Smiley & West Radio Show Being Dropped by Media Outlets Around the Country

WBEZ-FM (91.5) has dropped the Smiley & West radio program, stating that the show lacked balance.  The show was hosted by Tavis Smiley and professor Cornel West, and was distributed by Public Radio International.  The show once aired in Chicago every Sunday at noon, and was cut just two weeks ago.

Petitions have been circulating to call for PBS to reconsider its position, but it’s hard to tell how effective that might be.

A spokesman for the network had this to say:

“More importantly, the show had developed much more of an ‘advocacy’ identity, which is inconsistent with our approach on WBEZ. The goal is to present public affairs content that is reasonably balanced. We feel that Smiley & West had become a departure from this approach.”

Torey Malatia, president and CEO of Chicago Public Media, stated that the show was becoming too much like “Democracy Now” and not a fit with the station’s agenda:

“Our hosts choose material to inspire cross-cultural understanding and civic engagement, strictly operating under the mandate of public service. Even when our function is not a journalistic one, we recognize that appearing to take sides, or to prefer certain voices to others, will erode our value as a meeting place for all. We attempt to do all of this at a level of energy and creative influence that the visionaries of civic agency had written about since radio’s creation.”

Joe Zefran, a producer for the show, says that Smiley and West had a huge following in Chicago.  He noted that when the two had public gatherings, hundreds of people showed up and the two received a tremendous amount of support.  WBEZ is not the only station to kill the show.  WBUR-FM in Boston said that the show was “too political,” and KWMU-FM and KMOJ-FM dropped the show, noting that their disagreements with President Obama had made them unpopular.

Do you agree with the decision to mute the voices of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, or did they provide balance in a black community where journalists are afraid to question President Obama’s policies?


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  6. wow they must being doing something right, fight on brothers, fight on!

  7. Tavis,are you still mad? Get over it!

  8. Tavis,are you still mad? Get over it!

  9. Good! I don't like Mr. Smiley since his dissing of the Obama when he was running for President. He is arrogantly self-seving! I could care less about his show being cut. Dr. West is okay, but good riddance to that other one.

  10. I am shocked by many of the comments below, especially the rationale that Smiley and West should not be criticizing Obama, that they are 'black-on-black' racists. What a joke. It makes me wonder if anyone has actually LISTENED to their criticism, or read any history for that matter. Do you seriously think that by criticizing Obama from the LEFT, it will encourage people to vote for the RIGHT? Huh? I suppose, if people are thinking as backwards as many of you below, it is possible. Are y'all incapable of recognizing that it was a REPUBLICAN that ultimately passed the civil rights act, the environmental protection act, etc. Why, pray tell, do you think THAT was? It was because people MOBILIZED as a COMMUNITY for change and ultimately FORCED those in power, and the broader PUBLIC for that matter, to make CHANGE.

    So what do you think Smiley and West are trying to do by criticizing Obama (at times, they clearly have no love for the right)? Let me give you a clue: they are attempting to encourage everyone to get up off of your asses and fight for the rights of *ALL* poor and working people. Rather than sit and pray that Obama—who, for all the good he's done, has tripped over himself to reassure the financiers, the warmongers, the 'white' working class, etc.—will one day BRING YOU salvation. Get over the fact that, while Obama may be a good person, the very fact that he has come to a position of power in this country means that he has acceded to the enormous pressures upon him to curry favor with the same people that are destroying our society. Do none of you realize how much elections COST these days? The 'best democracy money can buy,' indeed.

    Please, for a MOMENT, look beyond your own NARROW self-interests. United we stand, divided we fall people: that ain't changed and never will.

    P.S. Yes, I'm not black. I'm Iraqi. Say what you will about this fact but try not to use it for self-serving ends. There is simply too much pettiness like that below.

  11. S. Clark – Travis and Dr. West provide truthful information. The truth frequently makes some people uneasy. There can be no democracy without the truth. Media outlets are controlled by large corporate interest that gain from the expansion of inaccurate information!

  12. it’s not good to gloat but reading this i couldn’t help myself

  13. Stop being sheep, zombies, hypnotized Stepford Wives people! I support President Obama and I think that overall he has done a good job as president, but you all actors if he is 18 or that he is flawless! How is it being an Uncle Tom if you want to hold a president accountable for at least a dressing all the many many many many problems the black race suffers from on a daily basis? An Uncle Tom’s hates black people and wants black people to fail as a race. President Obama is not above reproach! And stop reminding us that he is not the black people’s president. I know that he is not the black people’s president but he is also the President for black people too! Tavis and Dr. West are trying to help their race! Who else have any prominence is doing that?

  14. I hate this is happening to them because of politics. They dropped the show in Dallas too. Everyone who thinks they spent an hour beating up on the president is wrong. They talk about all types of things that concern the society. Their show is 100x more enlightening that Sharpton’s show or any of the others on the air now that are nothing more than bottom feeders. It’s great to hear black voices that are not just White House operatives. I’m glad (for now) I can still hear it on-line.

  15. Both Smiley & West are very fortunate in that they do not depend upon Black-America’s support. These are Educated Black Men whom “The Soul-Brother’s dis, and fail to copy. Mr. Obama on the other-hand, sings Al Green, and he’s one-of-us! Here’s what we all can admit to: If Mr. Obama had come to us through the Republican Party…Hilary Clinton would be President now! We voted 96% Democrat in 2008. Then Mr. Obama tells us: “Be patient…I must be President to all Americans.” Really, there is no other class of Americans like us. With our History. None. Or, our rates of imprisonment, Homicide, Genocide,(Planned Parenthood,) and un-employment >45%; and we should get-in-line? Get real! Mr. Obama.

  16. People, why waste your time replying to deranged Caucasoids, pretending to be black, they don’t want you to vote at all, and want you to be as stupid, and illiterate as they are. I won’t dignify them by speaking their names, but you know exactly whom I speak of. I use to respond to these morons, until I realized that that was exactly what they wanted. Now, back to the above issue. I am so glad that Tavis, and West have been fired from this station. Now I hope that that every other station follow this lead. I also hope that Boyce, gets fired from Syracuse university. These three bums, are nothing but stooges, and uncle toms, and should not be able to feed their filthy faces. You can follow these assholes if you want, but if Mitt Romney wins because some of you didn’t vote, you will only have yourselves to blame.

    • Agree with you! If Romney wins, throw Boyce in with Tavis and West as the cheerleaders in encouraging black people not to vote due to personal hate and jealousy.



  19. it would be nice for us our prominent african american brothers and sisters to keep in mind that the powers that be are waiting to have something to accuse the first african american president of. we have to be careful not to be unwitting participants. i know the president may not have done a whole lot so far to address some of the most pressing issues in our community but he can not be seen as being partial to anyone group, especially his own racial group that would be another reason to accuse.
    here is what i think will happen. i believe he will get a second term, and the last two years of his term we will see him pass legislation and executive orders that benefit his people after the flesh. For after all the haters wont be able to do a thing about it and he wont even care, cause hell be on his way out…Thats what i believe…

  20. Wonder why Travis or West won’t run for the high office,they seem to know in their minds what should and shouldn’t be done,Potus is not an easy jobs so Travis -West try it

  21. love smiley and cornel because they are trying to do iot for the real every day people that are stuck in a place of no where…and I love obama but he have not come down here and look us in the face,,, like dr. martin luther king and malcom x….blacks still have the same wealth they had durning the time of king and x…."what is real wealth" I here these black man and black women keep yaling I got a job' the white man gave me a job….man after they get rid of obama…the people from YALE UNIVERSIERY are going to write the mexican as illegal people and put them in those jobs you blacks keep yaling about and then you will say it……what is real wealth for all blacks not the few blacks the white men or his white minority wife or daught choses but all of us…they will all way put you together you put all this I'm half this and half that all you want to if they see that color on your skin that's all they are going to need to see…these other minorities will take your place in america….and what the YALE UNIVERSITY ARE TRYING TO PUT TOGETHER IS A WAR BETWEEN BLACKS AND SPANISH……THIS IS WHAT THE KILLING IS ABOUT IN FLORIDA…AND THEIR NEWS MEDIA WILL DO THE REST…..COVER UP WHAT THEY WANT AND PUT IN WHAT THEY WANT…..WE NEED PEOPLE TO COLLECT THE BLACK MONEY IN GOOD FAITH AND PUT IT ALL BACK INTO CREATING JOBS IN THESE COMMUNITIES..AFTER THEY GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY GOING THEIR AND ASKING DO YOU NEED A JOB……and where and how are these jobs going to be created what industry..yes we need communication since every black man and black women talk and talk and talk and that all they do just talk and give their form slave master all their money…where are we going to create stable jobs…i say the farming industry and the packaging industry and making refrigeration……evrey black yard should be growing food every one of this is where the YALE UNIVERSITY KKK come in and ask what are yall doing THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT RUN CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENCY what are yall doing! we are the job creators….then they will start to write laws saying what every it is to stop you people from becoming independent job creator…they need you up under their as….you are how they make money and they know if you build your own foodstamp system then all the reast of the systems are simple…they will call you a threat and a terrorist to force you back under them to mix and do what every else they want you for…1 million rich blacks that they own and tell what to do..yall bet not create no jobs for blacks….or 40 million stable blacks rebuilding their self for real growth…..and no it want be E.Z…..

  22. Tavis and West were censored by the Obamaists.No show is neutral.Tavis and West must continue to speak out and don’t surround to gagging.

  23. I believe the Progressives will eat their own. Juan Williams is a good example. Hillary Clinton is another. They will say and do anything to achieve their goals. The NWO. And they are going to get some new buses because they need more to throw people under.

  24. Never listened to either of these guys and don’t know what they’re all about. Did I miss something?

  25. When you do not own control and operate your own media you can easily be silenced – the plugged pulled. Black America is naive to feel President Obama will or desired to do anything for them. They do not have the organizational acumen, the money, or the clout in the eyes of the Democratic or Republic machines as the homosexual lobby or the Jewish lobby, or the pro-abortion lobby, or Monsanto etc. Power only responds to power or perceived power. The Black American vote is a given for the Democrats and they no longer need to cater to the needs of the Negro Black Black American Civil Rights movement! The homosexual movement, pro abortion movement, and other ethnic groups such as Spanish speaking groups are getting all the attention and honorable mentions by the Democrats and the Half White Kenyan American President who basically serves the power brokers of the ‘status quo’ as all figure heads do.

  26. Correction- edit were- muted

  27. GOOD! Take their show OFF everywhere.

  28. Reading many of the intellectually challenged Pro-Obama postings reminds me of Harriett Tubman receiving an award just before her death for engineering the underground railroad.

