Woman Set on Fire Allegedly For Wearing a Pro-Obama T-Shirt

A woman was set on fire this weekend, allegedly for wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt.  Sharmeka Moffitt is now in critical condition after the incident, which has sent shock waves through the Winnsboro, LA community.  According to the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office, Moffitt was walking along a trail at 8 pm on Sunday evening and three men approached her.  That is when she was attacked and set on fire.

The 20-year old woman was taken to a hospital in Winnsboro and then transferred to LSU Hospital, which is in Shreveport.

The media hadn’t picked up on the incident until it hit social media.  The story has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, adding increased tension to the atmosphere surrounding the final presidential debate.  The presidency of Barack Obama has been a test on race relations in America, and Louisiana is one of the hottest anti-Obama hotbeds in the nation.

In spite of reports that the woman was attacked for wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt, the sheriff’s office is stating that they don’t know what motivated the attack.  Mixed reports coming to us at Your Black World say that the attack may have been a hate crime.

The Louisiana State Police are now picking up the investigation.


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  1. It has been reported that the woman set her self on fire. Did you people check this before causing us all of this anguish? Geez!

  2. Check this out:


    More Black-on-White violence.

  3. Check out this news flash:


    Another example of white-on-black violence…ooops, sorry, BLACK-on-black violence.

  4. WELL, WELL, WELL! Now the truth comes out…she made the whole thing up….

  5. Woman who alleged she was attacked and set on fire by three white men for wearing Obama t-shirt SET HERSELF ON FIRE


  6. WELL, WELL, WELL…the truth comes out…she made the whole thing up….so all you people who shrieked that America hates Black people (though most of Obama's supporters are White), and that the KKK is rampant and still lynching folks (although over 95% of Blacks who are murdered are the victims of other Blacks) can now divert your attention to the Black-on-Black crimes that happen way more than White-on-Black crimes….but you most likely won't.

  7. Say it loud. I’m human and I’m proud. Doesn’t matter whether we are black white or brown. Don’t let the hatred get you down.
    Say it loud. I’m human and I’m proud.

  8. Are we not behind enemy lines?… There is large segment of this population that will never accept us. They are cowards laying in the grass like snakes. We had better be careful. Very disturbing story… Very disturbing.

  9. HEY jeff f*art, where you at, boy?

    You don’t want to comment on your kooky kinky kracker kin folks? HUH?

    YOU SLUT!!!

  10. HEY jeff f*art, where you at, boy?

    You don’t want to comment on your kooky kinky kracker kin folks? HUH?

    YOU SLUT!!!

  11. Gloria Y Fredericks

    Our hearts and prayers go out to this young woman. This attack speaks to the hatred that is still so widespread in America. It is also a reminder about the hooligans living among us but these hooligans would like us to respect them although they don’t deserve our respect. Why must we show any respect for cannibals, trash, and ignoramuses? This is why EVERY BLACK person must VOTE Obama/Biden 2012

  12. Those of the first nation experienced this type of terrorism when president Andrew Jackson began scalping Indians. Terrorism and oppression is a part of their nature. They admittedly foment rebellion across the world in order to destabilize and remove governments that they do not control. They have rejected the Creator of the universe and sided with The Destroyer. The Destroyer is a murderer and those who have his mind kill, steal and oppress. They set up systems that encourage theft by the banks and those who borrow from them. Chaos reigns and the demons are having a party in our government. Minds ablaze with hate and blood in the streets. This country has lost it’s character and is now in punishment for an increase in sins.
    You can’t grow food in a desert. Read in the Book what causes the creation of deserts and wasteland. A people who were blessed to bless the world has now become a curse to the world. No wonder rich people are moving to emerging third world countries. This nation is cursed.

  13. Peter D. Slaughter

    May the sister get better in time
    Maybe if more black’s gave up tv and all this so-called funny entertainment of men hollering and screaming in wigs and dresses.
    Plus all these other slave coon rappers calling each of us the n word and the b word.
    Maybe the kkk would say leave these people alone.
    They love themselves.
    But as long as black people keep on taking part in coonery and other monkeyshine twisted behavior.
    The kkk and the police will keep on abusing the divine human rights of afrikans and black’s world wide.

  14. My heart goes out to her and to all others who suffer because of ignorance. I care. We are not all ignorant. I wish Obama would pay her and this sweet little baby a visit, raise her spirits a little.

  15. I just went on line and read where her mother said: SHE WAS NOT wearing an Obama shirt. But KKK was written on her car which means it was a hate crime. My prayers go out to her and her family. How sad in this day & age this is still going on. Where does it stop, when does it stop, if ever. Only when the White Man realizes God did not create just them but lots of others as well, and he placed us here for a reason, maybe just to see if we could get along with each other. I would suggest they read the Bible especially where it says “the sins of the fathers, shall be bestowed upon their children.” They came here from Europe and stole this country from the American Indian and placed them on reservations, They then went to Africa and stole our forefathers from their families, do they not think there is a price to be paid, they have been stealing their way in this world ever since. I don’t know what Bible the racist read but it can’t be the one I read.

  16. People get out and vote! Do not let the “pen & tilte” given to you define who you are! Continue to hold on to God and the racism matter will come to a head. Only in america would hate rise as high as it has. THANKS TO THE POLITICIANS the race war is almost at hand.

  17. HOAX !

    Madonna CONSTANTINE. (fake noose at Columbia U)

    Tawana BRAWLEY. (fake rape in Da Bronx)

    …and the list goes on.

    African Americans with their tiny semi-simian hybrid brains that weigh 120 grams on average less than other races’ brains on average (the One Banana Difference!), as per Dunning Kruger, are simply too dim-witted to understand that the whole Victimization thing, the whole Cry Wolf Whitey Be Bad thing… is no longer working!

    People both white and black are catching on, alas.

    So please, Black America, give up the whining already. You are not as smart as people of other races. Because your ancestors took longer – over tens of thousands of years – to divorce themselves from the monkeys and other primates of Africa, that we all evolved from. In a word: your ancestors mated with primates, and that is why you have a facial angle of 72 degrees, compared with 85 degrees for white euros, and 60 degrees for a common orangutan. See erectuswalksamongst.us to cross reference.

    Please keep in mind also that when European explorers first showed up to explore Africa, not a single European had ever seen a gorilla, a monkey, or a baboon. In Africa these creature were relatively plentiful; as a result (See David Brion Davis’s “Of Inhuman Bondage” ) white Europeans understandably tended to associate Negroes with primates. Or rather, white Euros failed to comprehend the distinction between the two.

    Also: When European explorers discovered Africa and its peoples for the first time, they had never up until then discovered a human-like population that was so primitive that said population had never invented the wheel, for goodness sakes. Never mind a written language; never mind a numbers system; never mind a systemic religion. And the list goes on.

    Look at the facts, folks, before you start calling me a terrible anti-african racist. I am NOT.

    -Lizzy Lester

    • @snagglepuss:

      I see I have to school another crazy cracker…AGAIN! LOL

      I laugh at you NIGorant azzholes with your bullsh**t his-tory/his-LIE! You’re very comical, and stupid at the same time.

