Buffalo, NY church some years ago…. and this young so called pastor moved many of the younger members out of Buffalo and started a new church in the south…

  15. I watched the show with anticiaption. It was interesting to see that another man that called himself a Pastor could do such a thing. I had the same experience with my Ex husband (a Pastor) that cheated on me, and thought we were to continue to live in the same home while he was cheating.He would talk to the woman while in the house with me. This let's me know that I have been changed by God because I did not cause him serious bodly harm, and be in a Texas prison. Still it is a bad reflection on the true men of God.

  16. Patricia Gillespie McAllister

    I think that the majority of these organized religions "churches" are nothing more than houses of shame. I think that the only concern for the majority of these churches is the tithe (your money), pedophilia (having sex with your children), adulterated sex, lying, stealing, and cheating. Also, many people have suffered mental breakdowns because of their association with these churches.

  17. Most everyone familiar with the Black church recognizes, that Black women are majority in the Black church. So, the charlatans, egomanics obsessive compulsives, and other mental disorders, pedophiles in the personas of ministers(pastors)are sited in the Churches. Women, particularly in the Church, are prey, because in many instances, they are uneducated. In many instances, sophisticated but not wise. My brother became a minister, because, he said he was tired of the fellas he grew up with exploiting Black women, while observing them all. He was talking about power. Women gravitate to men of/with power. Money is power. Being a minister is power. Beauty/goodlooks is power. Of course there is also the illusion of power, too. Black men, as a whole, know its all “game,” so they stay away. They are not as gullible. It’s all about the Caucasians version of Christianity, that African Americans have been taught. Not their own version.

  18. WOW, this is very sickening, you usually go to the pastor for guiduance and prayer, but u can c what type of prayer he prays. Now to the female that had the baby, she knew he was married when she laid down with him. She wanted to get pregnant, what a disgrace. There r a lot of single women out here that would like to have a husband, but wow to stoop that low and lay down with your pastor un protected is a damn disgrace and to all of the other females that laid down with him, I bet you a dime to a dollar they are the ones that calls her house on a regular basis and laugh with her. God is only calling out all of the un holy preachers or pastors ministers or what ever they want to call themselves. How can anyone look up to him as a leader? They are just an ordained individual that uses the church as a whorehouse. God is sitting high and looking low, he is looking and booking. I may have a little something , but it sure ain’t that . I belong to a Church and my pastor is single and nice looking, but there better not be a female that will approach him in an ungodly way. We have saints, members and a church mother that loves him and we keep things in decency and in order. We do not need the scandal. He doesn’t need any female to give him a reputation in a ungodly manner.

  19. Okay, why does a woman need to ask another woman if she needs to stay or leave – he was sleeping around with his congregation…. I mean, really? What do you think you need to do? What does your value set suggest you do?

  20. Okay, why does a woman need to ask another woman if she needs to stay or leave – he was sleeping around with his congregation…. I mean, really? What do you think you need to do? What does your value set suggest you do?

    • I watched this episode and wondered the same thing. He admitted to sleeping with at least 10 women in his church, and 10 others during their marriage (some of which he brought into their home while she was at work during the day). At the time of the taping, they had been living separately but still attending ALL church functions as "the happy family". She played her First Lady role to save face while he lied in the pulpit. It boiled down to being an abused woman's response/reaction. She knew it was wrong/hurtful/disrespectful as well as potentially dangerous considering he got one of them pregnant soooooo condom use wasn't 100% effective. He could have brought home an STD instead. But she was more worried about public opinion and scrutiny. He too had some emotional demons he's been dealing with regarding abuse and molestation by a family member as a young boy. But why they chose to expose it all via a TV show….. I don't know. But it was interesting to watch.

    • I too watch the episode and as Iyanla said… she sold her soul for a big hat and a parking space as the First Lady.

      I was saddened by her lack of self esteem and sickened by passa's EXCUSES… #judgenot, but this FOOL was off the chain with IT!!!

    • What happened to her happens everyday. No one knows what they would do in the situation. You have to evaluate self & decide what you will & will not take. Everything in life comes with a price tag..,, it's what you are willing to sacrifice for fame, recognition, status, etc…,, or do like I do & GET YOUR OWN!!!!