    Upon accepting the award Ms. Tubman reportedly said, “…I could have freed throusands more, if I could just have convinced them that they were enslaved”. The U.S. Government’s own quality of life and standard of living statistics graphically show that Black Americans regardless of educational level, skills attainment and/or accomplishments will make on average 68 cents for everyone dollar a white counterpart will make, even with less education and skill qualifications. The 6 wealthiest white males in American… 5 have no college education and have a combined net wealth thats 2-times the net wealth of all 36 million Black Americans combined.

    President Obama’s declaration of being the President of All Americans, assumes that in America’s racialized society, operating in the framework of structured racism, those Americans once considered 3/5’s of a human being were elevated to full acceptance of being equal humans. Never mind every quality of life and standard of living statistics graphically illustrates otherwise. Black Americans are distinctly, economically disadvantaged because we are economically deprived… meet Mr. James Jim Crow, Esquire… Whether it is Tavis or Cornel that speaks to the irrefutable, horrofic statistics within the historical context of Black Americans, they should be heard and intelligent minds should listen and then weigh their stated positions against your own research. However, it is easy to understand why we Black folks remain intellectually challenged, the shackels of slavery were taken off our wrists and ankles and placed around our minds.

    • I see that your have done your Home work. Another key category that judges the health of a Nation or a people is the PPI(Purchasing Power Index) which shows that as all Americans that have to work for a living, their buying power is eroding fast( Singapore, Sweden, and Norway have much better QOL/PPI indexes.)I truly believe in some of Jeffersonian Principles that required a redress of the govt buy its people, esp its most needy and the one’s that pay the most. I was recently told buy a Negro friend that “black people need to shut up cause we” ain’t paying so what do we expect from the Prez or anybody in office, state, county or city”( and black folks whatever state u live in, u better take note on who’s running that place more that the Presidency because as Tip O’Neil once said” all politricks are local.”) We are never to become equal in a society where one single entity( Caucasian males) has a true fear of the black man( they aint worried about sistas cause they will not fuss about the cave boy,as long as they can get what they think are good positions( well downsizing got a lot of all of us)a Coach purse and their hair and nails done its Purro)) and for what, they hold all the cards(Foundations of the society.) I mean really? As for Tavis and West, The Boule’ I’m sure helped to get their voices of dissent were muted, totally against Jeffersonian Principles( I guess Fredrick Douglass should have kept quite after Prezez Taney, Clay, Polk and Fillmore all lied eh?) Hotep

      • @Imhotep:

        I tell negroids all the time…how can you INTEGRATE with your enemy, and can’t INTEGRATE with your own?

        Until we start INTEGRATING with one another, instead of fighting to integrate with OTHER people, then we can progress!!!

        When negroids hear the Truth, they run away from it like a slave running back to his massa!!!


    • Well stated!

      Unfortunately, negroids don’t have a mind of their OWN!!!

    • Very well stated!

      Until negroids start THINKING on their OWN, they will always be MENTALLY ENSLAVED!!!

    • Outstanding post Dr. Graham. Thanks. Love, Peace and Sooouull to you.

  29. They're on the wrong side of history, but their voices have a place in America. It's sad to see successful and intelligent men thrown out because of their views; regardless of how unpopular those views are. This is clear evidence that 1%ers would do anything to protect their interest among Black-Americans. They’re relentless at the control of our thinking; we should boycott those stations until Rush Limbaugh is thrown out.

  30. If Tavis and West are so darn smart let them win an election and put some of that great knowledge of there's in action. Let them be responsible for something other than their words.

  31. 2 More Brothers Unemployed & Negroes cheering? It’s like when Obama got elected Negroes Dancing in the Streets? Now turn around & eat that good feeling? We need Land Food Clothing & Shelter! I’m not feeling what he’s doing does he go to Black Events? But he can go to APAIC & smile in Some Jews faces! Some ignorant Nigs will vote for Him & he never came to the Hood! Dummy! He trying to get Cracker Votes he think you Blacks are on Lock! Swing States like Ohio is where he is trying to get in at! He can’t help us if he Do he will get Bodied! He does not control the Economy Big Dummies the Greedy Ass International Bankers Do! So whatcha gonna do since you know Now! Obama don’t be like Lincoln that fool will get you Bodied lol

    • Two more brothers unemployed? I think you meant to say two more SELL OUTS unemployed! Therefore, for once..the white man did some good in regards to black people.

  32. All these emails that criticize west and Travis for being advocates for the poor show that liberal minded people are as misdirected as conservatives. One day people will think for themselves without falling in love with a notion of power .

    This is why marginalized communities lose and candidates never have to address black people concerns. Thinking is a prerequisite for an informed citizenry.

    • Osiris, what are West and Smiley doing for the poor? How are they helping? Why have they not been on this crusade prior to Obama turning them down for meeting with them? We know that there is rampant poverty among Blacks, however, I don’t see, read or hear these two men helping the less fortunate. They have no foundation, no mentoring programs, no education programs…only to get on a bus (which I might add fuel cost alone could feed thousands of hungry children in America) and put down the job the president is doing and tell folks not to re-elect him. I might add, what is their plan for helping the less fortunate…same as Rommey’s…they don’t have one. Why not offer solutions? We already know the problem. It is not invisible.

      • Carolann, It’s funny how you attack the ones who want to bring up the issue of poverty but you give a pass to the one who is in a better position than any one of us to do something about it. You forgot to mention that just like Romney, Obama doesn’t have a plan for the poor either. He doesn’t even say the word poor in his speeches. Yet your tactic is to kill the messengers. And fyi, Smiley does have a mentoring program and foundation. Do your research first. I don’t know about Dr. West, but so many people have come out to say they were mentored by the brother, he doesn’t need a formal program if he doesn’t have one.

  33. I am so glad to hear this…4 years ago whe Pres. Obama could not attend the State of the Union of Blacks, sponsored by Tavis…and wanted to send his wife, Michelle instead…Tavis never forgave him…he had a hissy fit and started downing Obama, right then and lost his gig with Tom Joyner and we (the Phila listeners were so glad). I cannot stand Cornell because he thinks he knows everything that Black people should do and both of them gone should be a wake-up-call to both of them to repent and start anew with a softer heart..I never see a soft heart in either…good riddens!

    • Funny… I seem to remember Tavis Smiley announcing he was leaving the TJMS and Tom Joyner begging him to stay. And what day did he have this hissy fit on? When Obamites started whining about a “hissy fit” I went into the show’s archives and listened to all of his commentaries at the time and I didn’t find one hissy fit. But I’n not surprised. Obamites tend to be very dramatic.

      Now when you say they need to have a soft heart, I’m assuming you mean a soft heart for Obama. If you ever actually listened to their show (which I’m sure you never do) you would know that they have a lot of compassion for Obama. But frankly I hope they save their soft hearts for the poor as Jesus would do. Jesus favored the poor over Pharaoh.

  34. Smiley and West both gone?? Dumb and Dumber
    Long overdue!!
    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  35. I’m personally glad thatr trhey are gone! Smiley forb one always seems to be jealous and condensending on peoiple that don’t agree with his viewpoint. West is just another Don King look alike that always philosophy as to what he thinks blacks ought to do and yet I can’t remember him doing anything but talking. In short he and Smiley were just two boring whiners! PBS would be smart to replace Smiley with one of the young guys from CNN like Don Lemon ar anybody else! Oh’ yes, I’m a black man!

    • Tom, if they were getting rid of shows on PBS because they were boring, they wouldn’t have a show to broadcast. Frankly it was just the opposite. Their show became to disruptive the the status quo. Obama supports PBS and the powers that be feared too many progressive voices like Dr. West around election time would make the president uncomfortable. Why do you think they compared them to Democracy Now? They were afraid of losing their funding. And if you’re already replacing them, you better pick another name. Don Lemon isn’t working for PBS money. Smiley can make it work because he owns the show and can find corporate sponsors. There aren’t too many others that would go through the trouble of doing an entire show that advocates for poor blacks.

  36. Typically, I am for people expressing or challenging injustice. IMHO this is not what Tavs and West was doing. This is clearly a personal vendetta of Tavis, whom I never liked. I almost felt for him when I heard what hs father did, but he is our of control in terms of President Obama. President Obama tried to work with Tavis, Tavis was to high minded and disrespectful to POTUS and FLOTUS. Who in the hell does Tavis think he is. The President was unable to make it and graciously extended his help mate and Tavis act like our black Queen was not good enough. So then he solicits Cornel, whom I used to admire as we’ll as many others in my circle – not any more. Then he thought he could trap Minister Farrakhan and Michael Eric Dyson. Tavis does not hold a candle to POTUS and he was directly disrespectful. It is one thing to fight to the death for blatant racism, fraud and injustice. It is another thing to denigrate our leader because your feelings have been hurt because be was busy running this country under immense stress to meet your personal agenda. POTUS tried, Tavis is inane. While, I am never joyful about people being targets or losing jobs without valid justification, I think Tavis is wrong. His record is proving he is a Bully and can’t get along with most, while using the uninformed minds and pockets to line his coffers. What did he give on the poverty tour instead of taking from the barebones of what many of us have, perhaps he needs to repent of using his own people. Frankly, it is sad all around that blacks in the 21st century are still so evil and divided against each other.

    • Black people should also wake up to why Boyce Watkins has so much hate for President Obama and boycott his ass as well.

      For those who wonder why Boyce has so much hate for Obama, it’s not about Obama’s lack of attention to black people.

      It’s personal with Boyce, started when Boyce attacked Bill Oreily for the lynching statement in reference to Michele Obama. Oreily put so much pressure on the president at the Syracuse Universit to fire Boyce and he is still upset over the incident.

      Boyce is upset at President Obama for not speaking out on his behalf and to this day he still holds a grudge against the Obama’s.

      It’s all personal with these pimps,don’t believe the hype about concern for black sufferring.

    • I’m really getting tired of hearing this urban legend that TS has some personal vandetta against POTUS. Most folks can’t even tell you the full story of what they continue to regurgitate but use this event to spew their hatred of Tavis Smiley. If you want to hate the man just say so!You don’t need to reference any false points of hate to effectively hate the man. Just do it. Long before Obama announced he was running for president he said he’d push for an agenda that addressed the concerns of black folks and have it in place by the time both parties chose their nominee. That was in 2006. Obama didn’t want to be bothered with black folks so he avoided talking about black issues. That’s why he didn’t want to go to Smiley’s forum. But Obama spoke by satellite at Smiley’s form in 2009 when he was president! So why do you say it’s personal? You’re just repeating the same nonsense you heard from someone else. The truth is Obama junkies need to discredit everyone who doesn’t worship the man as they do. Their philosophy is if you don’t love this man something must be seriously wrong with you. Smiley and West are right to hold Obama’s feet to the fire. Thank God these two have a backbone and not just looking to crawl into bed with these politicains like all the other black so-called leaders. Damn their enemies that want to silence them.