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      I saw a program on the History Channel, and a caucasoid ape was eating ROAD KILL!!! He hasn’t bought meat from a store in 15 years because he eats ROAD KILL!!! If that ain’t an animal, I don’t know what IT is!!!

      Later, you ape-gal or ape-boy, or whatever!

  18. America the land of EVIL… Just look ariund

  19. Couldn't have been my relative!

  20. Holding her in prayer for healing. This despicable act must be brought to light and the perpetrators to justice.

  21. Of course it was hate. I have found,though, that it is self destructive to trade hate for hate. No, I am not saying you should love these guys, or forgive them or any such noble acts but focus on something positive somewhere. When I read these kind of stories and feel the hate building up in me I grab my guitar and play some beautiful love song. Sometimes I eat chocolate but I have to go easy on that.
    Stay cool, posters, and don’t let this cruel world get you down.



  24. Knowing that this behavior is alive in our country deeply saddens me. This unthinkable act has altered her life forever. WTF people. Hate=Fear

  25. First, I hope that she makes a speedy recovery and that her family goes for the jugular on these men who did such a nasty, devilish crime.

    Now, if anyone don’t think that this debate has alot to do with the economy, foreign policy, taxes, the middleclass and our future in education and competitiveness, then it is a problem. But it is also a problem if you don’t realize that this election is also about color. After watching the presidential debate last night. I am more convinced. For Mitt to switch up his whole campaign, and lie on national television in front of millions agreeing with every aspect and policy President Obama stands for shows strategy with an ultimate agenda. The white conservative hates Obama and the fact that he IS a black man makes them cringe. So they will tell lies to get the vote that will take him out of office even after we have seen how he has made changes in this country. We are coming out of two wars. And anyone knows following a war is a depression. He has effortlessly worked and fought for better rights for the middle class Americans. But has been pushed back by the republicans (in many reports throughout this campaign) that have stated that basically slavery is the way to go.

    Here is a women who unfortunately had to be on the other end of the racisism that clearly still exists. When it comes to the republicans, this race is not focused on the people, our country and economics. Its based on color.

  26. May God heal the sister and give her a burning desire to fight those devils who attacked her and others like them. Three men on a young girl, typical cowardess white little pryck f@gs.
    To Onesilverbac and Lynn, why do you two even bother coming on this blog to spew your crud. We all know that there are issues in the black community, but there are even more issues in the Racist community. And if you think for one minute that Black people coming together is going to stop that evil plague with the white race, you are fooling yourself and trying to fool us in simultaneously. Why is it so hard for you to find the story about the KKK “silverbac”, or is it that you decided to challenge Derrick, before actually researching for yourself. I don’t know what race you are, but if you are not black, please take your analysis and fax it to someone who cares. And if you are black, you are a poor excuse for a black person. Lynn, you are just a non-factor. You could be a white woman, a white gay male or a TROLL. Either way you reek of a sad sad person, who has no purpose in life but to be a complete and utter bore to the world.

  27. You know something what these racist have to realize is that the world has changed the majority is now the minority. The Republican Party and the good ole boys better wake up to the fact that women,Latinos and gay rights are issues they must come to the center regarding if not they will lose presidential elections for years to come

  28. Verna Simms Mc Coy

    praying with sharmeka and family. may God give you strength to endure what has happened and those three men be brought to justice.

  29. All this is taking place in the good olde US of A. The nation that is 'freeing' other nations from 'oppression'… one has to wonder


  31. God has a way of protecting his servants I pray that Ms Moffet heals mentally physically and spiritually from this cowardly attack to think it took three men to hurt a poor defenseless girl. If LA is not careful its going to have a revolution on its hand. the world should take note that the state of LA hatred for the President is only because he is a black Man. if you don't support Obama why should we support you.

  32. Its just a shame that there are still so many bigoted people still in this world full of hate.

    • I don't even know what to say about this. Thanks for sharing the story though. This is something we need to keep an eye on. Have a good day, Jackie!

  33. @Jonathon B..white will be th minority anyway with all the mixed relationships in America.

  34. Our nation needs Jesus! This is truly sinful. Right wing religious kooks. There’s nothing to do but collaborate, actively agitate, respond without delay, educate. They shall get back what they sow. “What you wow so shall you reap…vengeance is Mine sayeth The Lord..” The Lord helps those who help themselves. “…take our nation back…” Wake up Herman Cain, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Micheal Steele, etc.
    “Come by here God, Come by here…

  35. Is it any wonder why we have race problems within our own race, when we have people like Boyce Watkins, claiming that Obama, only became President because he was half white, or half black. If this is true, then it was alright that Clarence Thomas, got appointed to the Supreme Court, because he was black, and it was alright when Boyce himself, was hired to teach at Syracuse university, because he was black. Yes, there is a racial problem in America, and it begins in our own race.

    • @coonhead:

      Are you in love with Boyce? D**mn, I ain’t never seen a cracker, who talks about Boyce 24/7 on this site!!!

      Take your n**ger azz back to your cave!!!

      He has a right, just like your dumb azz to voice his opinion…redneck!!!

  36. Derrick; I could find no information that states the perps were wearing hoods. Where did you find it? Would you mind posting your source, thanks

    • Woman Set on Fire by the KKK Still Hasn’t Received Much National Media Coverage

      Read the d*amn the story and get back with me. You crackers always trying to catch me in a LIE!!!

      I COME WITH PROOF and TRUTH…remember that!!!

      “The letters “KKK” were scratched into her car and the FBI is investigating the case as a possible hate crime.”

      “So far, most of the national media hasn’t picked up Sharmeka’s case. ABC News finally posted something on its website, but to our knowledge, CNN, Fox and the major networks haven’t covered the story.”

      Now, what was your question?

  37. Voting has nothing to do with this, the President can not change anything, and may be the cause of some of it.

    Whites are not the only racist, we have our share also and we all know it!

    Want to get past this stuff? Economic Power is the key! When you can hire and fire a million of them because you are the owners of the business then you will see the decline not over night but as the realization sinks in that black people are not just those with their hand out or marginal with not a lot to offer, but a major contributors to the overall society, business, banking, construction, science, finance rather than basketball and hip hop! Own some land!

    Get your sons to pull up their pants, have your daughters demand respect. Tell them to put down the games and do the home work, stress education!! We are better off than any other group of Black people in the World; yet we are nearly as great as we can be, not even close, you want respect, you want to stop racism? We all know what it will take, to few are will to make the real effort that is required!

    I also am sorry about the young lady in Louisiana, don’t let the tragic actions of some fool stop us, it should not be something that has us screaming racism but something that makes our race strive for greatness!

  38. A woman of color clings to life because men refuse to allow her the right to exist, to live free of violence and the threat of violence.

  39. ""Woman Set on Fire Allegedly For Wearing a Pro-Obama T-Shirt"".


    Madonna CONSTANTINE. (fake noose at Columbia U).

    Tawana BRAWLEY. (fake rape in The Bronx)…and the list goes on.

    African Americans with their tiny semi-simian hybrid brains that weigh 120 grams on average less than other races' brains on average (the One Banana Difference!), as per Dunning Kruger, are simply too dim-witted to understand that the whole Victimization thing, the whole Cry Wolf Whitey Be Bad thing… is no longer working!

    People both white and black are catching on, alas.

