Naked Babysitting Grandma Asks Police “Do You Want a Piece of Me?”, Gets Arrested

If parents only learn one lesson from watching the local news, it should be to monitor closely those people who care for their kids. Picking the wrong babysitter could get your child taken by child protective services or worse. And the child’s grandparent is usually a good choice so long as she’s not a drunk  naked exhibitionist.

Police say a the grandmother of a 2 year old was arrested because she was drunk while babysitting her granddaughter.

According to the official police report, officers arrived at the motel where 53 year old grandmother Jacqueline Burse was residing and found both the two year old and the grandmother naked.

Officers were called to the scene by the two year old’s other grandmother, who said she was concerned that Burse was drunk while babysitting.

After police arrived, Burse allegedly became confrontational, asking police “Do you want some of me?” and ignoring officers requests to get dressed.

When police attempted to arrest Burse, a scuffle ensued and Burse began attempting to wrap her legs around one of the officers and asking him if he wanted sexual favors.

Burse was arrested by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on preliminary charges of neglect of dependent and resisting law enforcement. Even after she was arrested, she continued screaming at the top of her lungs at police.

Grandma will have to sleep that off and deal with the embarrassment of everything that comes with babysitting drunk and naked and offering up some 53 year old goodies as a way of getting out of it.


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  1. しょーがないなぁ、ここは可愛い妹がココアでもおごってあげる」 そう言って彼女は私から離れるとすぐに自販機で温かいココアを購入して私に手渡す。  「ほら、どうぞ。響ちゃんはチョコレート味のアイスを食べている。 私が食べようと思って、スプーンですくったそのとき、 「ちょっと待った!「生クリームも普段より多めだ。あ、井ノ瀬君は甘いのは大丈夫だったか」 「問題ない。僕は皆のケーキを眺めていると、一際綺麗にできたケーキがあった。 「星歌も上手くケーキができたみたいだな」 「えぇ。『緒方さん?』 消え入るようなか細い白瀬さんの声が聞こえた。それでもまだ信じるんだ?」 真央は俺を裏切ったのかな、本当に?

  2. …this isn't supposed to happen…

  3. I hope she wasn’t molesting the baby! A drunk will do ANYTHING!

    She looks like she’s in her 80’s, not 53! She had a hard life, and hopefully she will sober up, and get her life in order.

    As far as offering the pigs some of her goodies…she’s so ugly and old that p-hole, probably has spider webs in it.

    You probably need an oxygen masks to get near that THANG!!!