  37. Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.
    Micah 7:8

  38. Though I am a Obama supporter and don’t agree with Smiley and West on a number of things concerning President Obama,but they have the right to their opinions and should be heard.Just like Stacy Dash has the right to endorse Mitt Romney and voice her opinion concerning the President.

    • You know that statement that has been hanging around the black community forever, ” blacks won’t stick together”, no time in history has this been more important than now. This is what the discussion is about, not someone’s right to say something, of course we have the right. What right we don’t have is working against the advancement of black people. Any thinking person should be able to discern that this President is no ‘Clarence Thomas’ and has done absolutely nothing to hinder the progress of blacks. Until he does that, I’m sure our lessons in sell outs will galvanize us to change things.

      I personally love seeing that black person, Barack Obama, with the most powerful position in the world with that powerful pin in his hand. I see him through the black boy’s eye, without the diminishing statements of grown -up blacks who should know better. I can the children thinking I can be anything I want to be.

      I’m old enough to remember how the black ministers and some other unthinking blacks spoke out against Martin Luther King, Jr. They talked about him too, yes they did, and they are forgotten, MLK, Jr. lives on. Keep on keeping on Barack Obama, you have made most of us proud. Obama/Biden 2012.

  39. In the end it is a business, and let’s face it what is the makeup of the audience that is more likely to listen to them? Black! When you decide that your agenda is going to be to continue to dog the first Black president then I would assume your numbers are not going to be what you want over the long haul.

  40. I listen to NPR and I have watched tavis and west. I think that they should have clearly showed us how they warned him before they just cut him. BUT tavis and west lost it period. they should lay off obama right now. cause they need to help him now then get on his butt after nov 7. 2nd. they need to keep pushing to activate the black community at all cost. USE that platform to create a strong pro black movement.

  41. For all the people who are bashing Smiley & West would you tell me who the "Middle Class" Obama is always reffering too really is? Breakdown the stats and information for yourselves, who lost their retirement funds in the recession? What color were the people most negatively affected by the recession? How long have blacks been poor and lower middle class? When has anyone ever started to care about forclosures, healthcare, or wal-street regulation when its all negativly only affecting the black community? The anwser is NEVER! Blacks have been going through fore-closures for decades, healthcare deficits for decades, being poor for decades and no matter the president except L.B.J. has even tried to tackle those issues head on, in our favor! People WAKE UP! These are now "WHITE PEOPLE ISSUES" so now the "MIDDLE CLASS" is so important! Now obesity, and bankruptcy due to lack of adequate health care and breast cancer are pivitol subjects! Now home forclosures are important! White people lost money, lost life times of money on Wall Street! Black people let's not fool ourselves into thinking just because Obama has 50% Black Blood and he married a beautiful black woman, he has our black peoples interests at heart. Yes, I know he is "Americas" President all Americans, but he has made the LBGT Community a high priority in his presidency, he has made the Hispanic/Latino Community a high priority in his presidency, he has even taken time and gentle hands with the North African and Middle Eastern Islamic Muslim communities, being sure to apologize whenever their feelings were hurt by Americans! But with all that said he wouldn't even give Blacks, "African Americans" his biggest voting population a hour or so at the Black Caucus! People there is something wrong there! We haven't even made this man earn our vote, we blindly follow and supoort him because he is Black, and he hangs with Oprah, Jay-Z, Beyonce, etc…. He's cool, and can play ball! But no serious looks at any African American for Supreme Court either time! There is a problem there, and because Smiley and West call him out on some things, we owe it to ourselves to listen, review, investigate, and make a logical choice for ourselves, instead of giving our full blown blind support and dismay to anyone not in foot and step about the President and his choices! Yes, I am a Democrat and I approve this message!

    • Amen! Sharing!

    • You seem to forget what party cause this nation to free fall before he was elected, and how far this nation has come "forward" since then. We are not there yet, but many of us are better off now. The middle class is me, and my neighbors who were affected by the last administration reckless decisions. People in my community, and me lost our retirement funds.

    • On the flip side I have to thank Bush for altering the tax codes which opened my employer to bring some of the jobs back to America, from India and China which gave me gainful employment and has boosted me into the "semi-upper middle" middle class! Everybody has their good and bad stories! But to say President Obama is void of any critisim from the black race because he is black is wrong! PERIOD! It really shows that the majority of blacks are willling to be controlled still, don't you forget whites weren't the only slave owners either! And besides you live in California, you have a "State" problem! And its not because your state is ultra conservative either!

    • By the way I voted for Obama, and as a voter to criticize and critique is my right! As well as to praise and congratulate!

    • I agree with u on ur right to ur opinion, but u know how I feel, u can't be that mad at him when the alternative is worse…. While I agree with critiques u never have any good to say for the Pres…

    • And while all isn't well in America, I feel neither candidate offers solutions for America's future…

    • You know at the end of the day it is up to individuals to vote for who they think is best for them! Yes I am critical on Obama because I feel as if he has not respected the black community, as elitist as it is at the top, he should to still felt compelled to at least sit down with "black leaders" the same way he sat with the American Jewish commitee, the Hispanic/Latino leaders, the LGBT community leaders, he showed all other groups those same respects, but not the people who was the proudest of him. I know its because he doesn't have anything in common with the American Negro besides his color, but the average black person doesn't know that because they recuse themselves from learning and research that doesn't include MTV/BET, and drama! That's all I have ever wanted him to do is atleast show some respect for the black community!

    • Obama passes on the Black Caucus the 1 segment of America that gives him 99% of support, but he wouldn't dare miss this religious idiotic, group of snakes and backstabbers that's what pisses off so many people!

  42. Psalms 42. Because they have challenged the President does not make them Uncle Toms like some black media personalities have said. Both these brothers have proven scholarly track records in the uplifting of our community.They are also FRAT with brother Cornell as my Alpha brother specifically. "Am I my brothers keeper?".

  43. We black folks are not a monolithic people. We are entitled to different opinions like any other culture. The president has catered to other constituents ie. Homosexuals, Jews etc. Mr.West and Mr.Smiley are speaking to a constituency that has not been properly addressed by either party. Both Tavis and Cornell have publically proffessed their Christian faith. Part of the tenets of the faith is to take care of the less fortunate if you have the means to do so.

  44. This take me back to Rev. Wright…his reasons for attention was in the media for awhile. Stirring up doubt to the already confused. Media declares a tight race so why not throw in these two desperate fellows. To attempt to gain more listeners and viewer for rating. They should know better, how the system works. Boomerang effect, this scheme did not get the reaction expected. As long as Smiley been on airtime? Prime time, Not! Guest show appearances, Not! Professor West's work load that light? Hanging on the coat tail for attention. All about the rating for themselves and selling books. The agenda, was not yours to choose. Let be fair, I agree with the balance. They were not pulling in the numbers! That, what it really boils down too! Let's be, Real, Neither will be missed!

    • They were going around the country criticizing the President at a time when we don't need that. The race is too close. They can put the heat to him ater, about whatever is bugging them. This is not the time. With that noise stopped, maybe we can focus on getting Obama re-elected.

  45. I listened to Cornel West’s radio interview with sister Kathleen Wells and what I heard was a chitterlings circuit liberal arts rhetorical loser, coward, traitor and whiner.. Here’s why:

    Cornel West is a loser for grandstanding for Tavis Smiley. He is a coward because he sat at the same table breaking bread with Minister Louis Farrakhan and never opened his mouth about what the honorable minister had to say about someone like him that chose what he chose.

    He is a whiner because during his radio interview he recommended to the radio host with authority as to what President Obama “should do” and “should be” doing while Cornel West does nothing but perpetrate and grandstand.

    He spoke with authority saying “What President Obama should do” in spite of the fact that Cornel West was very visible on the scene long before Obama hit the radar and even then Black America was fighting for survival, parity, justice and equality.

    If Cornel West knows today what Obama should do, why didn’t Cornel West apply his Religion and African American Studies degree to correct the conditions on the ground before Obama became president of The United States of America?

    It is because Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are cowards and President Obama is not a coward like them.

    President Obama arrived on the front-lines, accessed the conditions on the ground, accepted the challenge, knew the risk and knew the price he would pay in any attempt to correct the conditions on the ground. Barack Obama decided that the price was worth the risk.

    President Obama made his peace knowing that cowards die many deaths, the brave only one.

    Cornel West and Tavis Smiley don’t possess the courage of Obama to reconcile their mind with that type of courage therefore all they can do or all they will ever do is whine, conference and say with authority what someone else “should be doing.” FORGET ABOUT IT!

    Like the cowards of Rosewood, Cornel West and Tavis Smiley hide and grandstand behind rhetorical philosophical BS and contrived conferences. Meanwhile the weak, poor, uneducated, disabled and elderly men, women and children are being corporately gouged, economically raped and systematically eliminated.

    Tavis Smiley wait and watch in the shadows with drooling anticipation and excitement as Cornel West does radio interviews profiteering, protesting and professing with prophetic overtures about what’s going to happen to President Obama when the tea party reaches its climatic pitch or when us weak, poor, helpless, uneducated black people wake up.

    Cornel West says with morbid excitement in his voice that if Obama can’t displace the emerging negative energy arising from the tea party posse that President Obama is going to be left hanging in the wind.

    It never dawned on those two cowards to use their chitterlings circuit liberal arts rhetoric and philosophical BS degrees to rally and deputize black America as the army to the rescue coming to defend Obama against the anti-Obama sentiment emanating from the tea party posse.

    Instead of rallying black America to defend against the rising anti-Obama sentiment the treacherous coward via his radio interview is calling for black Americans to bring even more pressure to bear against President Obama.

    Consider this:
    Cornel West is a black man with an African American Studies degree in the era of a 21st century sitting black president and when given the choice to choose which president exemplifies to him the epitome of what represents his black American ideals he selects Lyndon Baines Johnson’s fanny to kiss.

    On my block that’s called treason and his radio interview pretty much evidences that Cornel West is a chitterlings circuit liberal arts rhetorical loser, coward, whiner and traitor.

    Cornel West’s view from Rosewood that black Americans view President Obama, as a symbolized black-faced gesture is an example of what a useless degree in African American Studies will do for you.

    President Obama is not a symbolic president. President Obama has real power and he has the final say.

    President Obama is a viable and highly intelligent person. He has read Undercover Smart and he uses his presidential powers without reservation, supervision or permission.