    So please, Black America, give up the whining already. You are not as smart as people of other races. Because your ancestors took longer – over tens of thousands of years – to divorce themselves from the monkeys and other primates of Africa, that we all evolved from. In a word: your ancestors mated with primates, and that is why you have a facial angle of 72 degrees, compared with 85 degrees for white euros, and 60 degrees for a common orangutan. See erectuswalksamongst.us to cross reference.

    Please keep in mind also that when European explorers first showed up to explore Africa, not a single European had ever seen a gorilla, a monkey, or a baboon. In Africa these creature were relatively plentiful; as a result (See David Brion Davis's "Of Inhuman Bondage" ) white Europeans understandably tended to associate Negroes with primates. Or rather, white Euros failed to comprehend the distinction between the two.

    Also: When European explorers discovered Africa and its peoples for the first time, they had never up until then discovered a human-like population that was so primitive that said population had never invented the wheel, for goodness sakes. Never mind a written language; never mind a numbers system; never mind a systemic religion. And the list goes on.

    Look at the facts, folks, before you start calling me a terrible anti-african racist. I am NOT.

    -Lizzy Lester

    • This is the clearist example of racism i've witnessed. whoever wrote this comment believes that people are superior/inferior on the basis of skin color or ethnicity. whatever historical points you may bloviate, will not erase you mean spirited rant. You my friend are a card carrying racist. What is worse is that probably based on cowardice you will never reveal yourself, probably for fear of being stomped into the ground… Everything you wrote come worse popular tripe of you ethnic group. I am amazed at how evil some of YOU PEOPLE can be.

  40. WTH, this is terrible and I believe it was a hate crime due to the little information given about the people that did this to the young lady. Lord, Bless her and her family with justice and the mindset to move away from this area for the safety of her family.

  41. K Nomatterwhat Wade

    Go Vote Please……….

  42. Damn Devils! What these Demons want? For a Brother to Smile at ’em or shine some shoes I blame some of us for not securing our Women & Family!

  43. Bunch of friggin cowards ,is,nt that always the case when white folks attack black people its always a bunch of these assholes on one defenceless person.Black folks need to walk around in numbers so these types of occurances don,t happen ,white folks won,t approach you if the odds are evened up ,that shows them for what they are a bunch of cowardly pieces of shit.But as someone on this forum stated there are still some black folks who are all too willing to forgive these pieces of shit.If it was me i’d be getting a fire arm and be looking for some payback.

  44. beyond the atrocity of this, prayers for this poor woman who must be in unmeasurable pain.

  45. Now see then when some Ninjas get after they a$$ they gone be saying can we all get along! I pray they are found and put in the Electric Chair! This shyt don't make no damn sense!

    • did you go to snopes on this?

    • Amber Isaidit Taylor

      well….if you know who wins they'll be hanging us by trees and having a real picnic=pic a nigga

    • No Osika but I sure thought to because I surely don't want no shyt like this to be true! I'm on my way now! You're right Amber the Poor and Minorities better watch out when it comes to his ignorant backside!

    • see that's why I don't like this election, we are divided, and someone needs to just call it out, let's just say either way….we are screwed by the hatred…damn I hate what this nation has become a nation of haters and we aren't hating who created this mess we just hate each other now…so sad…and pls quit calling yourselves that degrading name

    • Yeah sweetie this story is real as a big face $100 bill! Sad and True!

    • l…remain calm cuz these jokers know social media is gonna win this election and if they can cause a stir and get a hornet's nest a buzzing then we will vote by color and not the issues. I for one think there is more than meets the eye to this hijinx and for sure Trump is gonna say some white ppl panic message next to get the whities all riled up..they are imposters to get ppl to vote color, not i$$ue$, that is the root of all evil, the love of money, or rather the money they and ALL OF THEIR PO$$E$ $TAND TO LO$E

    • That's what most do any ways Osika! My granny said her dad told her back in the day White Men said they'd vote for a Black Dog b4 they voted for a Black Man! Now here's the kicker had Obama did a horrible job they wouldn't even want to be serious about having a candidate to run against him! Just like they've cheated during election times b4 they very well could have done it 4yrs ago but they know BUSH WACK A$$ F'd UP! So stay tuned this is just the beginning I didn't want to vote for Obama because I never foreseen him making it a yr let alone a whole term without them offing him! I simply didn't want his blood on my hands but once I saw how passionate he was about it I had no other reason to support him based on COLOR alone because HALLOWEEN was one of the only days that children could fantasize about being President until now! I don't trust any Politician no matter their color, race or creed! Believe me when I say none of them are for folks like you and me!

    • Not unless they ARE one of u. We need more Mindz like yourz to deal with political systemz. I can't stomach this story! More hate crimez. Racially motivated hate crimez or otherwise, all hate crimez sicken me. unless it is killin a pedophile. boo hoo. But anywayz, I wanna talk like this tomorrow wit yall. lemme come wit a sharp Mind and shake ya treez! hahaa

    • This is like an hour from where I stay..

    • We have never seen a time where such a Powerful hate has been so well defeated. We need only continue where tha 60z left off at tha Assassinationz of our Greatest Leaderz and Educatorz. We speak all night to ppl across tha country but will not bring new neighborz a welcome plate. This must change because choicez need be made! Stand up and be accounted for! But yall Know I am not gonna preach to tha choir here. just a rehearsal, baby. Just rehearsal!

  46. Race and racism is alive and well in this Country in spite of our elective Black President. White folks are just as vicious and evil as they ever were during the slavery period. Oh, there are pockets of White People who practice some form of civility but they far and few between. Black Folk and other minorities are forewarned that White People don’t care about you. Before the President could sit down in the Oval Office they wanted to make him a one term President. They have disrespected him and lied about him continuously and will do or say anything to hinder progress in this Country. The White House is not the place for a Black Man. Oh, we have something for them…we’ve come too far to be turn back now. Black folk have earned their place at the table of power in America and we will exercise that power or die trying. We have the right to walk the trails and pathways of this Country without being attack by pack of evil, cowardly and despicable gang who try to take away our rights. My heart and prayers goes out for this beautiful woman.

  47. OMG! It doesn't make a difference if she was attacked for the color of her own skin or the skincolor of a president she supported, it matters that she was attacked for skincolor period. This is shameful and outrageous. That poor young woman!

  48. I spoke with the Winnsboro police department and the story as reported isn’t true. No KKK and no OBama t-shirt.


    • @Lying lynn:

      As you can see the story is TRUE, you dumb c**nt!!!

      You crackers are the most lying bunch of scum in this racist f**king country!!!



      Now, do you negroids see why I call these low life ba**sturds crackers, negroids, caucasoids, honkeys, etc., etc.


  49. Linching is alive and well in the south again. Trayvon Martin case is a good example of how whites attitudes towards blacks haven’t changed much. They still view blacks as 3/5 humans like in the past. Blacks are not considered to be a “whole” person in this country, so black life is meaningless.

  50. While all the fact may not be known at this time, this is sick. I don't give a damn who you choose to support no human being should be subjected to this nonsense. I pray that they find the culprits and soon and they will get their just do.