    • Today ppl rely too much on what someone has to offer instead of complementing someone is a leech… IJS…. I don't have OWN so I haven't seen the program but I believe if we open our EYES instead of walking around with blinders on & PRETENDING…. We could live better lives…, be proud of who you are & forget what others think…. But that's not the AMERICAN way….its all about MATERIALTHINGS in a MATERIAL WORLD with lots of MATERIAL PPL! Just my opinion

  21. Well, I guess the pastor will have to find another hustle.

  22. Well, I guess the pastor will have to find another hustle.

  23. This happens all to often in the black church, but we want to sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn't. Black women are the most religious group in America, which isn't a bad thing, however it also makes them the most gullible and susceptible to falling for these charismatic pastors all to often. I can't tell you how many times I seen this occur. Its a shame.

    • Hilarious!!! She is asking another woman what she should do – should I leave or stay. Just for asking a dumb as question like that STAY until you have had your fill. ..ijs

    • I saw this Randy and you know the sad part this is really going on in the church.

  24. The most frightening thing about all of these cheating, AIDS spreading, baby making Pastors is the fact that they never lose their jobs. People will let them stand up there and say oops, my bad, and then follow them right to hell. They have got to go!! If I mess up on my job there are consequences, if I commit a crime there are consequences, if your child breaks a window there are consequences. The only job in the world where you can screw half the congregation and still keep pour job—Pastor!!

  25. Nikie, too funny! Can't stop laughing, and I totally co-sign that sentiment!

  26. I don t understand why this is such a surprise? It is happening in so many IC (institutionalized churches) of today but so many are being so brainwashed that they either sweep it under the rug or think 'its not happening in my church' or WHAT happens in the church stays in the church…..that man better thank whatever god he serve daily that his wife is a better woman than most or she would be talking from behind bars! I firmly believe that once a man looses respect for a woman there is nothing he won t do?

  27. Ilyana needs to “fix her hair”.

    I missed the show. I am somewhat intolerant of Ilyana. She is a certified nut.

    Eww…You said Oprah creamed at her tv. (Proofread!!)

    The “pastor” isn’t even fine. The wife is worried about her status as “first lady”, child please. When will women ever learn?

  28. This is so sad and so real, I’m a minister daughter and to watch the womens threw therself at my father sicken me to my stomach,but the worst part was how my father friends whom was ministers approach me in so many ways. Thankfully my Mother had one chick that step out of line,but I settle that. Like I say my parents are ministers Not Me I give u a reason to draw closer to God I’ll slap both Cheeks! My father always call me his ram in the bush. But now I’m in a place in life that its hard to attend church, for I know what goes on. Praying her and me.

  29. This sadly is so commonplace its almost laughable if it was so pathetic. That poor woman. I’m quite sure on some level she knew what to do but needed an ally.

    In the reading of the Bible, there is indeed a Scripture concerning “if a mate is AGREEABLE to dwelling with one’s mate, let them stay. HOWEVER, the 2nd part stipulates “if they not let them depart”…

    Apparently husband has NOT (been agreeable) for a very long time.

    Women are so conditioned not to believe in their own goodness, that they will question themselves on what they should do. I believe we’ll figure it out at some point but at what cost? The husband has little regard for his wife & I might suggest disdain,but even less for himself.

    Factoring in,culturally speaking, it is Louisiana.

    Before anyone beats me up, there is a cultural undercurrent here that no matter how badly the man acts,the woman is less then that. People may be mad or get indignant but that undertow has been here for 300 years.

    No, not everyone & no not all the time, but that mysognistic attitude is threaded in the culture.

    So I can understand somewhat her struggle.

  30. Like Muddy Waters said Mannish Boy, but hey he is a human and he’s not the only man cheating today, and from what I see he charm women who r alone and lonely,

  31. Pastor worship is what creates major problems in churches. Every church I have ever been to as exhibited this problem – hence why i choose to worship on my own. They can interpret the Bible and so can I. The big difference is I don’t interpret the Bible to justify my wrongdoing.