    For dessert President Obama won the noble peace prize without even trying.

    Cornel West as Director of African American Studies at Princeton University on the other hand is under constant watch, monitoring and scrutiny by strict European supervision. Cornel West has no real power or authority and for dessert he serves as a lackey for Tavis Smiley.

    Cornel West’s African American Studies Degree, position and title at Princeton are as worthless and useless to black American interest as he is especially when integrated with real time applications and scenarios.

    In an address given in Toledo, Ohio by the honorable Louis Farrakhan here is what the honorable minister said more or less about anyone that would pursue such a degree.

    “Black people go to college and get a degree in African American Studies, What is that? It is a degree you will never use. You put the letters BS behind it and then you add PHD behind that and now you have a useless degree that is piled high and deep in BS.”.
    Minister Louis Farrakhan.
    Toledo, Ohio

    The Minister was correct in his assessment because Cornel West’s African American Studies degree does not recognize that being “prophetic” is clearly defined as “the foretelling or predictions of things to come.”.

    When radio host sister Kathleen Wells used the word “prophetic” to describe and clarify her statement, Cornel West along with his useless African American Studies degree demonstrated his worthlessness by admonishing her with an ignorant and incoherent correction.

    She outsmarted Cornel West by readily accepting his layman explication of the word for the sake of not competing with his ego, false sense of security and fake accomplishments.

    Sister Kathleen Wells cut him short, out maneuvered him, out smarted him, and moved him right along.

    My name is Enoch Mubarak. I implore Cornel West and Tavis Smiley to stop perpetrating with worthless degrees, positions, titles and foundations.

    Stop waiting for the president to fall and please, Cornel West by “any means necessary” stop grandstanding for Tavis Smiley.

    Cornel West has a degree in religion but is not smart enough to jump ship on Tavis Smiley especially when the Nation of Islam refused to endorse THE COVENANT WITH BLACK AMERICA for lack of having any spiritual worth.

    When the black churches were being burned to the ground, 30 black preachers went running, screaming and crying to the Attorney General for protection but where was Cornel West with his degree in religion?

    As always he and Tavis Smiley are hiding in the forest of Rosewood while Cornel West professes to sister Kathleen Wells how President Barack Obama needs to visit the black church and be saved.

    The sun has set on you treason-ist backbiting cowards. ENOCH HAS RISEN!

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak.
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes.

    • Wow, Enoch!

      I wish I had said this – and I will in the future through quoting you. You've said it all here, brother. What we have in these two are Mutt and Jethro – a community pimp and his whoe, a Harvard anointed preacher (Steppin' Fetchit in an afro).

      Why Their Scam is Falling Apart
      The problem with Tavis and West is they allowed themselves to do more “feeling” than than they did thinking. Instead of recognizing that Barack Obama was exactly the right man for this seminal moment in history, they 'felt" that he was a Johnny-come-lately who cut in line and failed to acknowledge their esteemed position in the Black community. Then after Obama was elected, West "felt" that he was such an academic icon in the community that the president would be willing to let bygones be bygones and embrace him as an honored and influential member of his administration, in spite of the fact that he has a history of being a turncoat and willing to flow whichever way the wind blows. Then only after they finally began to recognize that only their oversized egos led them even begin to believe that they could compete with the President of the United States, did they begin to recognize that they were in hot water in the Black community, their meal ticket. Then they "felt" that they could substitute the word "poverty" for the name Obama and everyone would be willing to forgive and forget. Not hardly.

  46. No I do not agree. I am vehemently opposed to the silencing of West and Smiley. Whether they disagree with the POTUS's policies or not, their platform on poverty and other issues affecting the Black community was relevant and necessary….

    • So Terry other than talk about what need to be done in the black community what have they done, you do know they get paid to speak at these functions, an where does that money come from, some where in the black community a grant or something, so in essence they are taking away from the black community for their own personal gain right. these guys do nothing for the black community but talk, they are corporate whores they go to the highest bidder, ask Boyce he love them immensely

    • They were touting themselves. In my community, they had lost their luster. Instead of fighting for other rights that were being embraced by the black and latino community, they used a soft issue such as poverty as their pretense to garner support. I have not heard them speak negative against the Repub candidate at all. I wonder if they are in his pocket, and want us to follow them.

  47. It’s Time to Boycott Tavis, West, and All Black-on-Black Racists.
    Like most black people I used to like and admire both Tavis Smiley and Cornel West a great deal, but after they made public fools of themselves on the very day that Barack Obama announced his intention to run for president, I decided to do a little research into them instead of simply buying into the hype. Not long thereafter it started to become clear that their images were merely facades that hid highly ambitious, self-serving, and untrustworthy clowns of the worst kind – and that assessment is not based merely upon my opinion. The most cursory review of the facts will easily bear that out..
    I found that Tavis is the most prolific corporate shill in the Black community, and he's closely associated with some of the most exploitive corporations of working class people in the country. So I began to ask myself, how can his so-called concern for the poor and middle class coexist with his association with Walmart, Nationwide Insurance, and other corporate manipulators of the poor and middle class?
    “One thing that caught my eye was the picture of Nationwide because it's personal. Sharon's sister was blind-sided by a drunk, uninsured motorist. Donna had been paying uninsured motorist insurance though Nationwide for years. Donna was barely conscious in the hospital when a Nationwide rep showed up with a document he told Donna to sign because it would pay the ambulance fees (about $4-5,000). Donna had broken arms, broken ribs and other major injuries. Donna barely scribbled her initials and the guy left. Several weeks later, when she got out of the hospital, her bill was in the tens of thousands of dollars. Required Physical would add thousands more, all within her policy limits. Nationwide refused to pay, citing Donna's initials on what she was told was the ambulance and ER bills. Donna was unable to have physical therapy and had to file bankruptcy. Like Sharon, Donna is an American Indian (Cherokee), lives in the country and knew/knows nothing about lawyers. By the time we found out, Nationwide's weird statute of limitations had run out and they were legally "off-the-hook". Donna is crippled and debilitated to this day..
    “Nationwide IS NOT on your side. They are scumbags to be avoided AT ALL COSTS! You have my permission to use this if you wish to help your community. Tom”.
    I also began to ask myself how Tavis could possibly claim to be concerned about the plight of Black people, and then seek to pad his pocket by promoting R. Kelly, a man who became more famous for his alleged appearance in a graphic underground video of himself molesting a 14 year-old Black child, than for his musical ability? Sure, Kelly beat the case, but the video is still out there, and it is what it is.….
    And then there's Cornel West, a man who's literally made a career of spewing the depth of his love for his people to anyone who will listen, for a fee. With West, it's always brother this, or my dear brother that, yet, as badly as we need educators in the Black community, why is it that he has never taught at a school that more than 1% of Black people could afford to attend in his entire career? If he loves his people so much, why isn't he teaching third grade in the hood, or at the very least, instructing young people at one of the many Historically Black Colleges or Universities? Isn't teaching poor and middle-class students prestigious enough for him? Doesn't he love his people enough to want to see them well educated? I guess not, because while his incessantly running mouth says one thing, his behavior consistently says another. Over the years it has become abundantly clear that he would much rather preach us a sermon than live us one..
    While it seems that West can't inconvenience himself to the point of busting a grape when it comes to helping to educate Black children, he wants us to believe that he loves the Black community so much that he was forced to join forces with Ralph Nader and help to elect George Bush in the 2000 election. Bush won the election by 537 votes. The Nader-West coalition peel off 97,488 votes in Florida alone. But, of course, West only hepled to usher in the Bush-Cheney era, and the attendant misery that it brought to the Black community, in the interest of political chastity. You understand, right?
    But as horrific as that episode was, for me, its hypocrisy is more than rivaled by West's mere association with Tavis Smiley. In this latest coalition, West reminds me of a guy running down the street ranting about fascism after just having lunch with Mussolini. But many Black people can't seem to see that, because they've been so bedazzled by the hype over Cornel's resume that even though he doesn't make a bit of sense most of the time, they assume that he must be saying something so profound that their limited education is causing them to miss the point. But what point could possibly be missing when a man advocates that you become so disgusted with the Bogeyman that you elect the Devil? Dumb is dumb, even if it comes from Princeton..
    So my distaste for these two individuals run far, far deeper than their criticism of President Obama. The fact is, I’ve written several articles criticizing the president myself – as I do with every president – but I make sure that my criticisms are constructive, issue-specific, and I ALWAYS make sure that I afford the president all of the respect that he’s due. But the thrust of Tavis and West’s criticisms of President Obama are neither issue-specific, nor constructive. In fact, in the case of Cornel West, his criticisms are not only less than constructive, but they hover around a level of immaturity approaching The Dozens. So for the most part, Tavis and West are simply running around saying, "This guy ain’t no good and he can’t be trusted," under the guise of being concerned about poverty. But if you listen closely, after you get past all of the misleading rhetoric and disinformation, you'll find that the bottom line is, they’re campaigning for the Republicans as a cure for poverty, and you don't get no dummer than that. So we're dealing with one of two things here – either they're two turncoats, or they're so dumb that they shouldn't be allowed to hold a microphone..
    Thus, their mantra about "attacking the messagener" notwithstanding, I’d like to hereby assure both, Tavis and West, and the world, that my raging distaste for them has absolutely nothing to do with their criticizing Obama. My distaste for these two individuals is a direct result of what I perceive as a gaping flaw in their character. I am far less concerned about WHAT they’re saying, than I am about WHY they’re saying it. Because it's the "WHY" that's so toxic to the Black community… MORE

    • Eric you statement about Smiley is pretty harsh. I'm surprised! Tell me more about your basis for concluding he's a corporate shill.

    • good the shinola twins are gone

    • @Randell: Who in their right minds would push for a Walmart store to be put in a poor neighborhood? Smiley did, that's who.

    • LaDonna Cole. I''m just asking and want to understand. I'm not debating right or wrong. My opinion prior to reading this is that Smiley has been an effective journalist who's demeanor seem professional and objective. I always saw West as being over the top but I'm listening and want to understand.

    • Eric…I totally agree with your analogy…these brothers are an embarrasment to our community. When Bush ran wild against our agendas they were as quiet as church mice. When Barack did not agree to participate in Tavis' program…that was the beginning of the end. I really respected both of these educated black men. Not any more!!

    • That Wal-Mart store offers jobs and oppurtunities. What's the other choice? No stores no options, same crappy corner stores over charging, not putting anything back into the community! People have to realize there is no "Silver Bullet" but any oppurtunity and attempt at having a shot to make it is better than NOTHING! Its funny to hear people complain about the corporations, like they are living off the grid themselves! Target ain't no better than Wal-Mart, Cost-Co ain't no better than Sams, the truth is if Wal-Mart wants to put its store in a poor crime ridden area, then the people ought to say "Thank You" instead of throwing rocks through the windows!