    • whatever the reason behind it..throw the book at them

    • Big T, this is one of those things that test a brother's faith. Trust me, there are some other things my flesh is feeling but I can't go there because I would be allowing these animals to have a certain control over me. Not today…

  51. What this story isn’t telling us is, that she reported that it was 3 people, who were wearing white hoods!!! DO THE D*MN MATH!

    I keep trying to tell y’all these yankees HATE us, and I don’t know why y’all keep trying to integrate with these demonic devils! Anytime these demon/devils will shoot at an O’Drama election building, you know they’ll KILL A BLACK MAN OR WOMAN!

    Y’all get mad at me because I call it like I see it, and EVERYDAY y’all are seeing the Truth come to the surface! The majority of you xtian negroids don’t want to hear the Truth, but the Truth is right in front of your eyes!

    Now, where are the xtian negroids, who are going to forgive these racist b*east?


    I don’t give a d*amn what y’all think about me, I call like it LIKE IT IS!!!

  52. This hurts so bad, I feel so ineffective, what can I/we do? Just lift her u() in ()rayer, and contribute $ to her com()lete recovery; dollar bills, y’all.

  53. The story went viral Sunday evening on Twitter and Facebook. Many of the posts speculated the attack was a hate crime. However, the sheriff's office has also confirmed with KSLA News 12 that Moffitt was not wearing a President Obama t-shirt, despite claims on social media—Come on guys, stop the race baiting! As a white Jewish women, these sick F's would have set me on fire- Vote for a president that will represent your interest- With record Black unemployment, you have been completely ignored by Obama-If you want 4 more years of record unemployment, then vote for Obama-its your choice-

  54. Judy Tomashaska Kemp

    Don't worry, the attackers WILL be caught. Winnfield is a very small town. Everyone in Shreveport is praying for her and her family.

  55. Judy Tomashaska Kemp

    Her family has publicly come out and said she was NOT wearing an Obama t-shirt. Police also do not know the race of the attackers.

  56. The time has come for all minorities to unite and show our strenght. We pay our taxes and abide by the laws of this country and the States we reside in. Until we unite and make legislative changes we will not be recognized and repected.

  57. So its 2012 and we haven't learned to accept our difference in politics,sexual preference and choice of fashion??


  59. I have no faith that she'll receive justice.

  60. It IS a hate crime! Anyone who sets another on fire hates the person they set on fire; therefore it’s a hate crime. Stop playing word semantics.

  61. Tahara Kelly Muhammad

    I pray for this young woman and what is so sad is that this is happening in 2012.

  62. The attack MAY have been a hate crime? No F-ing kidding. So, I suppose not much is going to be done about it, cause, you know, them good old boys was just tryin ta have a little fun and then things got a little out 'o' control, and you know how it is down here…..

  63. Some things won't change in America no matter what year it is

  64. Stephanie Phillips Allen


  65. This is exactly why I moved to Toronto 32 years ago! It's not perfect up here by any means, but you can live your life in dignity and without racial tension.

  66. All the more reason to make sure you VOTE!

  67. Welcome to the south….no thanks y'all.

  68. The hate that this election has brought out in people sickens and saddens me. If you ever go on some of the right-wing radical Facebook sites, you see the most disrespectful, racist photos and speak. I hope that this victim will heal

  69. Come on, Louisiana…are we not better than this abhorrent, criminal behavior?

  70. There are 10 times the incidences of Black-on-White violence as there is White-on-Black. Where is your outrage for the young white couple that were raped, tortured, burned, forced to drink bleach to hide their attacker's DNA and finally murdered by a group of blacks? Instead you blindly follow your leaders who promote the Victim-Industrial Complex to further enrich themselves at the expense of the community they purport to defend. Wake up fools!

    • I don't think anyone is unaware of racism being advocated by ALL RACE. I think the whole point is to CEASE IT ON ALL ENDS. No matter who or where it comes from, it is WRONG. Ignorance and hatred is a learned behavior and can be taught by anyone. Love should be the focus…it'll always promote peace.

  71. We need addresses of the relatives and we need to go down there and make it hot. They want to play like this, let's bring it to'em, fu@# all that playin. We been justice…time fa some action!

  72. This shit is getting ridclious with this race BS! this is the shit that should be on the dam news! all they no how to tlak about is how mitt robme is going to beat Obama! we have to start fighting back fuck it!

  73. ever since the Mayflower landed America was stripped of it's pride and dignity….. racism in American is here to stay and will likely never go away…. racism is just like a cancer….. it is something that is acquired just as a cancerous gene…. people hide behind the notion that racism doesn't exist but blatant acts of hatred are evident such as this and the Travon Martin tragedy…. the human race will ultimately be it's own demise….

  74. these people who done that to her should feel so much pain and gulit that not right.

  75. Listen I m latino, and this is important to us latinos as it is to black people because what happens to you…happens to us….as history has shown..

    • Mable Golden Trammell

      Keep the faith in Jesus, he is the one thats over this world, do you know any one who stayed in this world over their time, when Jesus called their name? I dont! thats why I believe in him and praise him, and treat people the way I want to be treated, have a blessed day

  76. It sad ppl can't wear wat they want damn t shirt want da world comin' racist that's all it my prayers goes out 2 her & family b strong lady da Lord is watching over u have faith

  77. This is definitely a hate crime …. God bless you bby…& your family ;0(……
    ###Team Obama / Please vote

  78. Wtf so tried of sad ass people in this world:(


  80. According to other news sources, she wasn't wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt. Nonetheless, I think this is a hate crime. These racist punks better take notice that our people are no longer afraid and powerless. I wish I could drop them off in some urban areas and see how they fare. If I witnessed them being beaten within an inch of their pathetic life, I wouldn't do anything. I do hope that Sharmeka will be okay.

  81. Always in Louisiana. First the Jena 6, then this? It's sad because both of these towns are no less that 20 minutes apart…

  82. My prayers goes out 2 this young lady and her family

  83. Shawneen Don't Start Hicks

    This is a hate crime no matter what. You would have to be full of hate to do that.

  84. They need to get these fools for this. May have been a hate crime…come on Black World….u know it was…..have they found out who did it.

  85. Were the attackers in fact white, Hispanic? Why doesn't this artcile point out the race of the alleged perpetrators?

    • There's more to hate crimes than race. If she was attacked simply because of her politics, it still constitutes hate.

    • Well, t-shirt or no t-shirt, it's still a shame a crime like this was committed in the first place.

    • Agreed. I am praying for this woman. God love her.

    • The sheriffs office may say she was not wearing one but the State Police are investigating it which means something does not sit right with them. I just hope this poor girl makes it. Even if she was not wearing an Obama shirt it could still be considered a hate crime depending on why it was done.

    • Rey, thank you for posting an accurate article.

    • Rey Flores Why was your first reaction to find out the race of the attackers? Were you wanting to make sure white folks were off the hook for this? "Let me post twice to clear white folks, then I can share my condolences"?

    • Jonathan, Don't make something up in your mind that isn't there.
      Surely you believe that this criminal act is unjustified no matter who did it and I agree with you there.
      I have seen 'Your Black World' often post 'stories' on their site with headlines that incite, yet the follow up stories offer no actual facts.

      You can pull off the 'race card' off the table now.

