Yvette Carnell: What Will be the Right Wing Response if Obama Wins Reelection?

by Yvette Carnell

In a previous post, I expounded on Tavis Smiley’s list of excuses black people will make if President Obama loses reelection. The list included the following:

  1. Obama didn’t want the job anymore. Who’d want to deal with all that racism day in and day out!
  2. White people used Obama to clean up their mess, then threw him away.
  3. Joe Biden!
  4. Obama miscalculated, threw the first debate with the rope-a-dope, but couldn’t come back quick enough.
  5. That Libya stuff was a set up

And my favorite of all: It’s all the fault of  Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Boyce Watkins, and Yvette Carnell.

But what hasn’t been thoroughly explored is how white conservative fanatics will react if President Obama is reelected. What will they do? What excuses will they make if Romney loses? Here are a few predictions:

  1. Armageddon – This reaction  includes the belief that we’re headed for what old folks call the” end times”..  It will lead many on the right to believe that Obama must be stopped somehow, by any means necessary. It’s the sort of thinking that makes many of the zealots on the right so dangerous.
  2. Left wing conspiracy.
  3. Illegal aliens stole the election for Obama.
  4. Romney wasn’t conservative enough.
  5. I just gotta work harder to “take my country back!
  6. Dumb liberals.
  7. Muslim curse.
  8. This is just evidence that liberals hate America!
  9. This is a challenge sent by Jesus (like how Glenn Beck said Romney was behind in the polls so God could work a miracle)
  10. Violence.
Violence is the worst of all possible outcomes, but states rights types are known for throwing violent fits when they can’t have their way. Isn’t that what led to the Civil War?
We can be sure that if Obama wins, he will (still) be viewed as an illegitimate president. And it doesn’t matter how many birth certificates President Obama presents, he will always be viewed as the outsider in a long list of white presidents. No one should expect that to change.
If Obama wins, it’s gridlock for four years, but gridlock is certainly better than some grand conservative experiment, so there’s that.
Yvette Carnell is a former Capitol Hill and campaign staffer turned writer. She is currently an editor and contributor to Yourblackworld. You can reach Yvette via Twitter @YvetteDC or on Facebook.


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  1. I am an Independent, but I hope Obama wins. For world peace and a better foreign policy, Obama is the man to elect.

  2. I have already voted for Obama I have to think about my retired mother who has Medicare (that she worked for 48 year for) getting rid of the donut whole for prescription coverage.

  3. Thank you Alan! When he wins!!

  4. Black people are in no position to have reasons nor excuses if obama should loose because Obama is only allowed 8 years and he has already done 4 years and that is an average of 50/50. 50/50 is fair odds.

    Also even if Obama should lose black people can take stock knowing that no one can never say that it did not happened and besides black people had 4 years to get it together and if they did not then…. tough titties said the kitties.

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak.
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes.

    All the incendiary rhetoric is just that. Bottom line, this is a Federal Republic not a democracy so mob rule (democracy) is off-set by the Electoral College. Most people in America just want peace & the ability to earn a good living & maintain their lifestyle. As erection time approaches insecurity reigns supreme & it’s all BS.
    There are definitely some far-out & dangerous nut-jobs out there in both parties. Remember what democratic senator Byrd said about Martin Luther King? This revered democrat (Byrd,) said King was just a trouble maker. Everybody seems to hate somebody sometime & they just can’t seem to get over it. It’s all insincere, insulting BS. Peace & love & vote as your conscience guides you.

  6. Well, I already voted for Obama. The reason is hr is following the Keynesian economic prescription fkr economic recovery. The economic indicators back it up. The only complaint I had is the same as Nobel Laureate in Economics, Paul Krugman, says: he didn’t come hard enough. In his second term, Mr. Obama needs to discard his Lincolb hat and put his Franklin Roosevelt hat and his Lyndon Johnson boxing gloves. Now, Yvette Arnold,.I have not read one time where you did anything but criticize black supporters of Obama (never the white ones). as we do not have the sense to support him without valid reasons. I am not impressed with your white house credentials since you do not seemto be very knowledgeable, and your reasoning is very weak.All the economic experts I have researched say Obama is on the money. If I made typos it is because I am usi.g my Android in a shopping mall.

  7. Don't you mean WHEN Obama wins?

  8. Some people will see the light after the election…etc., but that is to-late.

  9. You can vote for who ever you like, I'm not confident we still know who Obama Inc. is, I know he is POTUS, but their is more some where. I think the President is a punk and Michelle wears the pants and he would be nothing without her. While you are on your computers look up Michelle Obama TWC at Princeton University 1981, and see what I mean. "go to Google or any other search engine".
    I think their whole trump card will be exposed. All the things Ms. Carnell thinks might happen won't mean a thing. the press has been behind him all these years, I think they will drop him like a hot potatoe and the president will be left with only us blacks still backing him and talking about everyone is a racist for not backing him in this next term.

    I think he , the President has been setup from years ago to be right where he is now, I think he is but a puppet of much greater power then we know and things are about to change for all of us BIG TIME!

  10. I'm voting for Obama, and I'm NOT scared to the spoiled-brat Right wing-dings that threaten violence. Those punks want a rumble, let's give them one!

    • I'm casting my vote tomorrow. We can vote through November 2nd in Wisco. Obama is my man, hands down.

    • You're voting for someone who is in strong agreement with Romney, signed bills to allow for indefinite detention without trial, making it illegal to protest within a mile of the Secret Service, and extended and expanded the PATRIOT Act, all unconstitutional. He boasts that he got us out of Iraq when Bush signed the treaty that gave the exact date we had to have all our troops out (they were there to that day) and Obama tried to get the Iraqis to allow our troops to stay longer.

      There's no difference in voting for him, for Romney, or writing in George W Bush. If you want to see actual difference, try: http://www.stewartalexanderforpresident2012.org

  11. I don't know but I do know it will be something lame, outrageous, stupid, very ignorance and dung…..

  12. I just hope that all black and latinos that are for Obama go to the polls and many should do early voting so they won't have problems in the voting polls.