    • I have to agree with Randell Monaco here. I will admit that Tavis may have some self-serving interests here, but he's been fairly consistent with his views on black empowerment. And while Obama did blow him off when he announced for President, Tavis did invite him months earlier, so it wasn't like it was a last minute thing. I don't hold that against Obama, however; not everything revolves around Tavis Smiley. But Cornell West has been very principled in his approach. I'm not saying I agree with their views, but I don't think they're a "tool" for white racists.

    • I agree, Fred Smith . at least they are putting jobs in the community. If a report came out saying they were purposely avoiding poor neighborhoods then this discussion would be totally different.

    • Randell Monaco :
      What's really sad about this is that we are so divided as a people on Obama vs Smiley that we don't even get the fact that a Black person is loosing affiliation. So many people are so focused on the idea of "that's what he gets" that they can't understand that its an injustice for all. White media is just as unbalanced there are an array of channels offering an array of opinions but no one is loosing sponsorships or their jobs including Limbaugh! We need to wake up! BTW-only an idiot would think that Walmart wouldn't be a good thing. Previously, in Chicago we had to travel in order to access this store and therefore we were taking our money out of the community. With them being built people are going back to work and money is being invested where we live so Kudos to Tavis!

    • I may not share your opinion on Walmart but from a totally different perspective. Your point about keeping money in the same community is well taken. The subjects you are addressing are so complex and ripe for misunderstanding that I find it hard to sort through. Obama has his faults and for myself his record on civil liberty is unforgiveable. While he is surely the better choice of evils in this election America deserves elected representatives who are not beholding to campaign funders. Obama is where he is because he understands that game. My question is would he be there if the playing field was based purely on the vote of publicly funded campaigns. I'm not sure. We may have many highly qualified choices. But I don't know, Really!

    • One other thing about the media. Fox like the others you referenced are in reality entertainment companies. Everything we hear, see and read is coming from about 6 media companies which means the Oligarchy controls the talking points and agenda. Social media doesn't have to limit itself to what TV produces. So the challenge is to protect that environment and evolve into reliable, trustworthing news we need to know platforms that don't depend upon those six outlets who are loosing control little by little

    • dang man. u went in. gosh. but i gota say. I do wonder who is in the pocket of these public figures

    • It is really the other way around. The public figures are in the pocket of funders. What has really happen which is not fully discussed is that Citizens United made the threat of funding the campaign of the otherside more important that raising one's own campaign money. In other words, politicians fear that those funders will support the other guy and therefore politicians are ever more willing to accomodate funders and ignore the public! Make sense?

    • You don't have to share my perspective because you don't share my journey-that belongs to me. However, what ever your Presidential choice is is your business. My point is that Tavis loosing his place is not a good thing overall for Black people- period. No one should be thinking that it is. We must learn to agree to disagree. Tavis' message gets lost because people focus on his relationship with Obama or lack of. He has always been in a class of his own. Just because you believe he is useless to you doesn't make him useless.

    • nope. they should limit how much money they can raise and spend on each ticket period across the country. i understand that there has to be money in it, but to much of anything on this planet is deadly.

    • Hold up Mitzi. I've not conluded any of the things that you now attribute to me. Your approach is not at all productive. I actually like Tavis Smiley. Follow the thread more carefully. As for Obama my beef is his record on civil liberty which has nothing to do with Black People per se although the application of law is alway an issue. I served as a career public defender and my journey was hands on in terms of the application of law. But I don't disagree with you at all about Smiley and agree that he needs to be in a media space that allows him to contiunue what he already does well. If anything Smiley/West may be victims of the financial structure but that system does not own them a platform either.

    • Eric Wattree, You were absolutely on target. It was way past time for the stations to get the message that black America were not buying the message or the messengers. Thank you for taking the time to write the post.

    • If you believe this is a win-win than you are sadly mistaken. There are an abundance of opinions in white media when it comes to Obama and they're not being cancelled. Black people must learn to agree to disagree on subjects. We all don't worship Obama and even so there are many of us who can stand to hear the opinions of others. Your thoughts on subjects aren't in stone. Only maturity will teach that. When the Obama years are over we will still be down an African-American broadcast then all of you will be whining about that! SMH

    • Your logic is so twisted, Eric Wattree, that it makes me nauseous to read. Why shouldn't West be teaching third grade in the hood? Uh, maybe so that he can inspire *all those in the hood* by showing them that even black people can exist in the halls of the ivory tower? And to encourage their growth by being public and by visiting those very communities? And to cause a ruckus in those (admittedly) privileged places. (Academia, by the way, is a place West has strongly criticized, as in his discussion of Larry Summers on DemocracyNow!). I happen to know that West has a very steep honorarium—so do Angela Davis and a host of other black intellectuals. But you provide not a shred of evidence for the not-so-subtle accusation that West is bankrupting poor black communities by visiting them on the poverty tour.

      You clearly know nothing about West—I'd be surprised if you'd read a single word of any of his books. And do you think your opaque allusions to West (and Smiely's) supposed "character flaws" are convincing? Really, by referencing a blog post about R. Kelly (there is no video there, btw)? Or claiming that they demand

      As far as the ridiculous claim that Smiley and West are "campaigning for republicans"… Lesser-evilism is a completely bankrupt idea: you fail to mention, for example, that Nader *increased the total number of voters*. Also you can't possibly have forgotten that votes were STOLEN in Florida anyway, primarily by disenfranchising black ex-cons. Have you forgotten that you live in the most apathetic "wealthy" democracy on the planet? Our turnout is atrocious to begin with. (See my comment above as well.)

      You are apparently immune to the irony that your complaints about the "non-constructiveness" of West (and Smiley) are completely overshadowed by your own patently false and un-constructive rant.

    • Also, and perhaps conveniently, your comments are disabled on the "boycott Smiley and West" post on your website. Kindly add my response if you don't mind. Your rant, which seems to have drawn disproportionate adulation from clueless white people (a hint, maybe?), is only followed by positive comments. As editor, you can, of course, make sure that no criticism exists. But that would be unbecoming of someone so principled as yourself, no?

    • Thank you, LaDonna.

      I can't understand, for the life of me, why so many people are finding it so hard to connect the dots. This is not about Obama; this is about Tavis and West, and ridding the Black community of poverty pimps, crabs-in-a-barrel, and self-promoting haterism once and for all. I don't know about others, but that's why I on it so heavily, and I have no intention of letting up – even AFTER the election.

    • If Tavis and West really cared about the Black community, here's what they'd be talking about: IS PRESIDENT OBAMA THE REAL REASON FOR HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

    • Steve 'Paco' Grier


    • Good that's what they get..

    • Their office is just a few blocks from me and I've been there to inquire with less than a warm reception. Can't say that means much. But I do like Tavis Smiley and he is a professional through and through. West, at time is a bit over the top but he is most likely frustrated playing to the audiences who follow them. We do need diversity and I can't help wonder if there wasn't another solutions–all or nothing? Would like to hear more about how this went down.

    • Randell, read the link below and it will tell you everything you need to know. And by the way, ALL con men come off as nice guys. That's the most essential part of their game.

    • I did find this and am very disappointed to hear that Smiley has fallen prey to the temptations of finance

    • Eric, it's very difficult for me to follow this thread. Seems to be broken down in subsets and I'm not sure how the thread is breaking out. I don't want to step on toes here so I'll but out. While I have written about my differences with Obama and extensively on the GOP my main interests are on campaign finance and election reforms. I try to understand as much as I can but at the end of the day my question remains: What will your elected represetative do to eliminate the corrupting influence of money in politics. This question seems to be a nonpartisan issue.

  48. Yes! They are openly criticizing President Obama which is something he does not need, coming from the Black community right now. Why can't they wait until he wins the election and then put the heat to him about their concerns? The election looks like it is going to be dangerously close. We can't afford for these two to be feeding fodder to the opposition and helping to split the Black vote.

    • you are so right,hope people understand and don't fall for the game

    • Thats what they want, they dont want President Obama to win, they would much rather be able to run around saying they bough him down because he was not doing for the black community, if someone ask me did i vote for President Obama because he is black i say yes, white folks have had 400 years to give me racial equality an i have not gotten it so i mite as well give a black man a chance at it, but they are one's selling out the black race

    • Thanks, Ms Myrna G Brown! Because I don't listen to them, I didn't know that Smiley had not ceased and desisted. One reaps what he sows; in this case, fortunately.

    • Barbara Lloyd Menlen

      Interesting post to follow, thanks

  49. It’s sad that people don’t see what’s really going on. Opportunist to the highest power, which is a plague in our community. Anyone can critique the president but don’t run from facts. It’s a personal issue and a vedetta for perceived snub. Take your answer and your movement to the streets if you have one. Martin nor malcom sat behind a microphone In a comfy studio and they reached masses. Shams and charlatans.

  50. I didn't know they had a show. Tavis & Cornell don't offer any solutions and teach dependency instead of independence. The Poverty Tour is a joke…show people how to climb out of poverty.

  51. Selection day, I mean election day is coming up soon, and the media does not want any negativity about O’Drama before your votes are lost, I mean casts.

    They (the radio station) know what they are doing, and they want to clear the minds of Blacks, who are still not sure, if they want to vote or not.

    I keep telling y’all this is a game, and now the station MUST adhere to the policies of making sure O’Drama gets ‘selected’. The Majority of so-called Black radio stations will drink O’Drama’s bath water; therefore, they want to make sure he’s clean and rinsed off before voter day Tuesday!






        You just showed me how dumb and NIGorant you are by calling me a caucasoid! Secondly, willard’s pappy was not the governor of MASS., he was the governor of Michigan, you crazy DUMB cracker!

        Third, if he was a REAL president, he would’ve gotten rid of bushboy’s appointees, but he left them on his payroll!!! This is NEVER brought up.

        Last, but not least. HE’S NOT THE MOST POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH!!! If he was so powerful, how come he acts so WEAK when addressing the needs of BLACK PEOPLE!!!

        He so chicken-hearted, him and Michelle NEVER mention the names of Blacks, who were in the movment…NEVER. They use code words, and both of them are controlled. They (the elite), let him sing, while she shakes her behind in front of white boys!!!

        By the way, caucasoid gal, I ain’t voting for none of these puppets!!! I’m an independent thinker and voter…remember that!!!


  52. ""Do you agree with the decision to mute the voices of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West,"".

    YES – they should have their own BROADCAST, NETWORK and STATION –
    and not rely on what someone hands them on a platter to exploit their listeners.