  32. People in the congregation had to know that this was going on and they obviously kept quiet. Many church
    es wonder why they do not have dominion with the world and this is the main reason. And I can earnestkly tell you that God is ticked!

  33. Is the pastor's wife that stupid to wonder whether or not to stay with him when he has slept with half the congregation and got one of them pregnant? REALLY?

  34. @MzNicolle, you are so right "Fix My Wife" She most certainly have self-esteem issues. There are many forms of abuse cheating is at the top of the list especially for women who are held in high esteem by others. It seem she has gotten lost in being the "Pastors Wife" vs being "a wife" He broke every vow made and she chose to stay. Very sad!

  35. This is going on every where and it's sad whn there can't b any trust in tha church ……….

  36. the same thing is happening to Patraeus. Women will sleep with a man of power…married or not.

  37. this is nothing new and it happens nationwide. Its not good but what is the big publicity on THIS case?

  38. I noticed there wasn’t any comments about these CHeating women who knew this man was Married to the first Lady of the Church,they are just as much to blame as he is.

  39. SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE (FORNICATION) 1 Cor 5:11; 6:18,20; Ex 22:16,17

  40. Lack of self control. God will work it out.

  41. If they kept doing TV shows on this, they could do one a day for the next 30 years and come up with a pastor a day to boot.

  42. Im sorry but there are some things that u dont forgive or forget. She needs to pack her bags and leave his nasty ass. How do u disrespect your family and claim to do good works for the Lord. Counseling does not get it for me. She needs to leave and build her life! He needs not to have s church to lead.

  43. Does anybody believe this man believes in any god? I bet I could look at this guy and see the player in him. I would bet cheating on his wife is only one of his "sins". I would even go so far as to say he is playing religion for profit. His wife must have known what was going on. It takes time and money to seduce twenty women. And there is a reason she is still with him. It might be he's hung like a Shetland pony, she's ugly as sin or po as a church mouse. I don't know but I know there is a reason she did not leave as soon as she found out like any sane women would.

  44. She is being ridiculed in that church. So many women sit there having slept with her husband. He has completely broken their vows

  45. El'Malik Abdul Muhammed

    I know it was counceling these women in Jesus name! Go on KneeGrows and stay in Love with yo passa and chuuurch instead of the True words, smdh!!

    • You're the only dude to reply to this, and you come out condisending. With I might add an undercurrent of sarcasm toward Christians. I personally believe like CORAANN teaches toward Christians. If you don't respect it you need a bullet in your head. Don't act like this doesn't go on in your backwards ( masks). Mooslum…

  46. Bottom line is….this pastor needs to step down!! He has nono business ministering to anyone when he has been involved in all the trifling things he's done! He betrayed his wife, the sanctity of the church, and most importantly God!! Forgiveness is one thing…stupidity is another!! I am glad the wife left his trifling behind and his church! Maybe now she can heal and find real love again down the line.

  47. This is so strange to me. Adults who have licenses to drive, eduction degrees, professional positions…asking someone what to do in their live. Why is it obviously so easy to give over control to someone who does not have to live with the consequences of the decision? People grow up andtsje responsibility for your own life! This women is certifible if she stays with him. He has exposed her to potential death by sleeping around and she is not sure as to whether he needs a second chance to kill her. SMDH!

  48. Come on lady, leave the guy. Going on TV just looks as though she wants her 15 minutes of fame.

  49. People hold pastors high ..@ the end of the day they r men. Open to sin. There flesh is not frozen look @ them for who they are..Man an God is the great I am.. being christains we put them high . I love my pastor but he is a man open for sin.

  50. Nikie Greene Dolson

    20 women & one was pregnant, appearing on Iyanla isnt the show i would be on i would be on Snapped!!

  51. she doesn't need The whole country in hair marriage,she is a first lady of her church,she should be living by the bible and not mans,word,look for Adulterer&Adultery,she will have her answer

    • you are correct, but she should of thought about that before publicly airing her business on a national show. some skeletons need to stay in the closet.

    • Today! she did leave his Church, but still want her man.

    • Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney

      Sorry,I think you're incorrect. Too many secrets too long. You are blaming HER? I'm puzzled. The skeletons have been out of the closet 20 women ago. "The best kept secret is the one everybody knows".

  52. Well why do we hold pastors to such higher calling they are men loook at david.king solomon.with 1000wifes ? im saying its right its so wrong but he shall stand before GODS THRONE ONEDAY SOON

    • uh God and man holds everyone to the standard of martial faithfulness, the prob w being a pastor and doing this is that by taking that position you r saying your hands r clean enough to teach and to lead so ppl trust that they r. PPl look to pastors to b Men of God genuinely not just in word, they take that position knowing all that comes w it and should accept the consequences of letting sin overcome them. Even the bible says "not many of you should desire to be teachers, teachers will be judge more harshly" People who claim they r prepared to lead should b, there r plenty of men who r so controlled by The Spirit that they have NEVER cheated on their wives, preachers should definitely b controlled by The Spirit enough to refrain from cheating 20 times.

    • Yes ur rite but the word says all have come short of the glory of GOD YES they are to be men doing the rite things not but here in the last days ttheir will all kinds of teaching and so called men GOD leading many the wrong way we were warned by JESUS of these kind of men in end times so just
      take a look around these its all kinds of teachings and people are being mislead I was chating with a man the other and told me noah was the 1st person raped after the flood by another man {sic} and he had a KJV bible ? I never read that anywhere and he also said GOD DONT mind women being gay he hates men that way

    • that dont give him the right to do it ,its the women that make it too easy for them by acceting it !

  53. I understand she probably needs some counseling but do you really need for someone to tell you to leave this fool who has jeopardize your life so many times by sleeping with all these different women? REALLY NOW! Be for real woman.

  54. Pantz-Aka Da-Beautiful Thinker

    She really needs Iyanla to tell her if she should stay or go? Really? If she stays, she's a fool and deserves to be cheated on AGAIN, point blank! Fool me once, fool me TWENTY TIMES…Ijs.

    • The name of this particular episode should be, "FIX MY WIFE"…. because she is crazzy to stay with him !!!!!

    • Pantz-Aka Da-Beautiful Thinker

      Exactly….How many more times does a person have to cheat to show you they can't/won't be monogamous?
      And for the record, I don't believe for one second she did not know this was taking place (i havent' seen the show, so I don't know if she siad she did or not). You don't sleep around for that long, with THAT MANY people, and the other person not have an inkling something is going on.
      And when did this man find the time? Geesh

    • Whew…I HAD to stay off of here until I saw that episode. ROFL…she said she was filing for divorce THANK GAWD…not sure what took her so long. And he brought the women to their HOME while the wife was at work? AND had a baby with one? And at least HALF of those chicks were members of their church. But, according to the credits…he's in counseling…and of course, the church kept him on as their pastor….CTFU Now THAT did NOT surprise me. Blaming molestation for his 'cycle of abuse'…I'm more willing to bet that infidelity was more about proving his manhood since he undoubtedly questioned his sexuality at some point. The molester, according to him, was a male family member…*shrug* I'm just glad she's getting out of that situation, 'cause all those tears and I didn't get one IOTA of sincerity from him. Pffft! His church was nothing but a STABLE!

    • He should definitely be ousted as a pastor, there is no exscuse for that,,,not trying to hear it…imagine going to church praise the lord have and over to the left , right, front, back up on the ceiling are women the pastor preaching is sleeping with. DISGUSTING.COM

    • Counseling sessions are my guess

  55. Im getting ready to post up in front of the tv. I live in the Bible Belt as its call. Some of the stuff these pastors do is absolutely sickens me.

    • I'm not shock at all

    • Me either, nothing shocks me

    • I'M so sick of people in pastoral positions using their weakness as excuses. Some even threaten folk with " touch not my anointed one and do my prophet no harm". If he did what he was called to do he would not have to be touched by folk finding about about them. The some are quick to say what goes on in this church stays in this church. Come preachers do we look that stupid. Yes I know all of us mess up, but step down until you are for real with your calling. ijs

  56. You no I have to DVR that show.