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Let’s Face the Facts: 1 in 2 Black Women Have Herpes

Your Black World Staff

It’s time to face the facts. Health studies and reports show that the black community has a sexually transmitted disease epidemic on their hands.  Some people in the black community have speculated that a continued lack of good decision-making has allowed the spread of STDs. Many women will sleep with a man who has had numerous sexual partners or has children with multiple women and not consider the severity of their actions.

Women need to better protect themselves. In order to do this, there needs to be better education in the black community. Studies have shown that 50% of black women have herpes which is half of the women in the community. Herpes is not the only thing to worry about. Half of all new HIV/AIDS cases are black women.

This is where accountability comes in. With STD screening and free condoms available at local clinics, there is no reason why STDs should be spreading so rapidly. Requiring your partner to get screened before engaging in any intimacy should be the first step for everyone. After the results come back, even if they are negative, both partners should engage in preventative and protective methods (like male or female condoms) against STDS.

Black women must take precautions to protect themselves. Ten-thousand black women die yearly from sexually transmitted diseases. Resistance to awareness will not stop this epidemic. Only through a continued lack of awareness, lack of education and lack of accountability will this epidemic spread.  We all have to do better.

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