    • I am not making anything up. Why was your first post to find out who the attackers were before sharing your condolences? The story never stated that she was actually wearing the TShirt. They did mention racial tension before the debate. Thats a fact. Racial tension is here.
      And on a site called, "Yourblackworld.net" you dont think black folks should be more racially sensitive to stories where black women are set on fire? "Oh,.. a black person set on fire in America huh? Thats different and has never happened before in the history of this country. Lets gloss over it and make sure no white people are indicted."
      There is no race card. There is racism. It still exists despite all of the white denial coming from conservatives. Wait….let me guess…..

    • The headline explicitly implied that the woman was wearing an Obama t-shirt and THAT is the only reason it's a story to begin with.

      All sorts of violent crimes happen to people everyday, but this particular story had a potential political angle that some opportunist smear-journalist wanted to exploit.

      For a white guy, you sure are suspicious of white people…which technically I am not. You appear to be a "white guilt" liberal that somehow you feel guilty of simply being white. Get over it.

      No racism was intended here buddy.

    • Jonathan Braziel, I think you are over-reacting to Rey's comments and post. YBW consistently posts incomplete and inaccurate information to incite. I often find myself using YBW as a guide, then I research credible sources on the Net. It is a shame this tragedy happened to this young woman, however to make it some sort of political thing is shameful!

    • No, the story said "allegedly." You said explicitly implied. Thats funny.
      The definition of Explicit: "Fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied."

      Yes there are violent crimes all of the time, but not all of them are people being set on fire. When there is a history of atrocities happening to specific races of people, should they not be upset when it continues?

      So why was your first move to question the attackers first THEN share your condolences like a good man of faith? I see you are a strong proponent of "white denial." No one can just get over hundreds of years of oppression and injustice while it is continuing to happen.

      And if you aren't white (technically), then you must be of Latino decent. You strongly embrace the Catholic faith. Are you familiar with the history and genocide behind that? Its that whole history thing again….I understand why people are upset and I don't blame them. Thats not white guilt, thats just me embracing reality. Now, demographics are going to shift and we will no longer be living by the white narrative. That is something that conservative denial will just have to get over.

    • Jonathan Braziel -@The story never stated that she was actually wearing the TShirt.——–The head line is "Woman Set on Fire Allegedly For Wearing a Pro-Obama T-Shirt" Obama should not have been mentioned. The head line indicates that she was attacked for supporting Obama- This man is just as White as he is Black- Lets Stop the race baiting, & focus on the millions of young black males that are unemployed under our current administration-

    • …but KKK was painted on her car?

    • Dear Jonathan,
      I would love to invite you to Chicago's southside and have you do your "brother-man", "down with the people" act and have all of my black brothers and sisters here laugh right at your face.

      You are the kind of liberal that likes to talk the game, but if a black person moved next to your house, you'd probably start locking your doors.

      And if you want to talk about persecution and "genocide" – O.K.

      First, let me school you on REAL GENOCIDE. Visit http://www.blackgenocide.org and tell me that what you learned there…THEN tell me THIS isn't the injustice your lilly-white, social justice butt should really be fighting against.

      Second, if you want to poke at my Catholicism and Christianity, bring it on, brother. Don't just put one toe in the water.

      Go back to reading your Rules for Radicals, put on your Springsteen records and go smoke a clove cigarette you trendy lib.

    • Rey Flores I would gladly come down to southside Chicago. I would invite you to Northside Minneapolis and let you preach your "racism doesnt happen" speech. I am not the one making sure white folks aren't indicted first. Thats your job.
      I do not fear the new majority because I have been the minority. Unlike white conservatives, I do not fear black folks moving into my neighborhood. You have me confused with your lily white conservatives who fear all that are not white and republican. So you have really struck out with your assessment of me, but nice try.

      Are you saying that the genocide of 125 MILLION Native Americans wasn't a "real genocide"? I know I cant take you seriously then. Ask yourself if there was income and social equality and justice, would there still be a disproportionate amount of black people in prisons and having abortions? Who created the social structure?

      I have never read Rules for Radicals, but I have read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, The African Experience in Spanish America, A Peoples History of the United States, A Different Mirror, The African Presence in Early America, Worlds Together Worlds Apart, Winona Laduke Reader, From Slavery to Freedom, Our Schools Suck, I can go on and on. The history doesn't gel with the white denial of conservative ideology. Must be why yall are working so hard to rewrite the history books huh?

      I walk the walk. Theres nothing fake about me. You were just terrible at assessing me.

      Funny how you think you are down yet you support the GOP platform. Did you know that the voter ID laws that they are pushing disproportionately affect the "new majority" to prevent something that doesn't happen?

      And I might listen to the Boss. I don't own any of his CDs but I wouldn't mind. I might be in the mood for some X Clan, KRS1, or some Gotye, Kimbra, Adele, Brother Ali, Rhymesayers, Immortal Technique, ES Posthumus, who knows. My musical tastes are all over the place.

      I don't smoke. Never have, never will. Don't drink either. Never have, never will. (By never I mean never. Not, "once in a while," or "I had a bad experience in college so I swore never to use it…" No. It means never. (Oooh, another swing and a miss I know.)

      So what exactly does "not white 'technically'" mean anyway? Way to take pride(?)

    • Rey Flores It does not matter, as far as I am concerned, she could have had a Mickey Mouse shirt on, no one should be treated like this! It was more of an outcry when Michael Vick fought dogs than for this story which involves a human life! Believe me, God is not please, and what goes around comes around, biblical stated: YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! It is only a matter of time before something horrid happens to them or one of their family members.

    • @Jonathan…X-Clan, huh? "to the east my brother, to the east…"

    • Jonathan Braziel @Jonathan…X-Clan, huh? "to the east my brother, to the east…"

    • Regina James – Of course Regina…if you read a few posts back, you'll see that I said that nobody, regardless of anything, should be treated the way this woman was treated. I'm with you.

    • Coretta Smith Kimble

      They are white. It was reported on local news here in Shreveport that attackers are 3 white males.

    • Coretta Smith Kimble

      FBI is now investigating.

    • I agree with Sabrina that this was a horrible crime. But the article says she was walking in the woods when 3 men set her on fire. It doesn't say why except for the headline. Maybe someone does have proof and it was just a poorly written article. I hope so because it's about the worst crime going. But if there is no evidence or proof then the author is guilty of a crime also.

  86. Man we live in a terribly racist country, peoples minds and hearts have not changed since slavery.

    • even more disturbing…why is this story not being reported by major news outlets??

    • Because any thing that shows that " Conservative Thinkers Are willing To Get Violent To Preserve their Dominance Of Every one and every thing. Will Get People of conscience To Think And consider other options in the voting booth.

    • This is heartbreaking. People need to know that this outrageous, disgusting violence continues to happen and what's worse – ignored.

    • Kyla Renee Because she is black, there is no secret the media is also rascist for the most part and do not care whether black people live or die!

