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Rapper The Game’s Jesus Piece Artwork Shows Jesus Dressed Up as a Gang Member

California rapper, Game, has revealed his artwork for his latest album, Jesus Piece, and a world wind of controversy is sure to follow. The artwork portrays Jesus wearing a red bandanna, covering his nose and mouth, sporting a gold Jesus medallion and necklace, with a tattooed teardrop on his left eye.

Game is no stranger to controversy and he’s about to ignite another firestorm with the illustrated cover for his upcoming album Jesus Piece. The religious-themed artwork features a portrait of Jesus with a teardrop tattoo under his eye, a Jesus piece chain around his neck, and red bandanna over his mouth. The image has already sparked outrage from some fans. “You took this sh*t too far,” wrote one of Game’s Instagram followers, while another added, “Open minded people see this concept, but I think this cover can push some people away homie.” (Rap-Up)

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