    "" or did they provide balance in a black community"".

    they provided 98+% talk and very little action.
    and poverty tour drives to raise money for them.
    actions speak louder than words….

    "" where journalists are afraid to question President Obama’s policies?"".

    I question a few things that Obama does –
    but at the same time…
    I'm not looking for a hand out either –
    I SHOW AND TEACH how to be independent.

    they helped to allow ALL of the black stations to be manipulated by whites.
    pumping out nothing but negativity – just what the people want.
    and not what THE PEOPLE NEED!

    • "I question a few things that Obama does –
      but at the same time…

      I'm not looking for a hand out either –
      I SHOW AND TEACH how to be independent. "

      So, let me get this straight-anyone who has an expectation of President Obama is looking for a handout?
      Wallstreet has gotten more welfare than the average citizen but theirs is a handup, huh? You independency? You of all people then should know that everybody needs a little help some time especially since you are doing the helping. I can go on but as it stands especially after reading all of your rhetoric, it will prove absolutely fruitless. You can't treat people equally when everyone and their circumstances are different. Gays are singled out to be different, white women are singled out to be different, Wallstret and businessess are singled out to be different and yet, Blacks-crime, poverty, unemployment-education, health have yet to be acknowledged. O.K-you win

    • Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton ""Blacks-crime,""

      Where were blacks when Raymond Hirresse was shot over 100 times while sitting in his car and not one officer said get out with your hands up ? In Miami Florida ?

      Where were blacks for Trayvon Martin – when justin collier the son of a cop got off scott free from attempted murder in 2007 when he shot up a car – hitting one of the people in the car ….

      or ion 2010 when he knocked out a black homeless guy and got off scott free – ? only to pay $1,000 to three charities and one of them being the naacp of Sandford, FL.

      Where were the blacks who should have pushed for the whole police force to be shut down and investigated ?

      You wanna know where ? Following behind their own kind – letting the enemy get away – to fabricate evidence to help out zimmerman.

      "" poverty,""

      if all of these churches in the black neighbourhoods were doing their job of LOVING THEIR NEIGHBOURS ? There would be little poverty in the black communities …

      "" unemployment-education,""

      if all of these churches in the black neighbourhoods were providing GED PROGRAMS and HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS – the drop out rate would change and many businesses would be opening and unemployment would be lowered in the black communities.

      "" health""

      if all of these churches in the black neighbourhoods were teaching EXERCISE and HEALTHY EATING on a regular basis – the health problems would be vanishing ….

      What about the NEW HEALTH CARE PLAN that Obama passed ?

      "" have yet to be acknowledged. O.K-you win""

      I know I win – because I just ACKNOWLEDGED those issues you brought up – now who is fruitless ?

      Because these are the VERY THINGS that I am working on DAILY and NIGHTLY …. although people like you don't appreciate, don't know and / or just don't see through the self hatred.

      Why beg someone for something they don't want to give you ?
      When you can do it yourself.

      THE VERY people who don't even want you in this country …. geeez.
      yet blacks are begging them day after day since I can remember.

      blacks need to get with the program – stop inviting the black and white enemies into your camp and letting them run things.

      All you have to do – is get THE REAL BLACKS AND REAL WHITES and REAL OTHER RACES – and RISE UP against these right wing lunatics.

    • Lol! Same ole propaganda! Investigate the police!!! Really? Investigate the reasons why blacks are still putting ourselves in the polices handcuffs!!! Then may be we could tackle some of the injustices that do happen, based off the fact that the injustice situations, outnumber the legit suspicion and arrestable actions that actually do happen! That's what and who we need to be investigating is our own community! Self responsibility, out weights blame placing every time! Yes, T. Martin was a tragedy, but the fear of that image was enough to make his killer suspiscious and no it wasn't right, but how do we change that image? That's the question.

    • "" but how do we change that image? ""

      by starting with the law enforcement systems – like the ones who set zimmerman free in the first place – and the other whites they set free after committing crimes against blacks – TRAYVON MARTIN Wasn't THE FIRST ONE …..There are plenty more ….

      Not just there – ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY ……
      at the same time – blacks need to step up to the plate
      ain't nobody holding no gun to their heads to sling dope to their own people.

    • Look, we are -well, I am speaking about the role of the President! Our communities need funding-that's not a "hand out"! Our children have no education. Our families have no jobs. Our communities are polluted with abandoned /condemened buildings from the realestate crises and are havens for crimes. We have no Blackowned business in our communities because we don't possess the same access as The Arabs. The crime rate has skyrocketed because although we can find Bin Laden and other terrorists, we have yet to figure out how our children are gaining access to assault rifles to exterminate our race. In addition, cook county jail is at capacity with Black men and women yet, there has yet to be any signature from the President to take a closer look at the drug laws that houses us and sets whites free! You wanna why I think he's full of it? Living down the street from him, there you have it!

    • T Martin was a tragedy however, there are a few more factors in there for me. Like why would he be there in the first place? We are so against one another as a people that we put our children in harms way trying to run away from us and right into the hands of the real enemy!! Why not stand up in our own communities instead of trying to be accepted where we're not wanted. I'm sorry but his father and I would talk.

    • Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton – I understand ALL and EVERYONE of your concerns that you have mentioned ….. but I PROMISE you …

      ya'll don't need Obama for that. It's been PROVEN too many times in too many cities where Blacks are the majority …. but the problem is ?

      blacks keep people in THE LOWERS offices that hate them …. their city councils, senators and so on …. and once they get in – and you see they ain't no good – you all keep them there.

      Like I said – I blow whistles on crooked elected officials
      and I do it BOLDLY ….

      and I do the same for talk show hosts as well …
      and I do the same for false prophets and false teachers.

      Funding is THE LEAST of what black people need for themselves.
      They need LOVE – LOVE FOR themselves and LOVE for each other.
      If they had that ? It'd be a TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY.

    • The funding is where the President comes into the conversation on all of that, its called "Nation Building" the same thing we are doing in the Middle East and Northern Africa! Cities and communities can't afford to tackle these issues either due to mismanagement or different projects allocation or the funds! But our President has got to have the want to work with the States, the state with the city, and the city with the community where these attrocities are taking place! Right now our State and Federal Government won't even sit down in so much fear of Politcal backlash, and I really don't think our President wants too, and that's where Tavis & Smiley come in with their critisims and critiques! Obama hasn't allowed Wall Street to dip 1 significant Quarter as President, Millionaires have become Multi Millionaires and some Billionaires hedging the market and riding its success, and no attention has come to the "REAL ORIGINAL POOR & LOWER MIDDLE CLASS" that's no one sided obligation either, that's a fact!

    • Maybe it is a fact in our World but for Dennis we just need love.

    • Fred Smith – no one is going to give any money to a black community that is not together – and it would be stupid to think America is going to step forward to build up black communities ….

      Look around you !!!!! No one is going to step up for blacks but blacks themselves – and until they realize that ? The enemy will continue to tear them out of the frame.

      Lastly – you are trying to make it go from the top down – you have to start from the BOTTOM and build up … you sound like romney ….

    • @Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton – would you like to see PROOF of what LOVE can do to a community ?

      Did you see those two links I posted to you in FaceBook E-mail ?
      Or are you attempting to IGNORE THE TRUTH
      because you want to only stand up for black enemies because they hate the president like you do ?

    • my problem is they went on this Obama bashing tour towards the end of this election cycle, I personally feel they are being sponsored by the corporations such as the Koch brothers who are trying to buy this election for Romney, if big Corps are spending billions to buy this election I am going to vote against their sponsorship to show them the people vote not corporations

    • Pamela Shepard – you know you need to hush that kind of talk around here – because I've noticed – THE TRUTH AIN'T WELCOME …..
      but you are DEAD ON with THE TIMING …… BOOO YAH !!!
      HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!

    • They have not been saying anything relevant. Always been critical of the president. Sadly they didn't do anything worth listening to.

  53. I won't laugh – because I won't gloat at the fall of my enemies – but they REAP what they have SOWN.

    • Whoa… I have to come back to the world, because clearly.. I'm missing out on plenty of things!

    • Come on back Isis M. Neteru – because THE WEALTH of the wicked –

      Proverbs 13:22
      A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

      Proverbs 13
      1 A wise son heareth his father's instruction: but a scorner heareth not rebuke.

    • @Isis in this case you didn't miss much!!!

    • Dion Parkins – don't be coming here to make me laugh …. I'm still not going to laugh – maybe they will get a WAKE UP CALL now.

    • How can you use the Scriptures to launch an attack on your brothers? Tavis and West may not be your choice but to others they are. The World won't stroke your ego. Sometimes they'll be disagreement. Why is it that we want to be treated equally but can't respect each other individually? All Black folks don't think, act, speak or even vote the same-it makes us no less Black if we don't cherish Obama.

    • Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton – 1.) I have launched no attack on tavis or west. Although they don't seem to be showing the PATH or WAY on how to raise up people to do as they do and to take their place and to spread WHAT BLACKS NEED …. but more of spreading what they need to stay popular – conforming to this world and not staying on THE PATH.

      2.) ""Tavis and West may not be your choice but to others they are.""

      and to those – I say – you've made your choice.
      but that's not going to stop me from SPEAKING THE TRUTH.
      that's not going to make me go crawl away in some corner because THE TRUTH is not welcomed.

      "" The World won't stroke your ego.""

      I"m not like smiley, west, baisden, harvey and the rest whose ACTIONS tell me all I need to know. Not someone I choose to back or follow.

      Maybe if they are fighting for something I am fighting for.
      but to only come and fight to get a pay check and saying a few words on a mic ? I DON'T THINK SO.

      "" Sometimes they'll be disagreement.""

      I find no disagreement with THE TRUTH – I LOVE THE TRUTH.

      "" Why is it that we want to be treated equally but can't respect each other individually?""

      How can i respect someone who is more for destroying my community – than bringing my community together.

      I posted this hours ago …. LOOK CAREFULLY…

      if your actions are against COMMUNITY and UNITY ? You are my enemy.

      "" All Black folks don't think, act, speak or even vote the same-it makes us no less Black if we don't cherish Obama.""

      If makes me MORE BLACK if I don't cherish or raise up any man – above GOD.

      Romans 12:2
      And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

      1 Peter 1:14
      As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance:

      2 Corinthians 6:17
      Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

      BACK OFF woman – I don't care about being received by man or woman – THE REWARD IS GREATER WHEN I AM RECEIVED BY GOD.