    • @Erica: yes some have changed! There is hope, I swear. My father, who passed in January at the age of nearly 82, was raised in an atmosphere where whites were the dominant race, and he was taught to look down at everyone not just like him. He changed. Boy did he change! He proudly voted for Obama in 08 and had planned to vote for him again. Minds can be changed, people can be taught, and frankly, some of them just have to die off. I have 2 teen grandchildren, and they give me so much hope. They're being raised in a fairly strong Texas Baptist atmosphere, yet they think it's ridiculous that people don't like blacks or latinos, or gays or whatever. They like everyone and don't even think about it. It just takes time to change minds and ways.

    • Because they're too busy telling lies about Romney?



    • I agree with you Esther, now is not the time to give up, we need alll the votes we can get, please people, go vote, our future depends on it. Luv u all, and God bless.

    • White America sees Obama as a threat. With the changing demographics, we white folks will be the minority until the end of time. The fearful, conservative white America doesn't want Obama to do well because if he is stellar, this will empower many non-white folks and those same white conservatives think they will never get the white house back. Those same white Americans believe that if white people aren't in charge, everything is going to hell. They will fight through hell and high water to maintain control which is futile. My prediction is once white folks are the minority, those conservative types will become the greatest terrorist threat in this country.

    • My prayers go out to this poor woman.I am a strong white Liberal Democrat woman and I understand what you are saying about the conservatives.Obama is a threat .We need Obama in for 4 more years.He has done more for the American people than any Republican.GET OUT AND VOTE!!! Obama/ Biden 2012 SPREAD THE WORD

    • Jonathan Braziel … PLEASE don't try to speak for all whites in America. It is these racist, bigoted, right wing nuts who are afraid. Some of the rest of us are normal. I am white (mostly) and am pushing voters out there to early vote and in person for OBAMA.

    • I am not referring to all white America. I am referring to the conservative fear mongers who are scared to death of being the new minority. They fear any non-white group having self-esteem and pride. They like MLK Jr. but fear Malcolm X. They want a Malcolm Luther X King Jr who will preach, "To Turn the other cheek by any means necessary."

      They fear what a new social narrative will bring which is why they are trying hard to rewrite history and their Bible. I am not referring to the progressive minded white people who understand change is inevitable and do not fear it. I am referring to those that believed black folks being free, being able to vote, women being able to vote, social security, medicare, medicaid, interracial marriage, etc. etc. were all the end of the world. Personally I am looking forward to the cultural swing and paradigm shift.

    • We are all in this together..It's just sad, like you said, that some are lead by fear..

    • the sheriff's office has also confirmed with KSLA News 12 that Moffitt was not wearing a President Obama t-shirt, despite claims on social media-

      Who ever made this story up & added the Obama t-shirt is as sick as the perpetrators!They obviously believe rumors will not be investigated…very sad-

    • Yes, we're doing so well under Obama aren't we?
      The issue is not Obama's color, it's his politics. I supported Herman Cain until the Liberal media did a hatchet job on him and I and my fellow TEA Party members still support Allen West and Marco Rubio. Kinda puts paid to your nut job theory about race, doesn't it?

    • "Kinda puts paid to your nut job theory about race, doesn't it?"
      What does that even mean? Are you trying to use the old, "I am not racist. A lot of my best friend is black." "I am not racist. I listen to George Clinton." "I am not racist, I like black people who love the white power structure." Its predictable amongst white denial. Don't believe me? Ask black folks about white people who try to claim they aren't racist by citing black friends and black people who, by in large are considered sellouts and use their position AGAINST their own culture and heritage in favor of the status quo.
      We are doing better now than we were 4 years ago, and thats even WITH the GOP record number of filibusters and the pledge given by old white people to make sure a black man is a one term president. (When has that ever been done before? Which president faced this type of resistance and what major political figure made that declaration?)
      I dont share your same pride in the Tea Party. They are the laughing stock amongst rational Americans.

    • Totally agree, Jonathan. This story makes me sick, truly sick. We are in for dire times if we don't get our act together and start looking at this country as a country of people, not black ones, not white ones, not brown ones. We're all humans. I couldn't care less if someone is purple polka dotted, I look at them for their character, friendship, etc.

      Whoever thinks a person cannot even wear an Obama t-shirt, if indeed that is what happened, or even if it was just a hate crime unrelated to the shirt, that person needs to move to the middle east. They'll fit right in. We don't need that type here anymore. If they can't respect the freedom we have here to vote our conscience and have freedom to express our opinions, then they should be run out of the country. Really sick of this crap. I've been verbally accosted by an elderly neighbor over my voting for Obama and my sticker on my car. Well, I've had enough. I'll be wearing my Obama shirts every time I go out now, as much as possible.

    • Jonathan Braziel Yes, but yanno what? Sadly, the vast majority of conservative voters wouldn't have even noticed the shift in demographics if the GOP had not made the decision to use that fact to promote fear in their base. The GOP is ultimately responsible for every freaking bit of this crap. They have purposely stoked this sense of hatred and violence in their quest to get voters. Really sad that one of our major parties has stepped into that gutter.

    • @Jonathan Braziel their already terrorist; this country was built on terrorism and if white America see Obama as a threat. how should black americans see past and future presidential candidates. this country is headded for some serious Karma but I dont think it will be white against black I believe it will be the rightous against wrong; all good people no matter their color should always fight the good fight; black, white, christian, muslim or jew it dont matter wrong is wrong and right is right

    • By referring to Caucasians as "white people" you are psychologically a slave.
      White stands for purity, cleanliness, beauty, morality and all other positive description etc. That is why many Caucasians like to be called "whit" by "black people." All the descriptions for black is negative. Black plague, black death, blackmail etc etc.

    • Mable Golden Trammell

      But God! he is still in contro! he is still in control!! his will is going to be done, if it means removing all haters out of the way, I thank God I am not a hater!!

    • @Jonathan they already are terrorists.

    • @Bernell, Agreed. And I agree with what William said above. I found it funny that Romney thinks it is up to America and his cabinet to show Muslims how to reject Islamic extremism even though Obama was blasted for being a Muslim for 4 years like it was a bad thing. It goes back to Benjamin Franklin's vision of this country being for the "Lovely white." That view of white superiority is still alive and well in this country as Amin had pointed out.
      @Amin, I agree with your statement too. I am going into teaching. My degree is in Urban Teaching. The program prepares teachers for dealing with diversity and inner city youth. I am a product of the inner city public schools. In teaching you hear a lot about pedagogy. Like Paulo Frerie's Pedagogy for the Oppressed is referenced a lot in my course work. I dont use the term pedagogy because of its etymology.

      We cannot say that we are teachers liberating students from an oppressive system while referring to ourselves as "slaves who take care of the masters kids." – Pedagogues. I prefer teaching strategies or teaching techniques.

      @Jo, The right stay blind to the truth if facts conflict with their conservative narrative.

    • Yes, we see Obama as a threat…not because he's black but because he's corrupt, incompetent, divisive, racist, and wants a greatly weakened America so that we are unable to further the cause of personal liberty. We support honest, competent, inclusive, non-haters, who believe in the rights of the individual over the mob mentality of Liberals. That's we support blacks such as Herman Cain and Allen West. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing.

    • You aren't racist because you support black people who support a white power structure?

