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Woman Set on Fire by the KKK Still Hasn’t Received Much National Media Coverage

Sharmeka Moffitt has endured an absolute nightmare.  The 20-year old woman was walking through a park recently when three men approached her, setting her on fire.   The woman has suffered burns to half of her body and is in critical condition after police responded to her 911 call on Sunday night.

The letters “KKK” were scratched into her car and the FBI is investigating the case as a possible hate crime.  It has been reported by some media outlets that she was pointed out for the attack because she was wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt.  This hasn’t been confirmed, but it does appear quite likely that she was attacked for being black.

So far, most of the national media hasn’t picked up Sharmeka’s case.  ABC News finally posted something on its website, but to our knowledge, CNN, Fox and the major networks haven’t covered the story.  Thousands of well-wishers have flocked to the “Prayers for Sharmeka” Facebook fan page, which has gotten nearly 20,000 likes, and the creators of the page are stating that they still haven’t seen much major media coverage.

Moffitt told police that the men covered her in flammable liquid before setting her on fire.  The incident took place in Winnsboro, a town in Louisiana.   Moffitt says that the men were wearing white hoods when they approached her, but she could not identify their race.  No suspects have been found as of  yet and the park has no surveillance cameras.

Franklin Sheriff Kevin Cobb described the incident as “a horrific event.” He also pledges to thoroughly investigate the case.

Otis Chisley, the president of the local branch of the NAACP, said that he has reached out to the family and wants to proceed with caution before presuming that the incident was racially-motivated.

It’s prevalent throughout Louisiana,” he said. “It’s hidden but it exists.”


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