    • But the "fight" is not one-sided. You have your position and they have theirs is all I'm saying. To you they may be disappointing-to others Obama is. I was very sad to see the demise of Tavis and Tom but I hated the way Mr. Joyner handled it, using his show for his forum. Tavis declined comment. My father is a silent man-a silent man says a lot by choosing to walk away. One who speaks the loudest typically, has the least thing to say. Look, there is no National spokesperson for Black people-I don't think Black people get that. I don't swear by Obama not by anyone. If I don't agree with everything my mother says and she gave me life-I could care less about protecting a man that lied to my face!

    • Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton – I work to build up communities and people – not to tear them down ……

      at the same time – when untouchables are doing more damage than good – I will speak when and where ever I feel.

      Obama has not let me down – and has done more good than bad.
      I don't understand the need to make this all about Obama.
      I used the momentum of the REASON and THE SEASON.
      to lift me well above looking for a hand out ….
      specially when I can do on my own.
      Help other businesses.
      Run my own business.

      For The Record ? Your mother did give you life.

    • @Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton – can you please tell me what it is that Obama has not done for this country or for you ?

    • CORRECTION: For The Record ? Your mother didn't give you life.

    • Dennis: I am one that totally agree with you. Mitt will take away Big Bird, but maybe he can save their radio program.

    • This was not meant to be a long drawn out debate. It was only to remind you that no one is doomed to hell because they have an opinion separate and opposite of yours. I said Obama simply because this has been Blacks beef with Tavis all along. My vote is my own and so is my reasoning for my vote so I will opt not to share my opinion of The POTUS. And I will continue to a Black woman no matter who I support :)

    • I didn't doom anyone to hell – I only spoke of the actions of people who hate their own race – but blacks support them anyway – because they have a little power that is controlled by the enemy …. and they just don't see it.

      My beef against smiley and west – are the same beef I have about other blacks at the top – who are only playing the game of the enemy – and hating on their own people.

      Just because they bring up a topic about blacks once in a while means diddly ….. ALL TALK and NO SHOW.

      I'm the exact opposite – ALL SHOW and little talk.
      The only reason I'm talk'n now because it's Sunday and my day for tomorrow is already laid out ….

      Where I ave PROOF of 3 ELECTED RIGHT WING OFFICIALS who have committed crimes – and 5 blacks elected officials who have sold their own people out in Montgomery, AL …

      What are you doing ? But sticking up for the enemy.
      Feel free to GOOGLE my name – any day, any time.
      I can show you, better than I can tell you.

    • The enemy? oh, stop. I don't see Tavis as my enemy no more than I do the President. They just are people whose ideas are separate from mine. :)

    • ok …… like I said before – if you are against COMMUNITY AND UNITY ? You are my enemy.

    • Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton – I sent you something in FaceBook E-Mail – I hope you don't mind – just something that those same blacks you defend – help to cover up.

      and I've seen your other conversations about Obama and how he addresses whites more professional than blacks …..

      I deal in FACTS, PROOFS and TRUTH …. 24/7
      I hope those two e-mail will show you a little light.

  54. This is unfair and un American! Somebody from the black race should be able to both praise and criticize the President that's what we need as a country, bt most importantly as a people! I don't agree with Obama or Smiley/West 100% on any subject or situation or the means to handle it, but we should get a show by to intellectuals that don't just kiss Obama's behind because he is black!

    • After the way Juan Williams was treated, nothing surprises me.

    • Montez Allen Davis Sr.

      I agree

    • I agree totally. Really, if the whole object is balance than I say cancel EVERY station that claims to deliver the news; Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. No one offers information nowadays without opinion or some idea on their stand on information.

    • Cornell and Tavis were carrying out apersonal vendetta because President Obama did not come to Tavis State of the Black familyn. Also Cornelll has statesd he was annoyed because he was not invited to President Obama's installation as president nor to the white house. Please! Four years later and they are still spewing the same garbage.

    • I would like to know what personality on television or radio doesn't have a negative thought or comment to say about the President? Bush wasn't all that popular amongst Smiley and West either! Where was the outrage? Blacks have to realize that we need to call out injustice from sides of the fence black and white, that is equality! As a black man I have had more negative outcomes from my brothers of color than any white men, but I still love my brothers but being honest I know they would screw me over first to gain for themselves! A president has to have criticism, Obama especially needs to realize no he doesn't get an automatic Vote because he is black, he should have to earn it same as any other man or woman running for the Presidential office! If he doesn't earn it, then what do you expect him to think about you?

    • Maybe balance is the wrong word. Counterpoint? I can't say but balance seems to be a programming issue relating to the number and style of programs produced. As for the show, counterpoint would tend to reflect view points that develop the subject which could theoretically be many not only 2.

    • I love it, you speak the truth! George W. took a hit on sight alone. He was mocked so much for not being bright that whenever you saw he, he just looked out of place. Obama's arrogance gets in the way. I don't appreciate how his address to us seems insulting and unappealing but when addressing our counterparts he's more professional. Ther is no humility when "Black issues" come to the for front. Blacks don't have any expectations of him therefore they are satisfied with what they view as progress and are willing to attack anyone especially Black who says opposite. To disaggree with him makes you "racist" or a "sellout." Even if you are doing well as an AA you should be concerned with the plight of the community but many of us don't feel that way-"I've got mine, you better get yours" is the attitude that's why no other community respects us because we don't respect one another.

    • Mitzi MtideAloozndabruthas Delton right on the money! Black people are the only race that rob, steal, and kill each other before someone of the opposite race! Our neighborhoods the majority anyways is perfect example of that! Same goes for this whole "my president" argument the majority of blacks don't even realize what a "black agenda" even means! But because they follow people who they idolize "Oprah, Jay-Z, etc" if its good enough for those "Gods" then its good enough for me, leaping without looking first! And if your not on that train then your the enemy! If Oprah was to get off the "Obama Express" open and candid about some disgust then they would start to wake up, and question! But Tavis & Smiley are just some uppity Negros in their opinion anyway, putting Wal-Marts in the hood, teaching at Harvard, writing books about self responsibility well who do they think they are? And there you have it!

    • "Consider this: Some white people won't vote for obama because he is black and some black people won't vote for obama because he is black. The white people I can understand but the blacks.. that's right out treason."

    • In response to my last column, "Dr. Boyce Watkins Announces His Withdrawal from Cornel West Controversy" , one reader said the following:
      "Wattree – you should stop kissing President Obama’s ass without thinking about your political decisions. He hasn’t done anything for you, but you talk about him like you work for him."
      Such comments are so typical of Cornel West supporters that they’ve become a mantra. They invariably accuse anyone who dares to point out that West’s blatant public slander of the President of the United States was counterproductive, unsubstantiated, and frankly, stupid, as only being interested in defending President Obama. They try to avoid the issue of West’s grossly unprofessional behavior by accusing his critics of being Obama cheerleaders. So let me dispose of that allegation at the outset.
      As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’ve written several articles that are highly critical of President Obama – one, long before Obama was even sworn into office. In the article, A Journalist’s First Responsibility, written on July 8, 2008, I point out unequivocally that it’s not a journalist’s responsibility to try to protect a favored candidate:
      "On June 20th Senator Barack Obama announced that he was supporting the current FISA bill before the senate. That bill gives retroactive immunity to all telecommunications companies against all private law suits for cooperating with the Bush administration's program of spying on the American people without a court order, as currently required by current law . . .
      "I've been roundly criticized by fellow Obama supporters for bringing this issue out. They say that ‘I'm hurting our candidate’, and ‘I'm not seeing the big picture.’ But in response I suggest, when truth becomes a hindrance to a candidate's viability, it's not truth that's the problem–it's the candidate. And when the "greater good" involves journalists keeping the people in the dark, it becomes the nation's problem. Thus, it's not up to journalists to keep Obama's candidacy viable–it's up to Obama."
      Thus, my strident criticism of Cornel West has nothing to do with trying to protect Obama. I’m speaking out against West’s unmitigated stupidity. Period.
      Any Black person who doesn’t recognize the importance of, at the very least, respecting the first Black President of the United States is an idiot. While that doesn’t preclude one from criticizing Obama’s policies, just like any other president, West criticized him as a Black man, which is an exercise in self-hatred, and betrays his true attitude toward Black people in general. So West didn’t merely make himself look stupid, he made the Black community look stupid as well. First, West clearly demonstrated that many of us don’t have any self-respect. And secondly, since his high profile sends the false impression that West is one of the best and brightest in the Black community, his reckless and unprofessional assertions and behavior reinforces the racist belief that Black professionals are something less than their White counterparts.
      To this day, there are many racists who claim that Black professionals are professionals in name only. They contend that due to Affirmative Action, Black professionals didn’t have to pay the dues to obtain their credentials that their White counterparts had to pay. Therefore, they’re less qualified. As a direct result of that attitude, many highly qualified Black professionals are being passed over for upward mobility in their chosen professions.
      But Black professionals have been slowly proving that contention is a lie. People like Johnnie Cochran and Colin Powell have stepped up to the plate to demonstrate that they were not only as good as their White counterparts, but in many cases, much better. That accounts for why so many White folks hated O.J. Simpson. While many simply wanted to see justice prevail, there were others who hated O.J. for much more than the fact that they thought he was a murderer. The primary reason they hated O.J. so intensely was because he brought Johnnie Cochran to the world’s stage, and Johnnie proved beyond a doubt that the racist contention that Black professionals were inferior was, and is, a lie.
      Think about it. At the very height of the affirmative action controversy Johnnie Cochran walked into the courtroom from, essentially, out of nowhere. He then told some of the most celebrated attorneys in the world to scoot over, and then proceeded to play the legal system like a fiddle. Thereafter, for the very first time, instead of racists saying that a Black man was inferior, they claimed that O.J. got away with murder because he could afford to hire the very best – Johnnie Cochran, a Black man. And now, the very same is true of President Obama with respect to our political system, regardless to what you think of his politics. It's no accident, therefore, that people like Cornel West, Tavis smiley, and many rabid conservatives hate President Obama as well – and, ironically, for the very same reason.
      Thus, we were well on our way to proving our point regarding the competence and intellect of Black professionals. Then a jealous, self-serving, 19th Century-thinking idiot like Cornel West comes along whose words and behavior essentially says, Naw, naw, White folks, y’all right about this dude. Obama ain’t nothing but another Black pickaninny. I’m the genius! I’m the one you should be listening to! I was at Harvard long before he was. He butted in line. It’s suppose to be my turn now! He’s just "a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats." And further, "I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men" (The latter statement seems to have been designed to trigger a knee-jerk response from the few unthinking, reactionary Black people in the community).
      But that latter statement was also just enough for racists to point to as confirmation of their contention that Black "intellectuals" are inferior thinkers. As a scholar, West should have known better than anyone else that you should never make an assertion that you can’t substantiate in the very next sentence, or no later than the following paragraph. Yet, he states, among other things, that due to Barack Obama’s background, he has "a certain fear of free Black men." What evidence does he have of that? Absolutely none. So he’s guilty of reckless, unscholarly, and frankly, ridiculous thinking.
      I mean, I could say that because Cornel West – this so-called passionate lover of Black people – married a White woman and never taught at a school that more than a lucky few Black people could even get into, that he’s afraid of free Black women and has no respect for Black scholarship. But unlike West, I wouldn’t dare make such an idiotic assertion. Why? Because I can’t crawl into his head to substantiate my facts. In addition, I wouldn’t want to embarrass the Black community with such stupidity. But the most important reason that I wouldn't make such a reckless assertion is because I – this unabashed and unrepentant hood rat – understand the importance of disciplined thought.