      Can you explain how he is divisive? He lost support from his base from trying to be too inclusive. He lost support for carrying on too many Bush policies.
      Hes incompetent when it comes to what? In 4 years he cut into the Al qaeda leadership which, by in large, weren't even touched under Bush over 6 years. (Who did Bush take out again? Or does taking out any leader of any country count as revenge for 9/11?)
      He reversed the jobless loss trend and restored the American automobile industry. Do you know what the ripple effect is? The auto bankruptcy would have a lot more than just those plants. (Who makes the rubber for the tires? Who makes the steel for the frames? Who makes the fabric for the interior? Who makes the plastic for the stereos and the coating for the wiring? That ripple effect would have been huge.

      How are we weakened by not fighting indefinite wars and outsourcing as many jobs as possible? Romney and Trump both claim being strong against China as Bain Capital is outsourcing to China and Trump's clothing line is made in China. How does that strengthen America?

      And how is Obama racist? Being for a white power structure that vowed to make him fail and refusing to believe he is a citizen or even born here isn't. What has Obama done that is racist? And I don't think you fully understand the word.

      Please, enlighten me.

    • Are you so ideologically dogmatic that you can't see what a failure Obama has been as President, or are you simply willfully blind? My guess is ideologically dogmatic judging by how you regurgitate his talking points. What aspect of the economy has improved the last 4 years? And as for outsourcing, check what Obama's buddy Jeffrey Immelt has been quietly doing, moving factories to China and now Jeep is looking at building ALL their vehicles in China. I eagerly anticipate seeing the mental gymnastics you go through to blame that on Romney…or Bush. Further, if you'd turn MSNBC off once in awhile and read a book…say "Dreams from my father" and "The audacity of Hope" you'd see in Obama's own words how racist he is.

    • I will answer your questions as soon as you answer mine. I have questioned you twice (backtrack up this thread) and am still waiting for a response. Responding with "do your own research" doesn't cut it. Or, "Heres a talking point. Look it up." Both fail to answer the questions. I will await my enlightening.

    • O.K., I'll play your silly little game:
      Put paid to


      To deal with effectively; to finish something off.


      'Put paid to' probably derives from the practice of book-keepers of writing or stamping "Paid" on bills when the paperwork for a sale was completed. The term isn't especially old.

      Don't have much to show for your Liberal education do you?

    • Jonathan Braziel Are you trying to use the old, "I am not racist. A lot of my best friend is black."

      No, I am not. I am refuting your assertion that Conservatives are racist. I repeat, we're not. We support anyone who is like-minded regardless of their skin color.

    • Jonathan Braziel Don't believe me?

      No, I don't.

    • Jonathan Braziel When has that ever been done before? Which president faced this type of resistance and what major political figure made that declaration?)

      An oft repeated lie is still a lie. Obama had a Democratic Congress to work with for his first two years and got everything he wanted: Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Lily Ledbetter act, two radical Supreme Court justices…everything! What filibusters are you referring to? If you're talking about his job's bill, it was turned down by ALL of congress meaning that even Democratic congressmen voted against it. You're a liar and you're desperation is showing because deep down you know Obama is going to lose, thank God! Now, if you've got the least bit of personal integrity, how about answering some of my questions?

    • I am going to answer all of your posts with one response. And this convo is basically between me and you. There isn't really an audience frequenting this story anymore.
      1. "Put paid to" is an idiom. Idioms are not universal. You learn about idioms when you come across them. Classes don't cover each individual idiom and colloquialism. Your superior "conservative" education didn't teach you that? And asking for clarification isn't a "silly game." Did they not teach you HOW to think instead of WHAT to think?

      The GOP and racism wasn't my invention. Its no secret. Only the incredibly blind and willfully ignorant want to believe otherwise. Even Republicans are calling the GOP racist. Lawrence Wilkerson isn't a democrat. Well, he might be now since hes fed up.

      You did out that one little contingency on your acceptance of others: "Like minded."That was an example of white ignorance that I gave up above, "We like black people who like the white power structure." A lot of racists believe that. What happens if someone ISNT like minded?

      Speaking of Republicans, did you know Jeffrey Immelt is a Republican? I thought they only wanted what was best for the country. Unlike you, I will disagree with my elected officials. I dont think Immelt should be in charge. Obama has lost support from the left for trying too hard to be inclusive with the right by constantly handing over olive branches and by appointing people like Immelt.

      "An oft repeated lie is still a lie."

      Yes, and this has been the mantra of the GOP. Like you have parroted talking points. The CEO of Chrysler has debunked Romney's claim of moving operations to China. How much fact checking did you do? Or did you say, "Romney (or Alex Jones) said it! I dont need to question it!" But its a lie that is going to be told over and over again regardless of the facts. Like the Birther movement. "I dont care what his long form birth certificate says! Hes not from here!"

      The other lie was the filibuster proof super majority for 2 years. Obama took office with 58 senators. Al Franken was going to be 59 but the results were being challenged. Franken didnt get there til 7 months later. Arlan Specter switched but that was 59. Franken arrives and Byrd goes out. And anything Filibuster proof went out the window when Scott Brown took office. Then it was a RECORD NUMBER of filibusters. Those are facts.

      So you lied in the same paragraph you tried to call me a liar with. And you used lies to support your claim.

      I have to say your use of protection is also predictable and expected.

    • Jonathan Braziel "Superior" education? Which post did you take that quote from? In truth, I'm a college drop-out, a fortunate fact as I avoided indoctrination at one of the Liberal Infestation Zones that pass for universities these days. I am however blessed with wisdom which is far more valuable than any formal education. It's obvious that we will never see eye-to-eye on politics…you are far too besotted with the idea of a Black (well, half Black anyway) president no matter how feckless he is and I am far too aware to not see what a complete failure he is. I won't be posting anymore comments to this thread so if you need the last word, you will get it. I will say one thing before closing about your comment that the TEA Party is the "laughing stock of America": the TEA party was the deciding force in the mid-terms and we most recently flexed our political muscle by supporting Ted Cruz over David Dewhurst for Senator in Texas. Mr. Dewhurst was a shoe-in until the TEA Party threw it's support behind Mr. Cruz. By-the way, Ted Cruz is Hispanic, David Dewhurst White which kind of "puts paid" to your assertion that the TEA Party is racist. We are a huge force, comprised of freedom loving patriots of ANY race that are for lower taxes, smaller government, and a strong constitution. In case you weren't aware, TEA is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already! I hope you aren't completely emotionally crushed next Tuesday when Obama is defeated…you'll get over it and soon will reap the benefits of a growing economy. Me? I'll be pouring a wee dram of Single Malt and enjoy the afterglow of a hard fought victory knowing that America is in good hands…at least until 2020.

    • I am not surprised by anything you told me.

      Liberal infestation zones huh? Like questioning people when their stories don't gel with the facts? "The truth does have a liberal bias." I think the skeptical mind is inherent. You know who the oppressors loved? The uneducated. They don't question things and are easier to control. A farm owner from the 19th century said he wanted his workers educated to a 7th grade level max. Smart enough to do the work but not smart enough to challenge his power. If you had workers who were great at math and knew all about economics and taxation, they might know they are getting screwed and they might become aware of their own power. Bad news for those in control.