      Once Again Nader and West Team to Elect a Republican President

    • Its not treason, its called FREEDOM!

    • Well said, M. Johnson. Well said. It's really a shame that our people have become so myopic in their thinking even to the point of voting against their own interest for the sake of feeling included in a Party that takes ourvotes for granted and gives us nothing in return year after year.

    • "This is unfair and un American!" Its not treason, its called FREEDOM!- Fred Smith

      Fred said that like he had his thumb stuck in his mouth.

    • Enoch your remark is stupid! I will tell you like I tell all those like you "if America is to much for you, leave!" Its that simple! Unless you have some legal situation stopping you from obtaining a passport, get out! You will be wanting to return, mighty fast!

    • ! Obama passes on the Black Caucus the 1 segment of America that gives him 99% of support, but he wouldn't dare miss this religious idiotic, group of snakes and backstabbers that's what pisses off so many people!

    • Fred,

      You seem to be missing the point. This has nothing to do with Obama – it's about US. Tavis and West are making it easier for the enimies of the Black community to destroy us. They're like two Jews helping to get Hitler elected. So the bottom line is this – we're not focused on simply keeping Obama IN office; our actually focused on keeping the Devil OUT of office. So we can deal with any problems we have with Obama AFTER the election, and I guarantee you, Obama will still be interested in his legacy after he's reelected, because his two daughters are going to have to live with that legacy.

      So we have to ask ourselves, why can't those two idiots, Tavis and West see that. There's only one of two answers to that question – either they're two turncoats, or they're so stupid that no one should be listening to them in the first place. Personally, I think they're turncoats.

    • Eric, your delusional! Just because Obama is half black doesn't mean he is the perfect president! Period! You don't get it! What good does a black president do, if he still treats blacks like they are 2nd class? That's besides his family and friends!

  55. I guess that racist bigots rush, Michael savage is balanced

    • No, but they don't appear on public radio.
      I am actually shocked. I thought of this show as a counterpart to Latino USA. a black public affairs show. Although I disagree with the tone and sometimes the substance of Tavis and West's critiques, I thought the show overall added value to the discourse.

  56. Wow I'm not surprised. It seems that when you are black and Republican you are encouraged to dissent but once you have the audacity to be on the left and are progressive you are a threat. It's OK for black folks to be "clueless" but once we challenge the paradigm of we've been conditioned to think, no bueno. Well my prediction is if Romney becomes the next president then everybody will finally get a clue!

    • Atiba,

      Here are just a few things that Obama has done for the people. When you're done reading, take a moment to ask yourself what have the Republicans done, other than giving us the worst recession since the Great Depression – AND, at a time when they're doing better than ever:

      Obama Initiatives
      – Spur Job Creation: “In addition, to help those most affected by the recession, the Budget will extend emergency assistance to seniors and families with children, Unemployment Insurance benefits, COBRA tax credits, and relief to states and localities to prevent layoffs.”
      – Reforming the Job Training System: “The Budget calls for reform of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), which supports almost 3,000 One-Stop Career Centers nationwide and a range of other services. With $6 billion for WIA at DOL—and an additional $4 billion in the Department of Education—the Budget calls for reforms to improve WIA.” Strengthen Anti-Discrimination Enforcement: “To strengthen civil rights enforcement against racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, religious, and gender discrimination, the Budget includes an 11 percent increase in funding to the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. This investment will help the Division handle implementation of a historic new hate crimes law. The Budget also provides an $18 million, or 5 percent increase, for the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), which is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee. This increased investment will allow for more staff to reduce the backlog of private sector charges.”
      – Support Historically Black Colleges and Universities: “The Budget proposes $642 million, an increase of $30 million over the 2010 level, to support Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), including Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In addition to this discretionary funding increase for MSIs, the Administration supports legislation passed by the House of Representatives and pending in the Senate that would provide $2.55 billion in mandatory funding to MSIs over 10 years.”
      – Help Families Struggling with Child Care Costs: “The Budget will nearly double the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit for middle-class families making under $85,000 a year by increasing their credit rate from 20 percent to 35 percent of child care expenses. Nearly all eligible families making under $115,000 a year would see a larger credit. The Budget also provides critical support for young children and their families by building on historic increases provided in ARRA. The Budget provides an additional $989 million for Head Start and Early Head Start to continue to serve 64,000 additional children and families funded in ARRA.”
      – Reform Elementary and Secondary School Funding: “The Budget supports the Administration’s new vision for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) … The Budget provides a $3 billion increase in funding for K-12 education programs authorized in the ESEA, including $900 million for School Turnaround Grants, and the Administration will request up to $1 billion in additional funding if Congress successfully completes ESEA reauthorization.”
      – Increase Pell Grants: “The Recovery Act and 2009 appropriations bill increased the maximum Pell Grant by more than $600 for a total award of $5,350. The Budget proposes to make that increase permanent and put them on a path to grow faster than inflation every year, increasing the maximum grant by $1,000, expanding eligibility, and nearly doubling the total amount of Pell grants since the President took office.”
      – Help Relieve Student Loan Debt: “To help graduates overburdened with student loan debt, the Administration will strengthen income-based repayment plans for student loans by reducing monthly payments and shortening the repayment period so that overburdened borrowers will pay only 10 percent of their discretionary income in loan repayments and can have their remaining debt forgiven after 20 years. Those in public service careers will have their debt forgiven after 10 years. The Budget also expands low-cost Perkins student loans.”

    • – Prevent Hunger and Improve Nutrition: “The President’s Budget provides $8.1 billion for discretionary nutrition program supports, which is a $400 million increase over the 2010 enacted level. Funding supports 10 million participants in the WIC program, which is critical to the health of pregnant women, new mothers, and their infants. The Budget also supports a strong Child Nutrition and WIC reauthorization package that will ensure that school children have access to healthy meals and to help fulfill the President’s pledge to end childhood hunger. The President continues to support the nutrition provisions incorporated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).”
      – Revitalize Distressed Urban Neighborhoods: “The Budget includes $250 million for HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods program, which will target neighborhoods anchored by distressed public or assisted housing with physical and social revitalization grounded in promising, measurable, and evidence-based strategies.”
      – Increase Funding for the Housing Choice Voucher Program: “The President’s Budget requests $19.6 billion for the Housing Choice Voucher program to help more than two million extremely low income families with rental assistance to live in decent housing in neighborhoods of their choice. The Budget continues funding for all existing mainstream vouchers and provides flexibility to support new vouchers that were leased and $85 million in special purpose vouchers for homeless families with children, families at risk of homelessness, and persons with disabilities.”
      – Preserve 1.3 Million Affordable Rental Units through Project-Based Rental Assistance Program: “The President’s Budget provides $9.4 billion for the Project-Based Rental Assistance program to preserve approximately 1.3 million affordable rental units through increased funding for contracts with private owners of multifamily properties. This critical investment will help low-income households to obtain or retain decent, safe and sanitary housing. In addition, the Administration requests $350 million to fund the first phase of this multi-year initiative to regionalize the Housing Choice Voucher program and convert Public Housing to project-based vouchers.”
      – Promote Affordable Homeownership and Protect Families from Mortgage Fraud: “The Budget requests $88 million for HUD to support homeownership and foreclosure prevention through Housing Counseling and $20 million to combat mortgage fraud. In addition, the Budget requests $250 million for the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation’s (NRC) grant and training programs. Of the $250 million, $113 million is requested for foreclosure prevention activities, a $48 million increase (74 percent) over 2010.”
      – Fight Gang Violence and Violent Crime: “The Budget provides $112 million for place-based, evidence supported, initiatives to combat violence in local communities, including $25 million for the Community-Based Violence Prevention Initiatives that aim to reduce gun and other violence among youth gangs in cities and towns across the country, and $37 million for the Attorney General’s Children Exposed to Violence Initiative, which targets the youth most affected by violence and most susceptible to propagating it as they grow up.”
      – Expand Prisoner Re-entry Programs: “The Budget provides $144 million for Department Justice prisoner re-entry programs, including an additional $100 million for the Office of Justice Programs to administer grant programs authorized by the Second Chance Act and $30 million for residential substance abuse treatment programs in State and local prisons and jails. In addition, the Budget provides $98 million for Department of Labor programs that provide employment-centered services to adult and youth ex-offenders and at-risk youth..”
      – Fully Fund the Community Development Block Grant Program: “The Budget provides $4.4 billion for the Community Development Fund, including $3.99 billion for the Community Development Block Grant Formula Program (CDBG), and $150 million for the creation of a Catalytic Investment Competition Grants program. The new Catalytic Competition Grants program uses the authorities of CDBG, but will provide capital to bring innovative economic development projects to scale to make a measurable impact.”

  57. when will we have our OWN station for our OWN shows….

    • This is the reason we will never have our "Own" anything, because blacks can't even face the facts that everyone ain't going to agree about everything! Obama isn't perfect, and unless your latino/Hispanic, LGBT Community Member, Jewish, Wall Street or Muslim there really hasn't been much done to benefit your community he didn't even see you fit enough to attend your Caucus in an election year! He knows our vote is in, because we are a race of "worshippers" not "Thinkers" unfortunately!

    • Fred Smith The Health Care didn't help blacks, soldiers coming home from Iraq, no? Women making equal pay to men, no? Grants to go back to school, extended unemployment, keeping teachers, policemen and firemen on their jobs, none of this helped blacks. Or, you're taking that stance because he didn't do a shout out to blacks? I guess he thought we were smart enough to know that the benefits of what he has done for the country benefited us too. I particularly enjoy the fact that he saved me from the bread lines by saving the Country from a depression.

    • When we start making sure that the celebrities that we support help to suppot us. Magic Johnson has over 30 stations. We need more Black celebrities like him. But no, we'd rather support people who make videos saying, "Look what I got – and you don't."

    • Fred Smith, i could not agree more.

  58. Intellectual content. Although critical, important.