      I want a president who isn't going to carry on the same failed Bush policies and trickle down economics. CEOs are making record profits under Obama. Are you benefiting from it? Most likely no, like many Americans. Why? Because trickle down economics doesn't work. A skeptical mind would ask, "why would i give even more food to the most gluttonous until we are all fed?" A skeptical mind would ask, "You want me to do ALL of the work and you get ALL of the money?"

      If you can question those in power you wonder what their motivations are for things. You are in full support of Romney. Someone who made millions from gutting companies and outsourcing to exploit the cheapest labor on the planet for the good of everyone because of his benevolence? Did you know a lot of those 3rd world factories have suicide nets? Working conditions are so bad that people want to kill themselves but can't? What is crueler? Creating a condition where people want to kill themselves? Or creating that environment that drive people to suicide and preventing them from doing it?

      "Well if we didnt exploit their labor, ipads would cost $500-800 if they were built here!" THen we wouldnt be buying ipads. Heres something to think about: If a union factory labor makes twice as much as their non-union counterparts, why don't the products from the non-union factory cost half as much if the cost of labor is what are breaking the backs of businesses? Is that savings truly being passed on to you or going directly in the pockets of the CEOs to be shipped to offshore bank accounts? Is that a sustainable way to live? The Native Americans have a 7 generation pledge: Every decision made today has to consider the next 7 generations. I prefer sustainable living. strip mining is not sustainable. That strip mining mentality is not sustainable.

      Being armed with knowledge is not a bad thing. Ignorance is not your friend. And the Tea party is not a grassroots movement. You are doing the bidding of billionaire backers. Why do you think the tea party gets so much support yet larger actual grassroots movements get media blackouts? You are supporting private interest groups. Thats not patriotic.

      Imagine for yourself what a completely privatized society would look like and has it ever been successful in the past? Ever? Critical thinking will help you out. Try it. Warning: It wont always be comfortable.

    • @Derrick, I figure you will still check a reply even if you don't respond. A couple of things: you spouted lies, then when you were called on them you took the "high ground" by not answering and then leaving. Then you flexed your tea party muscle. Most of your tea partiers are unemployed.

      "I hope you aren't completely emotionally crushed next Tuesday when Obama is defeated…" yeah. I am devastated. There were a lot of crickets at the GOP campaign headquarters…..I wonder if we can set a record for everything you have been wrong about.

      I will give Mitt credit. That was a very classy concession speech.

    • Like I said, you will get the last word. Feel better now? Me, I'm already working on the next election. It's obvious that Hispanics can't or don't equate Democratic policies as anathema to their beliefs so that is where I and the TEA Party, along with such patriotic Hispanics as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, et al who were elected by the TEA Party will focus. In ending, you appear to be much younger than I…I assume you and your spawn are fully prepared to pay back the crushing debt that is projected to hit 20,000,000,000,000.00 by 2016? Me, I'll be so close to retirement by then it won't matter what percent Federal Income Tax hits…I'll be sitting in my Bass boat everyday laughing as I watch you Libs piss and moan about taxes. Here's an old Yiddish curse upon you, "May you live in interesting times."

    • I could care less about getting the last word in. My point was that you cited lies and then never said another word about it when called on it. Did you research these claims or just parrot them?

      Those of us on the left do not need to point to individuals to show we are diverse. If you have to point out specific people then you aren't as diverse as you think you are. Did you look at the Obama celebration party versus the Romney headquarters? It is a lie to say that they were as equally diverse. "But we have Rubio…" Ok. Thats still not diverse. If you can name off your diversity then you aren't diverse.

      Now why don't you stand by anything you said before? Your tea party is irrelevant. It was an experiment that didn't work. The country doesn't want that kind of extremism from either side. My cousin, a strong Republican, can't stand the Tea Party. He believes yall have tarnished the GOP. I can agree with him there. I didn't have to agree with the GOP to respect them. We will see how many tea partiers are left after the midterm. Bachmann was almost thrown out too. Thats a big change from 2 years ago. If Jim Graves runs again and Bachmann continues to do nothing, she won't be around anymore either.

      There are a lot of Republicans I would concede to their experience, like McCain, Powell, Dole, etc. and trust their judgment even if I didn't agree. But your tea partiers are misinformed and inexperienced. That is a bad combination. You cannot lead a sheltered life and expect to know the world.

      And you have been wrong about everything so far, so sorry if I don't buy into your talking points.

      Can you honestly say that we would cut into that deficit by slashing taxes and increasing spending by giving the rich tax breaks and invading Iran, Syria and possibly North Korea as Romney flexed his draft dodging muscle? Privatizing everything isn't the answer. Neither is invading our way into prosperity.

      Difference between us is I actually hope you catch a lot of fish and have a satisfying retirement.

    • WoW! I'm nominating you for the Joseph Goebbels award for Literary Spin-Meister. No one is talking about slashing taxes. No one. The current discussion is to KEEP the Bush era tax cuts. y'know, the ones Obama voted in favor of? Get your facts straight…from Chris Matthews apparently! As regards the Middle East or North Korea, no one has proposed invading those countries although both Governor Mitt Romney and Obama agree that military action might be necessary as a last resort. Question, when did Obama serve in our military? Oh, he didn't!?! Guess you missed that in your previous post…wouldn't want any inconvenient facts intruding on your beliefs, would you now? I, probably unlike you, served in the military and did a tour in the Middle East. I divided my time between Syria and Israel and became intimately acquainted with, and respected military personnel and civilians from both countries and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that the vast majority of Syrians would welcome assistance in removing the spawn of that dictator, Bashir Assad. Of course, your life experience won't allow you any in-depth knowledge of Geo-politics because, as always, your limited view of reality is to simply regurgitate Liberal talking points without truly understanding what is at stake.

      Ay caramba! Que pendaho!

    • Unlike you, I research my claims. Obama didn't serve in the military? Shame. Romney would have been a great commander-in-chief huh? Not only did he support the war in Viet Nam, he chose to be a missionary to avoid fighting in it. He made a conscious effort to avoid serving. I wouldn't point fingers over which candidate served and which didn't.

      And if you believe that military service gives you a greater knowledge of geopolitics, why did GENERAL Powell support Obama? Nice try on trying to develop a straw man argument.

      I understand what's at stake. And yes, your party fought against taxes on the rich even if the majority of the people were for it. I could go on and on about the cause and effect relationships and even cover so much more but you believe the best defense is a good offense. I am not playing your game.

      Once again, did you RESEARCH your claims made before? You spouted lies and then ran away from them, never to address them again.

    • Sadly, Derek deleted his page and all of his posts with it. Coward.

  89. Obviously wasn't a gesture of love!

  90. May have been a hate crime? Certainly sounds like one to me. Poor lady.

  91. People want to go back to the 50s and 60s this is what is awaiting is if we do not stand up and fight back.

    • That poor woman! It's just so wrong on so many levels. Every time I see hate and violence like this it shakes my hope for humanity to the core. I have so little hope left these days.

    • Sean D McKenzie Keep the faith, that is just the evil forces of the world that comes to tears us down but I still believe there are some good in the world and I plan to hook up with those who are! God be with you and I am also praying for that young lady who got attacked!

    • Mable Golden Trammell

      Put all of your faith and hope in Jesus! he will sustain you and give you faith and hope, just ask him, he will remove all fear from your heart, have a blessed day, God bless you.